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Practicing with fists do push-ups do not practice arm muscles?

josie12012010-02-18 05:10:56 +0000 #1
Can Chong Quan intensified? ? Also how to speed up the punching speed and self-reaction? ? ?
ZHAOGONGZUOPPO2010-02-18 05:18:24 +0000 #2
1, arm muscles in charge of the hand grip movement, while doing push-ups to strengthen the arm (triceps) and chest muscles.

2, red boxing action is a compound movement, just having the arm strength is not enough, you are advised to increase strength while increasing the waist arm strength, and lower extremity strength.

3, Chong Quan, the power transmitted by the foot through the waist and arms, is continuous power, this power be enough.

4, when the hand-arm punching the back of the triceps, the major contraction in hair strength, fast recovery is mainly in the hand-arm front side, that is, fat biceps strength.

So, push-ups, or the need for further training, then another arm dumbbell to do flexion and extension strength training to increase biceps strength.

5! In red boxing training, grip dumbbells, and other things that some components. To increase the intensity of red boxing. Like running, the feet tied sandbags a reason.

A powerful effect, and punching speed naturally increased.

On how to improve reaction speed, I believe you practice more, find a friend ideas, expertise and practice could soon be improving with each other!

Want to help you
akula2class2010-02-18 05:23:41 +0000 #3
push-ups are only practicing boxing leaning rest pectoral and triceps, do not practice arm that stays Daoshi right arm lying on a certain increase

be able to appropriately raise the punching strength, but to boxing powerful, the most important is to improve the Waist-Leg strength

Kong Quan right fist fight over a larger speed increase, their response only to find someone running target of Directors



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