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Zero e Butterfly2010-02-18 00:11:11 +0000 #1
Contact wwe really I just have seen a pioneer record I would like to know the characters inside to tell everyone about Thank you,
‖ acridine ☆ ai2010-02-18 00:14:27 +0000 #2 / all players!

This time in the WWE official website of the carefully chosen "Top 25" theme, the selected is "25 big finishing moves" (The Top 25 Finishing Moves). While everyone knows what the end of technology is, but we in fact end the concept of technology is still somewhat ambiguous. Therefore, we first take a good look into the somewhat esoteric questions.

In general the most common way: In the end technology is the strongest player moves, always in the last game to give the final opponent for the final blow. The most general idea of wrestling fans would think that players used to nirvana, it must be the strongest one in the after, but it is difficult to escape the almost defeated fate. Technology for the end of the term, WWE's official website also has given a very clear definition, but also more general than the above. Each player or a Diva will be the basis of their ability, style, size, pick out a wrestling moves to define themselves. Therefore, among the WWE, in the end what is the end of technology? The end of technology is not just simply have a strong attacking force, or forward to what is particularly difficult, but the end of technology is used to enhance personal style use. For example, Rey Mysterio Taking 619 to represent his skills in Mexico, or is Randy Orton with the RKO to represent his favorite hunting prey personality. So when you are looking at other wrestling, I saw that someone out of 619 when it moves, you do not consciously think of Rey Mysterio. When you see Cutter, you will also be a natural to think, he will use RKO ye! So, WWE The list in the 25's inside, please note that this is not destructive or injury based on degree of moves to rankings, but the athletes and their finishing moves based on a combination of 25 prior to the most characteristic, combined up the perfect moves. When you see someone out of the following wrestling moves, you will be natural to think of someone!

No. 25 - RKO (Jumping Cutter)

RKO a little more formal name is Jumping Cutter, also is based leap withhold the other side, neck, and used as Cutter's moves, of course, everyone knows how RKO users, is the third generation of WWE player Randy Orton. This image RKO, but Randy Orton win world in the past used to hole-y pilgrimage Bao Dian, Randy, not only in more games in order to surprise and rapid pace can not be defensive, will be opponents to hunting success. Often the enemy unable to react when the neck was locked, and then the Bai Bai.

A similar moves and user:

Dimond Cutter - Dimond Dallars Page

Twist of Fate - Matt Hardy

Gringo Cutter - Homicide

No.24 - Camel Clutch Camel-mounted

to this day still can be a lot of players in the body, see this technology move the joints of the shadow of terror. Yes, Camel Clutch, but WWE Hall of Fame player, iron and steel Emirates (Iron Sheik) proud of the end of the technology, each one with the Iron Sheik to see out of, they will hear the fresh recruits to give up the painful shouted. In fact, this mode of Camel Clutch by Latino players,葛瑞葛雷洛(Gory Guerrero) of the invention, which is Eddie Guerrero's father! The original chiefs (Original Sheik) this move to the named Camel Clutch, the last in the 1980s by the Iranian-born Iron Sheik to flourish.

No.23 - Twist of Fate fatal distortions (Front Facelock Cutter)

, this mode is often used, and Randy Orton's RKO compare the discussion, but in fact belong to two strokes Cutter series do -. Twist of Fate, this mode is not only Matt Hardy in use only in the last three groups WWE's Team Xtreme, that is, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy there is Lita will use. While the trio will be used, but with the most representative, is a photo of Matt Hardy. Twsit of Fate is the name of a little more formal face fixed Cutter, and the RKO difference lies in front of his action is Facelock (just Matt or Jeff lock is not enough force, it does not look like nothing.) After the change during rotation fall into the Cutter.

No.22 - Crossface Chickenwing masked folding arm fixed

, this mode of joint technology from the United States legendary players, packet Baibeikelang (Bob Backlund) technology used in the joints, but also a change Chickenwings versions, such as the photo Like, in addition to the opponent with one arm folded behind his back outside, and then to lock the opponent's head, also causing breathing difficulties and right arm injury.

No.21 - Macho Man Elbow Drop - Takeo elbow (Diving Elbow Drop)

elbow in wrestling, the very foundation of the moves, and if flying down from the prism of the flying elbow drop, will also will be adhered to as a powerful damage. WWF period used by Randy Savage flying elbow, had been defeated numerous opponents, not only to bring victory and belts, also brought, and Takeo (Macho Man) nickname.

