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Song Where is terrible in the end

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SONG Yao revolutionary predecessors in the case of a prominent pioneer fighters. His order to support Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary cause, spared no possessions, but also an active part in the great tide of democratic revolution among the 1911 Revolution made a significant contribution. He was known as the "Soong family, the first person," he distinct personality nurtured and cultivated宋氏三姐妹and Soong, TL, Song Zian three brothers.

With "Soong sisters," the world-famous Song, in modern Chinese history is a legendary big family. This illustrious family, the ancestors are not named Song, but the name South Korea, "Song" Song name begins with the father of six siblings, such as SONG Yao.

SONG Yao as born in February 1863, nicknames Star Runner, daimyo Korea Kyojun, his father, HAN Hong-wing, was the Guangdong and Hainan Wenchang County, a rather cultured businessman, known to public-spirited. A result of handling relief in works, he was almost exhausted the product of ancestral capital. Into middle age, but also, unfortunately, contracted long treatment of chronic diseases, his family was growing distress, therefore, the burden of life of all the pressure in the mother's body Han Wang.

In the SONG Yao, such as the memory of the mother Han Wang's gentle but strong, is not an ordinary housewife, he not only Good Housekeeping, but rather cultural enrichment, can recite the Tang and Song poetry, and write a good hand graceful字. SONG Yao such as the skill has been quite the calligraphy, and the familiar rhythm of the poetry, the earliest will be benefited from the mother's education.

1875, SONG Yao such as the uncle (in fact, Song's younger brother, his aunt) from the United States return home, "recruiting" to expand his business career in the United States. Uncle, a vivid description of life abroad, deeply attracted only ten of the Star Runner. Uncle had originally set the Star Runner's brother hired Han Zheng accurate, Star Runner, and his brother want to go, he begged his parents to accompany his uncle who went overseas to earn a living. Uncle Star Runner is too small at first, fearing that he can not stand the storms, but the Star Runner with his uncle's bravery impressed. Said one day, Wenchang City is a group of down from the ocean pleasure boat sailors so much noise suffer great losses, Wenchang were gong strike, and foreigners engaged in a fierce fights. Star Runner young to join the operation. Melee, a bamboo arrows mistakenly shot of the Star Runner's shoulders, he did not call soon as pain, please pull out the arrow next to his uncle, hastily bandaged about and continue to charge ahead. This incident prompted Star Runner uncle agreed to the request, and solemnly to their parents, said: "I have spotted, this small Aberdeen showing great promise in the future by no means Dengxianzhibei." Uncle guarantees "should be like caring for their son Like to take care of Star Runner. " SONG Yao such as uncle's heir, from a change of surname of Song.

Apprentice - sailor - Pastor

SONG Yao's uncle in Boston, such as driving in the city's only tea and a Chinese silk number, business is booming, a good reputation. SONG Yao as to Boston shortly after his uncle, adoptive held a grand ceremony for him then hired an experienced English teacher and personally taught him calculating, billing auditing accounts, inventory inspection in the hope that the future heir to the smooth Song of the family business succession and build upon. "To others, respect you, you must have done well than the others!" SONG Yao as keep firmly in mind the teachings of her mother's phrase, with his hard work, strong and eager to learn, quickly won people's admiration and love.

SONG Yao such as English teachers are an admirer of President Lincoln, he not only professors SONG Yao such as English, but also with SONG Yao such as visiting Boston - The American War of Independence fired the first shot fired in almost all parts of the revolutionary memorial. SONG Yao, such as here, the young democratic ideas of the Enlightenment by education and the gradual initiation of the motherland in the heart independent of the hazy sense of national revolution.

Three-year apprenticeship blink of an eye later, this time, two Chinese students visit, breaking the SONG Yao like a quiet life, prompting his subsequent adventures. They called the cow is still a week, a man named Wen Bingzhong, is dispatched by the students. After a warm encouragement and support of SONG Yao, such as going out to study. Heir desire is clearly contrary to the wishes of the adoptive father, because elderly people have no interest in Western learning. SONG Yao as very grateful to the cultivation of the ex adoptive father, as he later said: "It was no other way, in order to pursue, only leaving." Early in 1878 a winter night, SONG Yao gave up a stable as a good living, and ready-made family business, escape adoptive father's tea and silk number, to pursue their dream.

In the adoptive father of the track, he wandered, on a basket case when an elderly out to him a helping hand. Old man was named Charles Jones, was originally a federal naval officer, he is also an admirer of Lincoln. In order to help realize their dreams SONG Yao, such as the elderly recommended that he belongs to the state of Massachusetts, called "Albert Ortega Lunting" in an anti-smuggling on the service to temporarily out of the woods.

