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How do market survey

Gray lord2010-02-18 05:10:49 +0000 #1
I want to be a city's Taekwondo Market Investigation and Development Study, which set up those questions, pay attention to those things.
yanghua20071142010-02-18 05:21:01 +0000 #2
Let me give you some simple examples of Well

1. A questionnaire at the beginning of the audience should state your intention, then the attitude of sincerely held up to the audience that the time that they fill the questionnaire, saying sorry, and they are willing to fill out the questionnaire expressed his thanks.

2. Youyidaonan questionnaire design issues to be best not to appear a subjective question, the general audience unwilling to fill.

3. The subject option does not have a guide, we can not contradictory, we must fully consider the possible situation can not let the audience there is no alternative answer. Otherwise, the questionnaire will be considered null and void.

4. The subject can not be too long, not too complicated, otherwise the audience do not want to spend too much time in the above.

For example, as follows:

Hello, I want to taekwondo to be a market survey, hoping to get your support and help. Delays in the investigations of your time, I apologize, for you are willing to accept the survey, I am grateful. Your answer is only a reference, there is no right or wrong answers, please rest assured that pop star. You simply type in your favorite option on the check can be the answer.

1. Taekwondo do you know?

A do not know B knows that C is very clear

2. You know through what channels?

A Advertising B introduce others to their own C
. . . . .

The following question can be based on your research objective to design a

questionnaires last: Once again, thank you for your cooperation

wish you every success in



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