No.20 - FU (Fireman's Carry Takeover)

FU at the time, yes Cena in order to contend with Brock Lesnar's F-5 used by the moves, FU's name was at the time by the announcers Michael Cole talking out, This move a little more formal name is Fireman's Carry Takeover (Knapsack turn fall below). In fact, be regarded as weakening the "Death Valley fall" (Death Valley Driver), but also points out that turned into a wrestling moves by. John Cena is the same hole-y pilgrimage用这招invincible hand, relatively well-known memories, is that when Cena picking up weight 500-pound Big Show to complete the end of technology, as well as in the 2006 Backlash contests, once picking up Triple H and Edge resorted to double copies of the FU. (But unfortunately not been completed, double copies of the attack was cracked.)

Similar moves and user:

Green Bay Plunge - Mr. Kennedy

Death Valley Driver - Eric Young

Spicy Drop - Curry Man

No.19 - Total Elimination

This is the first 19 finishing moves, but also throughout the ranking, the only one doubles team of the joint technical ah! The team has sent Lisa Dan (Perry Saturn), and John Luo Nusi (John Kronus) formed "The Eliminators", in the last ECW, but rather one of the famous doubles team, and now are still very many ECW fans reckoning The most favorite team. Total Elimination, speaking in the present can feel like a lot of lightweight doubles team in the saw. When the opponent, when standing, Perry Saturn will be sweeping Church legs, will be opponents to sweep down, and John Kronus also carried out "Spinning Heel Kick", after the heel hitting each other's head while the opponent down with strikes are the ECW fans, one of the most favorite fit technology.

No.18 - Stratusfaction (Springboard Bulldog)

When the Canadian female athletes Trish Stratus from a budding young girls grow into women's champion for seven terms during this period, Trish, and his Stratusfaction is a grown up together. Stratufaction, that is the springboard bulldog style fall, Trish will first hold back the opponent's head, and then forced to move to the cable, the next longer foot the use of cables, the big turning into bulldog fall. Trish had to beat this mode of many of his old rivals, including Lita, Victoria and others. But added that I personally feel that, Trish will be because of his role, while the end of the transformation technology. When he is a decent time, that is用这招Stratusfaction, while the villain, when it is kicking skills with the Chick Kick. But Trish, in his final career match at Unforgiven in 2006, is to use Stratusfaction defeated Lita, once again won the women's championship belt.

No.17 - Shooting Star Press meteors hit

said jacking up a little bit a little sad, as mentioned, this mode, most people think is the heavyweight Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX on the tricks than this tactic, it may not necessarily immediately emerge out of Billy Kidman's face. Meteor is the weight of the players from Japan Beast God Lycra, because once the fighting manga "Hokuto no Ken" in to see similar action, with ideas and inventions out of this move. Used in the WWE in用这招Chuming Tang, is the lightweight player Billy Kidman. Billy stand on the corner column each time, the city began to receive the audience's expectations. But this move meteor pressure, in the WWE been included in the forbidden move, the reason is because it is too dangerous to move. WWE consideration not only because it looks very dangerous move, but because in the WWE games have taken place twice fumbled on the situation. The most famous was in 2004, SmackDown!! Program which, Billy Kidman was hit with a post-Chavo Guerrero's head, so Chavo in a coma for some time.

Again is to WrestleMania XIX, although we all have witnessed Lesnar out of this move is available, but in fact there were some Lesnar missed last fall, when flipped, Lesnar was turned into his forehead touched the ground, very dangerous indeed. So Since then, WWE ban on the inclusion of this stroke strokes. WWE now almost no way to see this move in from the corner column on the sets, only one other player Paul London will be a lightweight run-up to use a type of meteor repression, or the use of John Morrison's book as a type of meteor in situ suppression . Just joined in the near future to the independent wrestling ECW player Evan Bourne is also the end of this move as a technology, but Evan is still before the use of a WWE several times, said he had practiced this move reached a pinnacle, never missed, WWE this only exceptionally, allow him to use.

No.16 - Million Dollar Dream (Cobra Clutch)

, this mode of joint technology is determined by the current world doubles champion Ted DiBiase Jr. His father "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase used by the end of the technology. As the photo shows, the facilities would first have to move a fixed half-Nelson (Half Nelson) to lock the other one arm, then pulled the same only in the arm to increase the suffering of fresh recruits. This mode of Million Dollar Dream is Ted DiBiase slightly changed the Cobra Clutch into a deformed version of the Cobra Clutch.