Service period, the young SONG Yao if their performance is very good, but later won the Captain Captain Yilikejia Bulierxun appreciation and love, he gave SONG Yao as fatherly concern. In 1880, the captain was transferred to the Southern Ailikejia Bulierxun an anti-smuggling captain took office. SONG Yao as requested to follow加布里尔逊captain, being allowed to. Captain has been enthusiastic加布里尔逊SONG Yao misses If you want to do in college, one to the south, he took off his military uniform, such as deprivation of SONG Yao, bid farewell to a warship, and soon helped him to run the discharge procedures. In North Carolina's largest shipping port Weier Ming Dayton, SONG Yao such as the accepted baptism. To mark has given him great spiritual and material help to the elderly who kind, such as give themselves to teach SONG Yao named Charlie Jones Song. The next day, the local newspaper had reported on this matter: "The Chinese converts, perhaps the first one in North Carolina to comply with the baptism of the Chinese people receive Holy Communion." This is a sensational in the local thing a girl so Mingjiaonanxi Erin broke into SONG Yao like life. Erin is an enthusiastic well-known in the state of family philanthropy. After several months of coexistence, the two young men's friendship rapid combustion, sublimation, Erin became a SONG Yao as the lady friends, unfortunately, Erin premature death. As everyone knows, SONG Yao such as the three share one daughter's name in the "age" of the word as SONG Yao do not know, such as worship of Lincoln, or the United States to commemorate the death of Friends of Erin, or both. SONG Yao as the eldest daughter was born, when Erin died, "Ai-ling" and "Erin" This is homophonic.

1881, by the Supervisory Council, commissioned by North Carolina, Durham's most famous industrialist, is also a Board of Trustees of Trinity College, General Julius Karr SONG Yao served as a guardian, he arranged SONG Yao in the same year, such as access to up to Salem near the Trinity College (later renamed Duke University). Although the hospital was just a humble "third class college", such as the right SONG Yao, he entered the university gates, after all, taken the first step. He only spent one year time to finish college matriculation, in 1882 to Tennessee, 10000 Germany Bildt attended the University Theological Seminary. SONG Yao in 1885 with excellent results, such as the end of their studies, was awarded the title of the Supervisory trainee priest.

"Neither Chinese nor Western," the missionaries

January 1886, SONG Yao by a seagoing vessel, such as the long-awaited return to the motherland, and arrived in Shanghai Lujiazui terminal. In order to facilitate missionary work in China, SONG Yao as soon changed the attire is entirely a Chinese dress, behind Retention a queue, dressed in Duanguaxiaoao, wearing a cloth hat, pedal shoes, its appearance has been to let anyone see guessed that he was the pastor of going abroad to come back.

Dean Allen sent SONG Yao pastoral areas such as Suzhou, Kunshan to serve, and urged him to build a local church, to be self-funding. To raise funds, such as missionary SONG Yao apart, "his previous profession," commercial activities carried out and soon earned a large sum of money. After Song was again sent to the Qibao town southwest of Shanghai, through the business to fund his missionary at the same time in the local church organized a privately run, a children's park and a Chinese medicine. In September 1888, SONG Yao as an official from the student pastor to pastor.

In the Church of privately, SONG Yao such as to the students about the U.S. War of Independence, President Lincoln and his ideas on democracy and freedom, calling on people to rise up against the feudal autocracy. SONG Yao's words and deeds, such as the Qing court not only offended, but also for the United States Commissioner of clubs should not be, Allen had this right SONG Yao such as all kinds of difficulties and limitations, such as the monthly SONG Yao's salary did not he living. 1892 SONG Yao such as the cut off for the benefit of missionary and Liu Qi's pigtails and resign from the duties of preaching missions in favor of business, it is still the Gospel Christian pastor.

In order to do some of my wanted to do, there are things conducive to the country and the people, SONG Yao as the same time as several firms and as comprador, because a quick mind, a very rich very quickly. He also reproduced a large number of Western books, introduced Western learning. SONG Yao as a very happy marriage. Ni Guizhen his wife was born in 1869, came from literati families. She is good at math, loved playing the piano, had to do in the church to teach members of the Pei-wen girls. Her father, Yun Ni such as Hill and SONG Yao is a Chinese pastor.

Her mother, surnamed Xu, is a descendant of Xu Guangqi. SONG Yao as the meet with the Ni Guizhen is a former Boston by two friends of cattle that are still weeks to pull strings with the Wenbing Zhong. They have, respectively, and Ni Ni Guiqing eldest daughter, married daughter NI Gui-Shu, determined to introduce SONG Yao Ni, such as with the two daughters understand the results of the two love at first sight.

In the SONG Yao, such as early return to teach a long Allen was assigned to him constantly to various backward and impoverished places missionary. To be able to, and SONG Yao, such as together with SONG Yao Ni Guizhen decisively put forward, such as engagement, and even come to those who can not help but praise Zhuhun she was "not unusual woman." Some also say that the "Song-wife was a model of early modern Chinese women."

