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I was learning Taekwondo, and now can not continue to study, like self-study, have any good suggesti

Guardian Cloud2010-02-18 05:10:43 +0000 #1
I studied for two years, was admitted to Black Belt a few months later, because no study some of the relationships, and now over half a year, do not learn to feel abandoned out. . But learning is busy, but to their own school, but now is trying to consolidate the basic skills up, but do not know specifically how to do is to see film and television, his front of the air kicks, kick, or sandbags, or what? ?

We have experienced to help me think. Out a learning programs.

So I have a progressive direction, thank you.
killert1012010-02-18 05:26:46 +0000 #2
on the first floor, the words do not so extreme, the Black Belt there is a lot of water, but there are many black belts you can easily swap your

Lou Zhu K, and now really like you not much, Oh, I once brought back a lot of memories

originally practiced with me that there were several 10, compared with the pressure of my study is the largest, the results of five years later, only 23 in practice, and I was the only one of the interruption ... you go to black belt in addition to other effects do not learn anything new in it, so training will have already been refined on the list, I read in high school but also because too much tension at home, their own learning practice, I personally feel that there sandbags, then we must play every day, strength training should be every day, no matter how skilled of mass destruction is also a no good, this is the most important, there is more control leg, which is very important basics, right leg France very helpful

above was trained in many things different sports and goods will not be worse

As for the potential effects, I too refuse, and here is not to say the rest of your time

I do not know, hard to say, to what I the previous method, for reference:

morning, 10 minutes ahead of schedule together, in-situ one-time leapfrog 300, push-ups 150

noon, after deducting part of the lunch break, in a nearby gym kicking sandbags, under cross-kick 20 * 5 (which is I have attached the greatest importance, and each and all make every effort to kick), side kick 10 * 5, it is also being kicked and outside the pendulum, where every day is an appropriate exercise legs together, these kind of basic skills is very important is probably at noon ... to 45 minutes and it will take two days a week training squat, carry the barbell at the gym doing bodybuilding for muscle stimulation big, so squat that engage in two days, sooner or later, the legs are not doing the training, so that better

night, running down the study up 3000, and then go home, review the back kick, back spin, Xiapi these relatively easy to unfamiliar legs law, each no more than 50 times, because I am already familiar with, but to maintain, and do a group of sit-ups, 300-500

Finally, rest 5 minutes, started to round up did not finish the job, 11-point start before ... Oh, tell the truth, a little crazy, but time is rather tight, but very full, and can insist on 23 weeks down, then you can adapt to my third year as the time to go home every day to continue to drive operations, but still persevered, and now in retrospect that it values, and now entered the University of hours more, they can be properly training, and basic skills, as always, a good (Oh, special effects still garbage), and now as a coach, but continued to practice, because it must be accompanied by a lifetime of my hobbies, spend time on it than be forced to life in the future of learning Previous efforts Shuang too much,呵呵
add 1, Tyson's boxing is more than 200 kilograms, the power is already inside one of the best boxing, and boxing is not possible with the legs than the powerful, the real power of the largest Dutch railway leg Wang Bideazi low kicks, 836KG, 3 Session K1 champion, lost Bideazi look on the Internet know

In addition, the knee hit the world record of more than 600 kilograms
kira1317982010-02-18 05:53:25 +0000 #3
long-term suspension of professional training

also with age Growth

leg strength and toughness, as well as the quality of the body will rapidly degraded

If Lou Zhu would like to continue to maintain a status quo, then

leg strength and toughness of the exercise must not stop

If you can not engage in professional training

Louzhu can insist that morning exercise

morning exercises every day adhere to long-distance running 1-3 km

one to the back of some sports can be a warm-up activity

2 to keep the body can not have too much degradation of the quality

and then to exercise flexibility in this area has just made after long-distance running Effects of exercise will be very good

I believe even if you are receiving professional training is such a process

for about 30 minutes of flexibility exercises made after a number of leapfrog steps jumping sports such as duck-step

in order to enhance and maintain the strength of the legs

Finally able to do some relaxation exercises such movements

Lou Zhu yourself to practice the basic legs and bodies of law, law footwork

or imaginary play with their own reactions have Peilian

This morning there is a period of about three hours can be a basic long-distance occupy

1-1 half-hour or so

Flexibility exercise for half an hour or so occupied by forces of occupation and response training for an hour or so

then go home street children eat a breakfast呵呵

If you can look at some of Louzhu best to further participate in Museum Road, run by amateur training children

participate as much as some of the best combat games

combat in particular, can grasp the kind of game experience is training hard to be able to understand that the

last Louzhu best amateur himself out of a training program

and persistent continue

if it is difficult to lay down their wish to return to the former basic

This is my personal lessons learned

When I talked with Lou Zhu situation today is almost six years later

I insisted on giving up

Black Belt or three paragraphs Hehe
2.56382 million2010-02-18 06:13:28 +0000 #4
Tae Kwon Do you have practiced for two years, should know understand that the kind of model啦- in line with previous training, are accustomed to is the啦do not need to ask so many
attackwc2010-02-18 06:18:44 +0000 #5
Taekwondo is a way of life, lack of any study to what technical unfamiliar fill technical, strength degradation, strength training, lack of multi-real combat, you will not be learned black belt, and put the former coach talked to have forgotten it, the program is no way to you, you have to press your own situation self-organized content and the amount of training, all black belts, and self-up, refueling bar
Cathief2010-02-18 07:38:01 +0000 #6
I have to first of all you have is a comprehensive physical fitness can not be dropped, flexibility, flexibility, strength, legs, and so the law standard.

Have time to multi-hop rope skipping, running running, increase flexibility, and cardiorespiratory function, there is "special" you should know? More to do, is of great help to you. Then is strength training, more training for physical and restore a part of force. Finally is the leg method, and mirror hanging legs, not too troublesome, and do not think I would not want to transfer the action, and tone legs are the best way to regulate action.

I would advise you not to kick sand bags, and no one looked at you, movements unconsciously will go OK, and you will focus on the power play, ignoring the standard method of legs, that is, sandbag kicking kick stronger than the air .

Finally, there is time for you to find a room for a bigger place, to reflect actual melody, assuming that a virtual object is your opponent, assuming the offensive opponent, or back, how can you deal with, find the time to find legs, legs, method combination, with the Calvary leg method is used. I think there is a great help to you, and right if you want to see what online video teaching, I feel that there was no help.
zml5412012010-02-18 08:00:29 +0000 #7
1 floor is too one-sided, have their own strengths, Taekwondo is the fastest leg, boxing is the greatest strength of boxing, Tyson is reached 800 kg of terror, Muay Thai knee France the most powerful, there was a Muay Thai knees the hand force is equivalent to 60 Mai car ...



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