No.15 - Rude Awakening (Hangman's Neckbreaker)

just like the photo shows, this move by the WWF has been the late legendary player, Ruiqilude (Rick Rude) used by the end of the technology, but also the "neck destruction technology "(Neckbreaker) one, but I personally see his FC moves the movie, Rick Rude seems to be driven, and Stone Cold the guillotine fell, as is sitting in Jerusalem, which means that this mode than ordinary Neckbreaker more destructive it wants to! As for Rick Rude trousers women face is how I am going ... ... If there is, after completion of the new article "Spicest Moments" This, then, which will tell you Lo!

No.14 - Van Terminator

When Rob Van Dam at WWE singles match when the ordinary, that Van Dam is the highest end of technology course, a five-star frog rush. But once the war is a weapon or a so-called "extreme rules" that may then incredibly the. , This mode of the so-called "Van Terminator", just as the photo shows, he was not alone, wrestling moves of itself, but combines the spirit of ECW's largest "limit" in the inside, when the opponent down in the corner column, or with a stand, or when the book is being Pati Zi, then we should constantly on the alert will be flying over the RVD, especially when RVD hands of Nahao chair, began when the run-up, every one to see RVD ready to strike at the scene all the viewers are is the spirit to stand up together, afraid of missing it is not careful 0.000 second. AtOver the past ECW period, sometimes beside friend Sabu or RVD with the broker Bier Yi Afonso (Bill Alfonso) will be holding a special chair to help, from the cable under the stand in front of opponent, followed by RVD is necessary to forward the mission Chong, forced to fly hit iron chairs still kicking opponents. Of course, RVD will face the time that there is no helper, it does not matter, themselves, have become a! Then you see a run-up, and then launched into the iron chair when the advantage of the opportunity to send their feet, and then is "touch."

No.13 - Razor's Edge Razor Edge (Crucifix Powerbomb)

13th the end of the name of technology, is now less than that will see moves by Razor Ramon (Razor Ramon, that is, Scott Hall) The use, moves a little more formal name is the legendary cross threw a bomb. Razor can be to rely on these provoke him to win the Intercontinental title belt four times.

A similar moves and user:

Border Toss - Hernendez

Crucifix Powerbomb - Mordecai (that is, Kevin Thron)

No.12 - Frog Splash Leapfrog body flutter

a mentioned Frog Splash, will definitely think of Eddie Guerrero. In fact, when FC first heard the name of this mode is called the Frog Splash, is really a very nice feeling, "frog"? Jumped down from the prism of such pressure on people to swoop technical fact very "old", playing from a prism mounted on a start there will be the next move, but despite the old, yet its power is never diminished. This move is actually done by another player, but also a young man in Mexico's partner Eddie, Yatebaer (Art Barr) of the innovation, followed by the Scorpio (2 Cold Scorpio) are named "Frog Splash". When Art Barr passed away, Eddie in order to commemorate his partner, so as to start using this mode of finishing moves. Eddie Guerrero passed away in, Eddie's nephew Chavo Guerrero, there is still TNA friend Rey Mysterio's Christian Cage, to commemorate Eddie, also started in the race to use Frog Splash.

A similar moves and user:

Five-Star Frog Splash - Rob Van Dam

No.11 - Swanton Bomb (High-Angle Senton Bomb)

one talked about this move, everyone will think of WWE most likely to Flying one of the players, Jeff Hardy. Also啦, Jeff Hardy can be said to be Senton Bomb to use the most famous players. The so-called Senton Bomb, in fact we can see that the Swanton Bomb, but Jeff Hardy at the jump, it will increase the tilt angle of the body into a high-angle style Senton Bomb, and to suppress opponents.

No.10 - Mandible Claw

This move by Mick Foley, or with his Gimmick Mankind moves used, in fact, is quite terrible, but dear Xiaolao Di Foley, "Mr. Socks" (Mr. Socko) it is this move to the lovely-oriented, and a little nausea of a point? Mandible Claw is to your hand and stuck it into the other's mouth, and withhold the other side of the jaw, this picture is actually very terrible, and fresh recruit who will be very painful, when fingers when his throat was feeling really horrible death a Moreover, if the opponents are quite firm, but also forcefully pull your jaw, then it could be that he does not know how to get out. However, since Mr. Mankind's Xiaolao Di socks appeared in front of everyone, the time when Mankind to attack the former will get started first sets of socks, Mr., followed by an attack before. This Daoshi a lot of cute, at least not that picture of terror. I still remember the first time I see this move, I thought it was because it did not eat the Mick Foley through the smelly socks washed, they were nausea and death. However, as is also quite scary.

