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Now in practical ancient Chinese boxing boxing are there?

Uzuki Hua Yan2010-02-18 06:11:07 +0000 #1
There is a martial art schools near my home. School a few months, routine are all style and no substance, also used for training Sanda. In addition to the Shaolin martial arts are also a few genuine Wudang Kungfu?
sacshadow2010-02-18 06:25:17 +0000 #2
specific conditions and practical. Another is the progressive development of martial arts, followed by progress of the times, the so-called ancient boxing will not be much worse than it is now boxing.

Now popular with tai chi, gossip, octupole, form Italy, Pigua, Wing Chun, Hung Ga and so on.

In general practice boy-shaped Italy, Pigua, Hung Ga, which may be more a little taste, tai chi, are paying more attention to gossip enlightenment, if no less than heart could not help calm the slow progress in the beginning it is difficult to Lianxia Qu.

Real bear fruit relatively quickly is that Wing Chun, as long as his arm strength like that there is relatively easy to use, one will be able to hit up a few days.

If you want to focus on training combat Lou Zhu, Sanda is also possible. Insisted the words of Chinese martial arts to fend for themselves to the Web to find, or to find like-minded friends in their own research.
attackwc2010-02-18 06:49:46 +0000 #3
friends, so to speak, tell the practical, you may not be able to learn practical, such as your home in the vicinity of the boxing hall, either he did not level which is easily kill you, bluntly, to open martial arts is to earn food to eat are not looking to-human transmission, kung fu advantage of this stuff is art, this technique is simple and focus on fighting the West are very different constitution, if Han skills taught you give you exercises and techniques he disclosed these Menpai then it can die, and by This is also not eating dinner, so each generation of transmission of boxing is strictly for each screening will be kept confidential is one, have to consider this person can pass the responsibility from Tam's, of course, you go to learn martial arts is Jiaoliao Qian, in order to be worthy of your tuition, so you teach your point of Sanda ability of the body a little bit Pong Pong

Wudang Mody arguably is not a religious effort, possibly under the market economy in recent years to see catch on resistance of Shaolin do not live to be applied mechanically to change some of loneliness came out, as Shaolin Mody, 2 months tuition 7000 is purely hug money rake, there is real skill to be strange

But to tell the truth, you learn the routine may not be the style and no substance, I really effort may be in there, may have to fight inside and breaking wrestling take action to break the smashes to take in, just the bosses do not speak to you, you do not know how to use fills or you shoot a dv to me, I will give You see demolition demolition?
haichao10122010-02-18 07:20:42 +0000 #4
Oh, I guess the most practical addition to Bu Chong Quan of this move, the little attention devoted to the bar is real kung fu.

Of course. This is just my layman point of view. Do not be insiders care about



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