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Who can teach how to practice Qigong I

a859637312010-02-18 07:10:02 +0000 #1
how to train other pubic ,=_=
counterfeit Chinese2010-02-18 07:24:56 +0000 #2
following link that the origins of qigong, as well as major historical mistakes, the objective description of qigong is. CA% B1% C9% D0% D2% C2% B9% F12/blog/category /% C6% F8% B9% A6

right after qigong have read about the impression Tang Lvji look forward to the "static reactive health grounds and the Law" should not blind blind as a theoretical basis for practice. At least to understand the positions, ideas, breathing relationship, to understand the terminology such as qigong What is Hanxiong pull back, neck and other top virtual spiritual how to deal with the reaction appears in practice. This book has only heard the term qigong were very appropriate, describes the essence of qigong is the "Pine" "quiet" word just will not do it in accordance with this word problem. Baidu can be found in the Douding net to see PDF format.

As a novice to practice no idea proposed entry as well as Zhan Zhuang, safe simple and effective. Security is not susceptible to bias and simple as long as the correct posture for effective, efficient that any qualified person can be trained to good effect.

Specific exercises can be practiced, "Static power health grounds and the Law" where the static stance, you can also hire their own favorite. For example Bu Zhan Zhuang, Wudang Qigong natural addition, three circular piles, etc. These can be found on Baidu get

In addition Nita practice is not specifically out, it's just genuine qi gathering place. True Qi is the body naturally occurring after sufficient accumulation. Nita word from the Taoist inner alchemy skill, means nedan Dan Tian is the place. Used to generate a place called Nita nedan. Like the kinds of rice paddy fields as a place is called.

Nita specific location of Ge Jia Gong slightly different, it said that God is the navel啦Que hole, it said, three inches below the belly button, there are three inches within the umbilical say that. No matter what kind of exercises can be practiced out of pubic gas, you learn which one will come by to say what a train.
zfiect2010-02-18 07:52:29 +0000 #3
angry, would you?
Breeze Young and Dangerous2010-02-18 07:39:37 +0000 #4
my Qigong schools of many kinds. Each Gong practitioners have their own unique way. However, they never deviate from them. Principles remain the same. If you want to practice. The best to find a teacher, if the goal is fitness, then go to classes at bar, there are many. If you want to practice martial arts qigong, it is best practice not to blindly. I suggest the best people to teach you, Getting Started, you can own practice.

Pubic region, is a fundamental qigong is generally believed that pubic region of about three inches under the navel. When the beginning is the best way is intended to defend, a long time, will feel a sense of venting, gas full pubic region, and then what may be a small Zhou, Tai Zhou, remember that practicing qigong can not be impatient for success. Power of nature into.

This is not 12 to say clearly, there are problems can contact me, in Pakistan a message can be posted, we joint research, common progress.
Smallさいウサギ2010-02-18 08:49:40 +0000 #5
What are the basic martial! I could not even run in the tendons do not know! Can not forget where to go to practice Dantian gas go?



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