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How to beat the Muay Thai fighting the psychological

hufengaixia2010-02-18 05:10:22 +0000 #1
's own technical fairly off and go, but often more difficult to combat the mental release, and is not small, so little time to psychological pressure, the total in the defense, each had a blow think the other party will take advantage of the opportunity to fight back. Please master of real answer, do not understand do not JJYY, why do not more do not want to listen to what the study of birds such as if Sanda
taiyangqihuo2010-02-18 05:15:21 +0000 #2
I saw a similar situation, it was simply to relax, fear of being beaten. Later, my coach gave me a way to think is that every time I actual combat against the practice, when the selection is always much worse than my strength and I play. That way it will be more relaxed to play, a response of the opponent can not catch up to me, and secondly, they are far from sufficient to pose a threat to me; if I play too strict, certainly would not be able crushed, so we played more very relaxed, not afraid of being beaten. After a period of time, to overcome the psychological problems, you can almost normal and the strength of people with their own practice.

In addition, when you close melee but also because of this reason, fear of being beaten, they will play more chaos. The key lies in daring to endure boxing, boxing did not dare to endure eyes closed, you can see it clearly. Melee can not be too close to rely on evasive defense, otherwise they will form a fist, you are afraid to suffer the habit. Care should therefore be the first hand, do not be afraid to endure a fist, it is necessary to punch opponent hit you, you will be able to punch his state of mind still play (even if the opponent actually agile than you, hit you back before you can anti - Good, but also with such a mentality to play), if you defend him after a successful counter-attack you have earned. To develop such a mentality, a simple method is to find points and the handicap and you practice confrontation.

As for the training of your eyes, that is common to practice chanting lines reaction. Wear a glove to find friends to play real lightly and thought they respond. Or is that you take the target, let a friend play, you try to punch fast access to the target then the target prior to the time away, let him play space. He would try to play to hit the initial velocity, such a practice is very beneficial to both sides.
yd31857972010-02-18 05:44:10 +0000 #3
Not! not! you need is courage! To counter what! I just want you to taste my fist! I just want to exert all my strength all technical all the hands and feet to hit you, you punch me I did not even respond ... you are afraid of getting punched stage, you have to practice is non-stop offensive go on to get rid of your cowardly air! Regardless of the other more powerful, I am a man! I am man! Time I die, you have a mouth spray of blood ... now you have to do is chaos punching, but also non-stop punches! Lock your goals --- the other side of the chin!



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