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I want to self-defense key body, may I ask what kind of martial arts and practical? Practical do tae

angry MT2010-02-18 04:10:56 +0000 #1
Case of a Japanese friend, good at judo and kickboxing, martial arts training advised me that my blood boil, but also want to practice martial arts. Defensive key body kill two birds with one stone. The want to register taekwondo, taekwondo He laughed only kicked the legs, a child training, and close encounter judo, the other on the void, not practical. But my physique is not suited to kickboxing, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, karate, and so do not know how the robbers armed with knives, such as Lu-yu Gao Ding Kung Fu can be - I 172CM 60KG shapely. Thank you for your reply -
yaobin202010-02-18 04:22:11 +0000 #2
the so-called only the strongest people, there is no strongest technique. Did not say what kind of surgery is best in the world of fighting. The surgery is just a fighting technique, which seeks to play skills to the limit, the body condition is the fundamental, which is talking about Chinese martial arts, martial arts practitioners are not equal and empty truth. Each technique has its own characteristics of fighting, you are the views of Taekwondo are some deviations, in fact, the origin of every fighting surgery are based on actual combat as the fundamental pursuit of defeat the purpose of fighting is. Taekwondo is the same, only in the subsequent development process to the development of sports-oriented performance culture, that is. Jiu-Jitsu is very suitable for actual combat, but a few cases 1v is not practical, but also for the body to be strong enough. Muay Thai is also suitable for actual combat fighting super-surgery, but your body is not very appropriate and Muay Thai training requirements on the body are relatively high. Boxing also requires a longer wingspan. Taekwondo now focus on performance and competitive nature of combat is concerned, although worse point, but on the body more flexibility and coordination is good, like the girls in front of the limelight Shuashuai is a good choice. Based on your body I think is more suitable to practice Boxing and karate. Sanda individuals prefer not to see the race that is wrestling Sanda Sanda one who thought the look, because in addition to considering the race even more competitive nature of things to consider the protection of players, so there are many techniques Sanda is a more practical , the relative is also easier to learn them.
huangzhiyou5702010-02-18 04:27:20 +0000 #3
Sanda is best to learn all the most practical and the pride of the Chinese people ah! ! !
orphan_my2010-02-18 04:37:31 +0000 #4
I recommend Tai Chi! This is the real Chinese Kung Fu! Of course, the premise is that you should encounter a really good teacher, but also the master can be optimistic about you! Ha ha!

PS I said the park is not the kind of grandparents who play showy ah! I am talking about the kind of combat-style Tai Chi Chuan, teach you the master of the latter should give you piece-meal approach to explain, to be used in actual combat! And to learn Tai Chi There are many words to express my feelings do not come out, as if called within the medical environment, conditioning or something like that!
pz small vibration2010-02-18 04:38:00 +0000 #5
words kumite
seduce surgery2010-02-18 05:37:11 +0000 #6
ah - upstairs to say what the Tai Chi, Sanda - all ...

are not evaluation, the most practical, is the boxing!

Tae Kwon Do I tell you, I met no one aside, things are routine within the rules control the degree!

I was trained in weightlifting, and I have a sports school boxing team, we fight all day long sports teams.

Out the most practical and the most handsome is boxing, and about one!

If the opposite would be 2 Now, there is a chance to be exposed, what ... fainted!

We taekwondo team, and even football are played, however, claim to paragraphs paragraphs, what with

the country's fifth, a few practicing soccer kicking meal! Fool -

and boxing, beautiful for words! I can not describe it useful exercise!

And lots of practice stature is also a special good-looking!

Whether you are persistent, or out of the cold boxing, boxing is the most handsome of the!

Do not look at TV the above said that the Chinese martial arts to win the U.S. boxing! What is very boring -

a few Chinese Kung Fu very powerful people, playing a few non-professional boxer - rule-bound!

You can see how Chinese kungfu is not with Holyfield, Tyson, Mayweather, etc. of those ruthless people to fight it?

The usual time, boxing is not bound by rules prohibiting attacks on the next disc. It is almost invincible in!

Anyway, self-think the most practical, the best, and physical fitness is the boxing of the!

Point of advice, I wish you good luck!
Only electric2010-02-18 04:59:42 +0000 #7
martial bar is for you. =% C7% DC% C4% C3% B8% F1% B6% B7 & fr = ala0

rivers and lakes artists 0072010-02-18 07:07:44 +0000 #8
Although I am not selling them, but I introduced a class of the book for you.

If you simply want to learn self-defense, then buy some grips on the CD-ROM, or Web site to find some hair grips capturing video. But I had to buy myself! I find it very useful, others are speaking more Qinzhu skills, if the anti-escape someone else to seize the vital skills. I think that to master these techniques, the usually more long-long effort to muscle movement on the list. After all, the power in similar circumstances, capturing a very effective, but must face powerful technique has its own strength increases.

By the way, there is a capturing of the book is used in police training soldiers, but good enough!
No mean 20002010-02-18 05:46:26 +0000 #9
First of all, if you want to self-defense, learning capturing technique, aikido.

Do you want strong, practicing Muay Thai or kickboxing.

Like street fighting, practicing Jeet Kune Do.

Look at your body, are both more appropriate, in addition to Taekwondo (because of your height, limit your legs)

recommended to learn Muay Thai, Karate, Sanda, kickboxing, wrestling, etc., you are more suitable for . Remember, your stature more suitable for martial arts belong to all-round.



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