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Sanda Street Fighter underground city that is considered a good PK Brush Map

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yizhiyoujiao2010-02-18 02:14:00 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello, Lou Zhu said that these two job characteristics, and As for the switch to which, I'll explain for the two occupational Louzhu the characteristics of Louzhu make a decision.

First of all, said Sanda. In DNF, the Sanda is undoubtedly the most violent occupation, explosive moment quite powerful, if there is a good weapon, then it is completely possible spike. Whether big or small strokes strokes stream flow, brush diagram PK output is very substantial. In particular, added a strong fist of Sanda, common assault Diaoxie are able to see the speed is quite fast. Awakening is a Valkyrie strong kick, very violent kick, is the highest damage in the awakening of DNF.

On the whole, Sanda is a pure output type, like seconds, then can choose Sanda.

And Sanda On the contrary, Du Wang can be said to combat home-control job, of course, is not a low attack, but rather the physical attacks and magic attacks. Du Wang skills of the most characteristic is coated poison, and that is when the enemy attack would be a result of poisoning, and sustained Diaoxie, Daguai time has always been looked down out of the blood is so cool to. Poly blame can cast a net, so that figure is more brush nice, efficient. Awakening is death Du Wu, Du Wu planted in the air, the enemy will continue to fall, in which a very large number of blood (ignoring defense), then Duwu to detonate, resulting in serious injury. Attack is also significant.

PK can be pressed when Duwang get up, and that bar down opponents, in the moment and can get up on their opponents continuously blow to opponents unable to fight back.

Du Wang belongs to control the increases output, very nice to play together.

Well, I have said so much want to be able to Louzhu help.
Cream of sadness ---2010-02-18 02:43:46 +0000 #3
Boxing all good.
Kids Mai Tai2010-02-18 03:15:54 +0000 #4
I am inclined to look Pa Sanda body shield that one skill will know when the multi-PK Karate! However, a single skill is too rigid a turn Valkyrie awakening is difficult to reach people.

Street Fighter previously very powerful but many return to a previous revision had not the advantages of brush map the characteristics of skill can still coated poison Duwang Well!

Better to switch to a professional qigong in the latter part of that plan is not very powerful, yet Brush wins in the tie with the kinds of career with a very popular.

Liaoning two and a half secondary brush pixel Murder Soul: Soul nursing shortage claw



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