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How is it learned of the vacant side-kick pretty handsome

yksok2010-02-18 01:10:10 +0000 #1
Dead or Alive because it played the game, of which Li Jian is particularly admired the vacant side kick want to study, read the relevant live online video, that action does not look good, hoping to practice will be game characters, this mode (Note: I have learned a few years earlier taekwondo), although highly unlikely to be vacated, but hope to do moves in place to do Shuai, consult a gist of the action, and the required physical condition (For curtain What are tendons or that part of the forces should be enough to require that part of the muscles) and the specific practice methods (including how to train the required physical conditions), do not paste, not to mention I also unrealistic, Figure I uploaded up, please sue me master detail analysis of action, and then answered, good for 50 points
qstkdkai2010-02-18 01:21:26 +0000 #2
first of all have a very good ground-side kick, but then also need to have some jumping ability, and finally coordination.

The following diagram is what I am doing vacated side kicks, to see if it meet your requirements.

Physical conditions:

1, if they had forks and waist of the lateral ligaments. This must be good, otherwise not easy to play feel.

2, thighs and abdominal muscles, back muscles must be good, you can leapfrog, tuck jump, sit-ups, on her own and other exercises.

Technical aspects:

1, to be on the ground can make quite a nice side kick.

2, vacated after the attack on the leg kick and take-off leg back to the same time, with a small shoulder of the buckle.

In fact there are many, but I really can not tell you typed, because too many ---

The best thing you can have any specific questions, I can help you to solve -
long, long time oo2010-02-18 01:27:04 +0000 #3
main bounce better, there must be a high degree, or will not be pretty, so there should be a good lower extremity strength, can jump to a very high degree.

Vacant kick is a high demand on the human body as a whole movement, abdominal muscles play an important role, through to the end, it is recommended to enhance this part of multi-muscle strength.

I suggest you can try to do the movements, recorded or photographed, and then see which part of the movement compared with the gap, and strengthen that part of the o.

Also urged not to forget to think of mental training, miscellaneous and ---- is to make moves "God," "technology" which aims to continue to meet the self have never seen!



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