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We looked at do I practiced the holy canon

women mysterious knight2010-02-18 03:10:42 +0000 #1
before electricity2010-02-18 03:26:59 +0000 #2
say good martial arts should be carried forward! Top! Your opening remarks are too excited Chinese people think.

Strength in terms of an amateur girl has been pretty good. Your skill as long as some basic training in Canada may be better. After the spin-point cross-kick in the rejection. Rejection is a cross-leg Sanda out the basic essentials. Bluntly, is the force cross-lun. So you not only cross-over pressure and big splits inside the fork, and Taekwondo frog overwhelm France. Back to back spin kick Bengzhi toe tilt to lose too much skill on the inside. Refueling ah you!

There are other video I see you, and take the target can not be anti-hand and foot. An expert to see that is an amateur. Remember that the target must be to take feet are holding.

As for the punching strength and speed of the air you can blow all kinds of boxing holding dumbbells. Every time one minute. A day to do three groups.

Multi-endurance running event has been added to the body.

As you are all routine, but that Tang knife. Bu, virtual step, lunge Enhancing ways of teaching you some on it. Also does not require any somersault so do not worry about bad practice.

Japan-based Tang sword with both hands.

Whip legs, then the instep kick some stability the better. Multi-pressure instep.

As for the actual glove you can wear with a person standing opposite each other punching no one to hide Remember we must watch each other's eyes, eyes. Slowly will improve your courage and the eyes of mass destruction. Can also use their feet to kick each other slowly practicing evasive. Punched and kicked each other dodge the last attack each other. Finally put on protective gear for real.

There are not too tight fist time, to sandbags on the hair at the moment is called explosive strength!

Punching must be referred to pin up in the arm for boxing Twister and so powerful.

Read your Baiquan Sanshou athletes how are punching strength. However, when my teaching is not your kind of being Baiquan Lun Bai Quan. So that it does not matter as long as the actual on-line.
加油ah you! Top!
f3438562812010-02-18 03:16:06 +0000 #3
Tang sword is not so with the intensity of the

fist a little is not enough

you do not have the strength to master the control of

should be his practice to learn martial arts, or which bar

real-world experience should be little or no



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