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The painful story of jujitsu training

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Cold circus where the teacher used to be practiced jujitsu actor. Always love jiu-jitsu program, but because of today's circus have paid attention to other dangerous and exciting programs, the expense of Jiu-Jitsu. So, she self-group of the regiments in the country has selected 10 girls, intend to set up the nation's first woman jujitsu troupe.

Chinese traditional jiu-jitsu program are to women's waist and legs as the most important, while the teachers want to do a cool innovation, not only for the students to practice waist and legs to pressure, but also on the toe, arm, shoulder and other joints rigorous training, to enable trainees to excel at looking after the whole body soft without bone.

Soft-power training is a very cruel and full of tears and sweat of training. It requires students to have superior endurance and perseverance. Training day, participants will be small tears martial arts room.

Xiao Ling in one of these students, she looks beautiful, Yao Zhi soft ankle slim, soft power is a very good seed. Cold teacher to her particularly demanding, often a result of an action is not in place and used repeatedly beat, pull. Straight pull her to tears, hard groan.

Today we went to martial arts room would just come across this scene. Another cool teacher's assistant Wang Xiaoling stretching teacher was helping her to lie on a Xiaoling sideways on a bench dedicated to practicing, called a classmate of a leg press Xiaoling, she cocked a leg look Xiao Ling's head to look at the paste until the last tightly affixed to the head. Ms. Wang then ordered: "Attention toes, Bengzhi not allowed to bend." Side of that side of the relentless pull feet, Xiao Ling's face when exposed expression of agony, and softly groaned a bit. Leng Heng soon as Ms. Wang said: "The hurt? What kind of pain this point? Such a point of the crime are subject to not live, how to train soft-power?" Xiao Ling quickly bite lower lip, to prevent their own will return aloud. Posted a first leg will be later, Wang Xiaoling teacher gently into the direction of the leg to pull behind a little, and then slowly forced downward pressure, so that her legs had written off more than 180 degrees, close to the back. Xiaoling more painful expression. Ms. Wang look at what magnitude larger than the downward pressure, Xiaoling pain to cry out. Ms. Wang Xun she shouted: "What's your call? Holding back." Xiao Ling mandibular joint bite is no longer silent. The teacher so what about the pressure then pressure ah ah. Xiao Ling hard to hold back the pain, tears flowed non-stop bench, and then flow to the floor. It's that pressure for half an hour, Xiaoling find their own legs had been completely torn apart the same. Wang teacher calls out for legs, and then repeat for the other leg movements. Wong Lo is now clinging to slim ankle Xiaoling, slowly the pressure force and paste. Xiaoling hard to suffer from this torment, tears in one place. Then came the cold teacher asked: "Xiao Wang, presses what?" Ms. Wang said: "The practice of soft power is a block of material, good compression pressure, can become useful. Is a little scared and bitter." Cool teacher Xiaoling said: "Hear it? not be afraid of hardships. afraid of hardships can not become useful, no matter how bitter must endure pain to do more than fight for an early physical pressure to soft, soft power train, and who should be affected by this crime." Xiao Ling tearful little grit one's teeth头. Cold teachers of other students also said: "You too, practicing soft power has no other skills, only the energetically pressure, presses the more bitter the better they can become useful."

For Wang teacher said: "Fine, give her waist pressing pressure . "Mr. Wang put down the legs of the Xiao Ling Xiao Ling turned over her lying on the exercise bench. Then pull her legs, to put her on the head, because Xiaoling training time is not long, the waist is not enough flexibility, so put your feet than his head. Ms. Wang Xiao Ling pressure on the legs energetically, until the pressure to the head. The teacher next to the cold, said: "This child body foam can be forced point pressure, Do not be afraid." Xiao Ling also told: "Do not painlessly, adhere to." Xiao Ling Wang teacher to have the legs close to the head teacher to the cold Xiao Ling's knee pressed straight, Xiaoling really can not stand up and shouted: "Well Tenga, teachers, do not pressure, I could not stand." side called the side of the hand around making unwarranted. Cold teacher said: "Let her go." Xiao Ling's waist suddenly relaxed, and the kind of sharp pain being gone. Are fortunate, the cold did not expect the teacher to pull Xiao Ling, Xiaoling slap in the face while playing one hand asked: "Also at every turn? Tell you to move, tell you to move.... Xiaoling cried for mercy:" I am not a. . . . This is not shot. Cold teacher said: "continue to pressure." Mr. Wang is very co-ordination of the Tui You pulled his head to Xiao Ling, cold-teacher pull her legs straight after the ruthless pressure Xiaoling the waist with both hands, the teacher force in the cold extrusion, the Xiao Ling's waist 1.1 points set their eyes on the buttocks. Cold hands of the teacher to continue to afterburner, we should shrink the gap between hip to a minimum. Xiao Ling is the waist in the cold grasp of the old, as is to break under the general bent forward. Beautiful face, which seemed a bit extreme pain due to deformation. Teeth tightly biting her lip, fingers clutching exercise bench, as is to fall into the trap to the same. The cold side of the force while the teacher's face changes observed Xiaoling Wang teacher said: "Look, the pressure like the waist and stretching. The first afterburner to find one of the most sore point, it is necessary to observe the student's face and saw she was the most painful time, on how to maintain at this point. persist for a while, and then let go, press, let go, but also pressure. "her so that Xiao Ling's waist substantial tremor, Xiao Ling's endured only the hard, or suffer. . . . . . Pressure twenty minutes later, the cold close to the head teacher to Xiao Ling's legs to both sides of the separation point, right Ms. Wang said: "The downward pressure of her legs." Mr. Wang Xiao Ling's legs to the stool practice Press down below. In this way, so that the distance between waist smaller.



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