No.9 - Tazzmission (Nelson Choke)

used to be called "human Slam machine" the sidelines of the current ECW announcers Tazz, although the race is now broadcast from easy to very humorous, but he stood on the ring 1:00 pm may not be cute. Tazz the past in ECW, not only to record numerous magnificent record and history, but also with his deadly skills joints, Tazzmission so many opponents beg for mercy too. Tazzmission or a yes "Nelson Choke", Shi Zhao Nelson, who will be the first in a semi-fixed, withholding opponent's one of the arms, followed by another hand and then reined in each other's neck. Of course, Tazz is not as simple as that, in the two arms of the work is completed, the next pair of scissors Tazz longer legs "Body Scisscors" withhold the other side of the body, the completion of a very terrible joint technology.

No.8 - Rock Bottom (Leg Hook Lifting Side Slam)

I am sure that there are still a lot of people, very fond memories of our film star The Rock is also the day when the ring fighting. Rock Bottom is the Rock, one of the favorite finishing moves, which move Roclk Bottom is a Side Slam, to force the lifting arm each other, and then threw on the floor. When the Rock and Steve Austin are still competing with the time, Rock Bottom often a lot of fat in order to lie flat Texas Rattlesnake do -

similar to the moves and user:

Book End - Booker T

ST'Joe - Samoa Joe

NO. 7 - Sweet Chin Music (Superkick)

is almost as long as they worked at WWE's male gymnasts, all had been proud of Shawn Michaels in his "Sweet Chin Music" kicked off, including: John Cena, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and so on countless people. Sweet Chin Music is proud Michaels kicking skills, of course, literally, as described in, Michael is the middle of the attack opponent's jaw. Sweet Chin Music is actually very common "super-powerful kick" (Superkick), of course, does not have to ask the usual kicking and Shawn Michaels to find out what different, but always attacking Michaels hit a considerable concentration of targets and will send a very loud voice, which is why Shawn Michaels will become the most unique finishing moves.

No.6 - Perfect Plex - the perfect Slam (Fisherman Suplex)

a perfect person, using wrestling skills but also is perfect, so as to achieve the most perfect in the game of war plot. This mode of "the fisherman threw back style," also by its inventor, Mr. Perfect, Kou Te Haining (Mr. Perfect, Curt Henning) to call it "perfect Slam." Perfect Slam he's most well-known name of the course, Fisherman's Slam, which in turn recruit wrestling skills also has a "cradle Slam" (Cradle Suplex), or with a "hook-leg Slam" (Leg Hook Suplex) the name of , movement and general crane is basically the same as Slam, but the next move was to hook each other's legs and hands, then raised his fall around them. Mr. Perfect after using this mode, but also a considerable advantage of the opportunity to become a perfect waist bridge posture, perfect for the things that pay attention to him, this mode can be said, and his personality tightly linked together.

No.5 - Pedigree (Double Underhook Facebuster)

, this mode of course, to King of Kings Triple H used the most famous, as the photo can see, this mode of action is the first front to the other side of the head into the crotch, and the withholding each other's arms fall is the "face destruction technical" moves of the ㄧ derivatives. Because its movements are relatively small complex, and therefore can not say with the Pedigree on the use, so Triple H and the opponent a little time to deal with a longer, until some of the other physical facilities as a move until after consumption. In the past, in the Triple H will take this into Piledriver move to use the form of, let rivals head landing, but of course based on the risk, of course, with the destruction of technology into the form of facial. CM Punk while still in the development of independent wrestling ring, will bring competitors from the top ouch resorted to such an avalanche-style name of the door nirvana, whose name is called "Pepsi Plunge", of course, power is more than ordinary Pedigee large, but no longer used after entering WWE, probably because they are afraid and the Triple H rushed to the end of technology, so do not use. Otherwise you think about it, a feather, even the small CM Punk King of Kings sure win tactic as a common trick in use, but also used by ruthless than the King of Kings, where to put this face ah! In fact, said to have been the so-called, reverse-style Pedigree, but I have not put that part of the text narrative to understand, so it is impossible to explain here what is the name of reverse-style doors nirvana.