SONG Yao who have commented to his wife: "Guizhen living in the East a strong woman, her great love is to dare to own choice, which in the East, in China, is simply incredible." Marriage, continue to follow the SONG Yao Ni Guizhen, such as the throughout the mission, but has a better vision of living a precarious life, until 1890 SONG Yao such as the outskirts of Shanghai Hongkou built a house of their own design, they have a stable home.

In the missionary process, such as with the Ni Guizhen SONG Yao are eager to help and give material assistance to the poor, and the bud of the founder of the cause of the heart the welfare of children. In the future, very different character, the position of the different宋氏三姐妹are enthusiastic about the women's movement in China, and to varying degrees in China's charity cause, can not be said by the parents affected.

Two decades to follow, such as Sun Yat-Sen

SONG Yao missionary enthusiasm and industry, but also yearning for revolution, to get to know a lot of revolutionaries. In 1894, through a friend's introduction and go-between, such as in Shanghai, met SONG Yao Zheng Qu Road, Shanghai, Tianjin petition to go northward to the Sun Yat-sen Li, two hit it off. Sun Yat-sen after returning to Shanghai from Tianjin, SONG Yao such as the Associated Chinese version of "The Globe" editorial, the Sun Yat-sen into a short book on the theory of Li form, "The Globe," the ninth, tenth published. During this period, Sun Yat-sen, Hao Lu SONG Yao such as the East and three in the SONG Yao, such as home, "repeated for the final evening to talk about," SONG Yao and Sun Yat-sen and other revolutionaries such as frequently gathered at the SONG Yao, such as the printing press where all-night exchange of views on the issue relating to the revolution. Discontent with authoritarian rule of the Qing, democracy and prosperity of the West to learn respect for, so that two quickly formed a close friend of Sun Yat-sen SONG Yao has become a frequent visitor, such as at home.

SONG Yao as do its utmost to support Sun Yat-sen. He has repeatedly risked the danger of beheading, in his English Bible, printed Yinshu Guan China and the United States as a cover, secret printing and dissemination of anti-revolutionary ideas of the publicity materials. The Sun Yat-sen's early revolutionary activities, such as contributions SONG Yao had a longer period of time become an important source of funding.

Sun Yat-sen led the bourgeois revolution had suffered repeated setbacks, but the SONG Yao as always believed him and support him. SONG Yao Sun Yat-sen is feeling the same as 20 years of the revolutionary faith, in his "letter addressed to Li Xiaosheng," said: SONG Yao as is "Twenty years ago, and Lu Hao East and the younger brother of the martyr to talk about the beginning of a revolutionary, the past two decades remains unchanged ... ... "Sun Yat-sen as a railway director, the SONG Yao such as the railway system is also to serve in any of Sun Yat-Sen Soong Ai-ling was the secretary. Sun Yat-sen plans first step is to build 20 in 10 years, thousands of miles of railway, SONG Yao such as Sun Yat-sen with her daughter Ai-ling along with the train to travel around the country survey, make plans. In February 1913, such as Sun Yat-sen SONG Yao went to Japan to study the railway business. Soon, Sun Yat-sen led a "second revolution" failed, big government in pursuit of the Northern, the Sun Yat-sen in August fled to Japan. Subsequently, the SONG Yao such as forced his family sought refuge in Japan, first in Tokyo, Yokohama, after leasing a villa-style apartments. SONG Yao 1914, the rate of children, such as his wife returned to Shanghai, live Xiafei. At that time, such as the Song and his family directly or indirectly related to the revolution took place, and it is few and far between.

Of course, as with the Sun Yat-sen SONG Yao and there have been conflicts between. When the Soong Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen carrying a parent, the then rumored SONG Yao Shanghai, such as break off relations with the news of Sun Yat-sen, and was right there with eye-brow. A time when Yuan Shikai ready to restore the monarchy, the revolutionary situation is very low, SONG Yao such as the increasing deterioration of the mood, I wonder if a person can spread the truth of various rumors, some people even say that SONG Yao, such as being forced his daughter and Sun Yat-sen divorce. In order to prevent people with ulterior motives to continue to spread rumors to create trouble, but also to safeguard the reputation of Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching Ling, SONG Yao as his wife a set of specially customized fine furniture, concern and preparation of the abundance of the dowry, and deliberately conspicuous displays of these things will soon be sent to the newly married daughter of .

1916 after SONG Yao as a result of various reasons, are no longer involved in revolutionary activities, after which the body is getting worse, till can not move. The occasion in critical condition, three daughters, "With once in the side." May 3, 1918, SONG Yao such as in Shanghai died, only 55 years.


SONG Yao as his wife gave birth in 1888, the first daughter, named Margaret age, the second daughter was born in 1893, and this is a great contemporary Chinese women's Song Qingling, 1894, Song's first boy was born, and this is Soong . 1897 and later had a daughter, that is, became Chiang Kai-Fu



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