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Guiqiu WWE star played music, the more the better

shk5545731872010-02-18 01:10:43 +0000 #1
to know say that out, I will not name a
Wind leaning Xiaoxiang2010-02-18 01:16:46 +0000 #2
Wrestling Online basically covering most of the players of music, as the name Well, I can only pick I know told you:

1.John Cena "The time is now"

2.Christian "Just close your eyes"

3.Batista "I walk alone"

4.Legacy "New day"

5.Randy Orton "Voices", "Burn in my light"

6.Jeff Hardy "No more words"

7.Kane "Man on fire"

8.Kozlov "Pain"

9.The Great Khali "Land of Five Rivers"

10.Steve Austin "I Won't do what you tell me"

11.The Rock "If you smell ..."

12.Roddy Piper "Hot Rod"

13.Undertaker "Rest in peace"

14.Maryse "Pourqoui-"

15.Kelly Kelly "Holla"

16.Eve "She looks good"

17.Dolph Ziggler "I'm Perfection"

18.Shawn Michaels "Sexy Boy"

19.Edge "Metalingus"

20 . Triple H "The Game", "King of kings"

21.Maria "With Legs Like That"

22.Kofi Kingston "SOS"

23.John Morrison "Ain't No Make Believe"

24.Chris Jericho " Break The Walls Down "
25.Mr. McMahon" No Chance In Hell "
26.Mark Henry" The Wall "
27.Beth Phoenix" Glamazon "
28.The Miz" Reality "(new music has not yet spread out appearance)

29.Mickie James "Obsession"

30.Michelle McCool "Not Enough for Me"

31.Cryme Tyme "Bringin Da Hood TU"

32.D-Generation X "Are You Ready"

33.Melina "Paparazzi"

34.Chavo Guerrero "Chavito Ardiente"

35.Shelton Benjamin "Ain t No Stoppin Me"

RAW theme song

"Burn it to the ground" (currently in use)

"To be loved" (2008 Nian -2009 years )

SmackDown! theme song

"Let it Roll" (currently in use)

"If you rock like me" (2008 Nian -2009 years)

ECW theme song

"Don't Question My Heart" (currently in use in)

This is just my own know I do not know no written strategy



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