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Boy who are also inner strength do not have what remedies

fangxing5252010-02-18 04:10:49 +0000 #1
Boy who are also inner strength do not have any way to remedy
A Wu Chi A2010-02-18 04:18:51 +0000 #2
can practice ah, who tell you not Boy will not be able to practice at home within the fist of the? Is completely irresponsible remarks, I am here to tell you clearly is not the same children would be inner strength, In-Fight!
Car fish2010-02-18 04:53:25 +0000 #3
now learn martial arts to Boy Gong is simply nonsense to see if individual aptitude and talent, and you think there is really kind of martial arts inside the magic ah?, If any, to martial arts Cheats inside it, are we are the Boy The body of the teenagers? This is not logical, internal strength What is the concept you are still very vague; internal strength is to adjust interest rates to support gas, pay attention to how the luck, hair Jin; not the kind of internal strength, I suggest you look at the Ba Ji Quan, and you'll understand.
f3438562812010-02-18 04:42:14 +0000 #4
Boy who are only in pre-Buddhist and Tao Gong useful - a great supporting role


in a number of exercises in the -

some necessary lessons and refining Boy than the person who is not a Boy to a pure number of faster

but this is not to say you are not a Boy on the train not a train or what not


just want to trouble spots Bale

and Boy in the state of mind was helpful -

Boy right Nannvzhishi do not know who is not a Boy Learn more - especially the ancient

As a result, the boys in a number of impaired heart is stronger

In other words, "possessed by the devil" in the "Rumo"

in the Boy who would be very high there are people to resist the role of

Yin and Yang

those who are not Boy unstable

just like yin and yang balance to the same or the left or right

that are not allowed to have much impact -

in general -

Boy played a catalytic role -

also are unique in nature --

unable to remedy -

but the effect is not where to go -
the latter part of their youth poetry2010-02-18 06:03:52 +0000 #5
how can the so-called Boy body,

tell you that martial arts is not so mysterious

says white. It also is a kind of art

are all scientifically based and not superstition.

Qigong is yes.

However, we must pass the 18-year-old practicing qigong, or,

you are not a long body, and

Qigong has not a great as you imagine,

is not a practice is over, others hit you, you will not hurt the.
baimawazi882010-02-18 04:35:07 +0000 #6
be able to answer
274,536,8832010-02-18 04:40:09 +0000 #7
wang Sun2010-02-18 06:57:26 +0000 #8
hey this 2B problems



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