Similar to the moves and user:

Pepsi Plunge - CM Punk

No.4 - Figure Four Leglock - four-character leg fixed

Of course, now they see foot four-character, we will certainly not help but want to him loudly, Woooooooooo look. Foot four-character use the most representative of the player, that is one of this year's Hall of Fame finalists before retiring this year, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. This move its own legs, and joints made of the other Interlacing technology, their level of pain, of course, with the naked eye you can feel them, a careful study of fresh recruits to the legs, one would like to feel pain. When used in the Ric Flair, and sometimes in order to reverse the other side of the ankle (such as photographs) to increase the pressure on, or the cable is to seize more to raise the upper body height, they can exert more pressure on the opponent's body. As for why it should be called the foot four-character? Because the feet of fresh recruits will be completed in a fixed technology, it will become the four Arabic numerals. However, we Flair Excuse me sir, you have not already playing the wrestling was born, he is now either being 4 or is it 4 is not a problem. So this move should be written in Chinese, should be written as "foot four words" Caidui ah XD. When the player is locked, this mode of joint technology, we often can see their efforts reversed into a belly down, when the pressure created by joint technology will in turn become an option in the user's legs Shi on, this has been reversed foot four-character, they may be referred to as "deformed version of Indian Death Lock" or "deformed version of marksman fixed." In fact, Figure Four is also a fairly basic joint technology, but now they rise to an increasing variety of foot joint technology derived from instincts of human beings, of course, not as prepared as set tribe fan, is not listed in the side came.

No.3 - Sharpshooter - Sharpshooter fixed skills

In the WWE, there would be more famous use the Sharpshooter there are three players, one of which is Chris Benoit, but later it is The Rock, the last and most famous in history has given way to Numerous players Kudiehanniang off Bret Harte (Bret Hart). This technology is a joint move by the Japanese wrestling athletes, long the state power invented at the same time, this mode also has a lot of names, such as "trans-foot four-character", "Cloverleaf leg-lace Boston Crab", "Grapevine Boston Crab , "" Scorpion Death Lock ", but the most familiar is taken from Bret Hart as the" Sharp Shooter "in the Bret Hart in the past when the opponent is often the first to beat lying on the floor, then opponent's legs to the plate out of shape after pulling up into joint technology. This move not only can cause pressure on the legs, and the largest attack focused on each other's waist, it is very painful, one of the name of joint technology. Is now often a matter of some complex movements, and finally the formation of joint technology.

Similar to the moves and user:

Cleverleaf Leg Lock - Terry Funk

No.2 - Tombstone Piledriver - insert Tombstone falls Technology (Belly - to - Belly Kneeling Piledriver)

WWE's legendary Great Satan Undertaker, is to rely on this mode of "plug tombstone," set numerous legends. Just as the death of his image in general, will have killed the enemy to erect tombstone in general, to promote the failure of opponents, "inserted tombstone," which has so far set do not know how many people have gravestones. In fact, inserted tombstone is "Belly-to-Belly Piledriver" version of a small deformation, which move in the "vertical drop technology" (Piledriver) types of moves, the most common one, whether in Japan or the Mexican can be seen very ferocious argument. But the insertion of the tombstone of course, very dangerous moves, if the player does not do a good job of body movements, then the head on the vertical drop, even if the die will certainly paraplegia. Sure enough, Tombstone is to by the "dead" to use, just before Well!

No.1 - Stone Cold Stunner - the guillotine falls Technology (Seated Three-Quarter Facelock Jawbreaker)

at the end of the first technology had no idea that turned out to be won by the Texas RattlesnakeThe throne, Stone Cold Steve Austin of the guillotine falls - Stone Cold Stunner, and today is still the most exciting moves ah! Of course, this move seems to be not much to say, Stunner is also the case in the state under the use of threatening moves, and often killing Ling Duishou caught by surprise. First, kicking each other's stomach, let rivals bend were invited to attend and temporarily unable to respond, the next is a quick link with the other head, over and sit hit by the impact the impact of the other's jaw. Although this move is up could be the impact of the neck, but the damage is too great, so I like the impact of lower jaw. This move is really a use of them can be very ruthless ah! Also remember WrestleMania X-SEVEN and WrestleMania X-8's, The Rock also Scott Hall was hit, the fly tall ah XD!

10 large locks in mind


User: Mark Henry, Sycho Sid, Andre The Giant

BearHug, this mode-lock technology in general is a large body of players like to use. Shi Zhao a high success rate, but the power is varies. Against players in general, the power of large, can be basically lock halo opponent. In a large size or against the same first-line star, they were ineffective.

