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Hello, everyone, brother ask what football basics, how to practice collision capability.

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zhangweideaiwe2010-02-18 04:20:12 +0000 #2
basic skills are many

put it simply, a football team is divided into three groups


SWAT team defensive group, and squat

squat on the pitch, run and jump in our lower limbs has been tempered, but this is not enough, because we usually engage in supporting the body of the lower limbs, walking, etc. formed a very strong ability to adapt, so only can the use of weight-bearing lower extremity strength of real prosperity. I want to say yes, the squat, and squat on the exercise of the most important position because the thigh is the body's second heart, often bigger upper body strength Squat people will quickly grow strong enough, which is in the fitness industry been confirmed "spillover effect."

Physically weaker in the gym who squat in the squat rack carried out. Action process is: the barbell rod placed on the trapezius neck and upright, both hands grasp the barbell bar, step by step remove the barbell from a squat rack, standing with feet shoulder width, toes naturally shoot out, breath Squat squat in the end (move slowly), inspiratory to stand up (move a little faster, with the explosive thigh), stand upright in front of the action of posterior circulation.

Physically strong can practice at home, because there is no squat rack, we need to do first a clean and jerk action to move too far after the bar in the ground on the back of the neck, such as the barbell squat done and then they move too far from the front down. I exercise at home, I can do with 46kg barbell squat 150.

Barbell weight can not be too light, otherwise the results are not satisfactory, they can usually find a control to do 8 to 10 times the weight of practice is better, do a group or more groups, each repeated 20 times or more as far as possible.

Squat due to squat in the end, and therefore exercise of the gluteal muscle, prolonged exercise will be trained to sexy hips slightly upturned. Squat a lot easier than the squat, but the toes to move forward when you squat. Squat of great help in improving jumping ability.

, Proper exercise, our legs will be thicker, lines will be better, this phenomenon does not affect jumping ability not only to increase but will bounce, and the thick thigh muscles play a role in protecting the knee.

Squat Flexibility training can be done during the double effect!

A lack of equipment of people (such as: students, economic stress people) can load bags in the back squat and a squat shoulders, the effect badly, but better than not train well.

2, sit-ups, sit-income legs and goats to come forward

This is a physical exercise, "middle" of the practice, specific methods, I long ago wrote, "physical training in the middle," the article has been described in detail in this omitted. However, I would like to emphasize that the waist to protect the people's internal organs, strong waist would give rise to health.

3, toes

thigh level of development determines the bounce limit of height, leg determines the level of development of projectile velocity. Toes is the only way to well-developed calves. Toes commonly known as "Dian tiptoe", you can do in the plains can also be done in the small wooden board, small board so that heel vacated, at the lower levels so that the Achilles tendon is fully extended, the better, but not easy to keep a balance. Toes of the load not too heavy, but the repetitions should be more than 30 times each to do.

4, standing barbell elected

This is an exercise shoulder deltoid muscle exercise, the more well-developed deltoid stronger explosive force, impact force more formidable! I have never seen a chest which is as big as the Arnold who played on the pitch, but the deltoid is everywhere.

Standing, feet naturally separated mention barbell to his chest, barbell bar around the clavicle at the location, using the power of deltoid give barbell slowly restore cycle to repeat.

Deltoid muscle fatigue more easily, so it is a big test of the will. Weight can be done 10 times from the start that they can do 20 times the weight after being done.

5, supine barbell arm flexion and extension

every time we shot when they use the triceps, because the shooting action itself is an "arm flexion and extension." Supine barbell arm flexion and extension is the design of training methods for the triceps. Sit in the stool, narrow-grip barbell with both hands straight arm, the body was 90 degrees, upper arm forearm and elbow fixed and delegated the final straight and forearm, action should be more relaxed.

There is no basis for the training can start practicing from the barbell bar, because this action right elbow pressure.

No equipment can practice on the parallel bars in the playground arm flexion and extension, but the spacing between parallel bars should be narrow, too wide is the practice of the pectoral muscles. There is no parallel bars people can do push-ups instead of a narrow stays away from the.

6, Wrist Curl

pitch from time to time set aside basketball action that is the forearm muscles with well-developed forearm will make it easy to shoot. The forearm on the thigh, his hands empty, palm down or up to bring the barbell, decentralization, circulation. More than the weight of the forearm to use a small number of exercises, I have done a barbell with 9kg of 1000 times / group 2 group exercises.

7, standing barbell biceps curl

although of little use in basketball, but in order to meet the play need to slightly strengthen the triceps. Do the weight of heavy, repeated about 20 times the weight better.
People's University, Ph.D.2010-02-18 04:45:55 +0000 #3
muscle exercises such as squat, pushing people practice, practice, etc. Anti-lock



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