9.Sleeper Hold

Users: Brutus Beefcake, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels

Sleeper Hold this mode, such as DDT that year, as had glory, the latter gradually being abused, evolved into a common moves. When the "Barber of Seville" Brutus Beefcake and Roddy Piper flashed Sleeper Hold, the opponents are all immediately unconscious, and is absolutely the ultimate lock technology. But 90 years now, but no player用这招when finishing moves, in the HBK is only used for consumption, where consumption of physical opponents.

8.Master Lock

User: Chris Masters

This image is not a Chris Masters original, but now he is the only in use. Success rate is high, the power of the middle, but there are limitations in the face size too big, too tall, too fat, too powerful to not take the opponent.

7.Mandible Claw / Mr.Socko

User: Mankind / Mike Foley

These two names are the same as a lock techniques, but different roles in the MIKE FOLEY periods with different props completed. Mandible Claw is a period of Mankind into the opponent's mouth with a finger. Mr.Socko is the legendary Mr. Socks socks啦- this mode-lock a specific skills I counted not too sure, but strokes and other techniques will lock the opponent Submission, tentatively counted as yield technical bar (which is also a lock techniques, just lock rival the tongue just ... ...) success rate is low, a higher power. Foley, after all, the end of technology, by his socks stuffed into his mouth, and basically had no how many people can break free of.


User: John Cena, William Regal

, this mode of book called STF, this is the end of RAW's GM Mr.Regal technology. After John Cena Zhesi lightning Pirates of the bell of the irresistible force to the carrying forward, and after the STF family of a U, this lock technology has become in recent years has become invincible trick. Success rate is high, power high, this recruit a bright, people block murder, kill Buddha Buddha block. Invincible is only a short time, it temporarily in the sixth. Over time, technology will become locked in the history of a legend ... ...


User: Tazz

ECW commentator Tazz, may be new to wrestling the last two years were not very understanding, that fat , the total with a sunglasses Zhuang Ku, Ju Han Tai can then how serious the guy. Tazz known for its action is dangerous, and even then he moves the whole WWE to cut the lead to him directly do not play wrestling commentary went. In his many terrorist tactics, several of the most Tazmission Ling Duishou fear. When Tazz stand behind you, you should be careful ... ... Hehe. The success rate is low, the power of a high.

4.Figure-4 Leglock

User: Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H

wrestling legend Ric Flair a unique skill of vertical and horizontal battlefield for decades did not have to say, countless players in Flair's Figure-4 Leglock shall not be does not yield. Time able to explain everything to prove that Flair's Figure-4 is undoubtedly the most family-lock technology, one of the classic one trick. The success rate in the higher power. Figure-4 there is a fatal weakness, that is, if the opponent into the body upside down, using the Figure-4 players will be locked on.


User: Bret Hart, The Rock

"killer" Bret Hart's Sharpshooter do not have to repeat the end of technology, generation of the lakes are the ultimate king unmatched tactics, an exercise in technology locks in the king. The Rock, after another king will also Sharpshooter as their common technology, it is also very powerful, but luck is not how high. The Rock is often unconscious at the referee when the opponent to yield用这招... .... Higher success rate, a higher power.

2.Cross Face

User: Chris Benoit

just one question will be able to explain! "In your impression of how many individuals were also freed after the Cross Face locked open?." Benoit and Angle of Cross Face The Ankle lock two locks of today's technology is undoubtedly the strongest moves, I thought for a long time could not separate the pros and cons. Angle in my mind is more preferred a little more, it would be Cross Face placing him second. But it is a pity, Benoit's death, the invincible lock technology is also covered with dust up with him, hoping one day to have subsequently carried forward again to Cross Face! The success rate is low, very high power.

1.Ankle Lock

User: Ken Shamrock, Kurt Angle

by the "world's most dangerous man" Ken Shamrock to create, from Kurt Angle to glorify the power of the world's largest lock on the technology Ankle Lock, easy to use, powerful by fighting free game evolved tactics in combat also has a significant role. In the WWE, almost all, and Kurt Angle had faced the players have tasted the power of this move, and the Ankle Lock to the TNA is continuing. The success rate, the powerful.

cena of STFU

Y2J's Jericho Spike

http: / / Flair locks on the 4th leg of the The Rock's Scorpion fixed

http: / / Undertaker's "new" lock technology will formally be named as the "devil triangle twist."
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Personal 8D .... very brave like the characters ... that is played inside to pretend to take a machine gun ... there is a bell that UT played Dangdang ... Unfortunately, my favorite JEFF HARDY .. .. as if because of injuries and suspension of the `smoking contraband



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