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Jujitsu Training painful story

sweet honey orange watermelon2010-02-18 07:11:10 +0000 #1
video do not have the suffering of flexibility training video
Oo gained oO2010-02-18 07:23:05 +0000 #2
cold side of the blasted down by a teacher waist, while severe, said: "soft-down, soft go , soft point, and then the soft 1:00 。。。。。" in our layman's eyes, the teachers, as is the right of this beautiful girl on the weak, like torture, is simply the ravages. Girl Renzhuojutong hard groan, burst into tears. Teachers like kneading dough in the same pressure her, bending her, one would like is to rub her hands and feet together, completely regardless of waist, one would also like is to make her break Sang Sang. This kind of pain to be weak in such a beautiful little girl to suffer, it is too cruel to them. Accompanied by a middle-aged woman turned to go, could not bear to look at. We visited the small, accompanied by a teacher to see our thoughts, in the side, explains: "Soft power is more practiced hard. Eat this line of rice should be the crime. The body does not push out is not soft, and practiced surgery no soft body girl is not crying over every day. We previously when the pressure of the body, the teachers are not allowed to cry, cry more fierce held down the more ruthless, disobedient had to take a beating, while the name of the side pressure. it was crying. "cool teacher hand a song, said: "Well, come down." Ms. Wang also loosened their hands. However, Xiao Ling's legs are still hanging below the shoulders may be too soft hemp could not move the.

Ms. Wang Xiaoling stand up and clinging to the ankles to the legs to help her put back, laughing to the cold teacher said: "This child really nice, soft waist, press up and not strenuous." Xiao Ling legs after being put down to lie on the sobbed quietly on the stool.

Cold teacher said: "Then press the shoulders, shoulder pressed pressing pressure toes properly exhausted, we require not only to waist soft Tuiruan, other parts have to soft." Cold-finished and the teacher came to our side We exchange of views. Wang Xiaoling teachers pay close attention to her upper arm and pull back a bit ago, arrived with his knee on her back, one hand pressed on her neck a little below where the other teams to do the girl's hands and force Shouzhua backward pull. Ah a moment the girl softly, his face showing signs of pain expression. Cold teacher told us: "Xiao Ling This girl looks pretty, slim, slender legs, congenital conditions, very good. Coupled with foam waist and legs, hips loose, very good pressure, naturally come to is to practice the soft gong. Drawback is that the instep tiptoe No, shoulders barely. Yesterday, Xu pressure teachers to help her toes, cry to death. "

then turned to Ms. Wang:" Amy, I tell you, let her knees, pick up a rope tied to her two hand, so that more effort. "Sure enough, some people go and bring an exercise may be specifically tied to the rope. Ms. Wang Fang Xiaoling up, let her kneel on the floor the same as the prisoner put his hands wrists tied together and then pull up and up, to the top of the head after the pressure on the next. The more uniform, Xiaoling the pain the greater the knees of the body has also slipped down. The cold front of the teacher walked Xiao Ling, Xiaoling of the two arms down to pressure. Behind the teacher, Wang Xiao Ling Xiao Ling's hands and together down the stretch. Cold-pressed teachers in front of the shoulder and arm, Xiaoling. Until the presses hands behind their back. Xiaoling the entire face of the teacher flutter in the cold arms, face invisible. But we can imagine that she must have been hard at this time crying. Fan Jian and other hand held down to the lumbar, the cold arms of the teacher pushed the Xiaoling, support up her body. We see Xiao Ling's face completely red, his face full of tears and sweat. Cold teacher said: "then his arm from behind and pull back." Ms. Wang Xiao Ling from the back started pushing up the arm, pushed to the shoulder parallel to the place, Xiao Ling is pain Nanjin. Teacher continues to push up, out of instinct, Xiaoling body forward to ease the pain. Teacher helpless cold front to shore up her body so she could not bend over straight knees. Soon pushed to the top of the head teacher to take over when the cold arms forward pull Xiaoling, Ms. Wang Xiao Ling's body holding the next pull. Xiao Ling's hands to pull up to the front. I thought that torture should be ended, the teacher did not expect the cold began to push up Xiaoling arm. Pushed to the head after she stood up behind Xiaoling around to pull her arm backward. Originally Xiao Ling was kneeling in the cold the teacher let her body before the fall, she put the girl behind the thin arms. The girl's upper body with their feet to step on the ground. Xiao Ling is being abused then as a female, as the fancy soft calendar inability to resist bending. Cold teacher opening legs, twisted her arm from Xiaoling brought to the upper body. Then the direction to the legs folded, until the body becomes the two sections were the same as folding. Let the girl's shoulder next to leg completely, we are looking at this beautiful girl has been folded to bend to the teacher presses the body has changed shape, face also flushed due to extreme pain and distorted felt a pained. Heart laments to: jiu-jitsu ah, I really do not know that you are a beautiful art of torture, or cruel. Teachers like the twisted Twisted like Niuzhexiaoling body. Turn a deaf ear Xiaoling groans cry. Also while pressure side, said: "not soft, they would go soft 。。。。。。"

accompanied by a young woman whispered:" These girls Shangbei Zi did not know what has been done wrong, in this life are subject to this the pain of torture. "side there are several girls in the splits pressure hips, a teacher helping a girl pressure vertical forks, two students have passed the girl's legs and pull straight down by the teacher on the girl. Not until she sat on the floor completely. The other girl may be better softness, pressure vertical fork back after a teacher was seated on her hips to the leg pad block, first lift up the girl's legs, and then pad a piece of wood. Then gradually raise, but also pad 1. The girl in silent tears, there are four of the pad when the teacher go to the front for another leg pad pieces of wood, pull up bit by bit, a piece of wood add up. Until the girl's legs into a V-shaped pad.

Here Xiaoling practice again on a stool. She lay flat on bench, Ms. Wang opened her legs to 180 degrees and later pressed down hard. Xiao Ling's legs slowly open the more than 180. Ms. Wang ordered the other two students pulling Xiaoling came either side of the leg, she pressed energetically in the thigh. Straight presses Xiaoling eyes closed, more than moan.

There just pressed into a V-shaped girl in a package of soft leather of the pillars in front of the vertical split fork, a teacher lifted her front legs to put a pillar, slowly moving her body, let her from the columns closer. Foreleg until the last of her upper body completely vertical in front of their own. Another teacher continues to push forward behind her, let her upper body completely close to the pillars, holding their own legs. Canada beat the teacher. MM hands down to the end of this column can be a bear holding. The front of Na Tiaotui completely in their own arms. Behind the teacher said to her: "Hold columns, are not allowed to let go." Over the past took a soft cloth is also wrapped in a large wooden Dunzai to the girl behind a leg pad up, the girl's thigh with the foot. Totally stepped up to the hips on the floor. So painful that hum straight girl cry. Teacher walked and hold said; "hips so pressure must be loose, pain is a pain point, but the effect is obvious."

Next to the teacher, pointing to another small girl told us: "Look, she is also the focus of our paternity raise the object, she was practicing soft kneeling. "teachers get this girl back and waist-hip bent completely close together, knees kneeling on the ground, head sticking out from the crotch. Ding teacher said: "This is the maximum bending of the body, we can put her into a tiny little box to perform."

We can imagine this girl when the exercise would be to eat what kind of bitter, What kind of crime by the body in order to put off that they could be put into a small box.

Rest for a while, the white leaf to continue practicing her legs. Coach let her out a cross fork, and brought a stool, so that a four-legged stool top of the wall, the stool under the surface has a good cross fork wore a white bottom leaves. Coach then called to another coach, the two were to seize white-leaf feet, and to the wall by its. After a few minutes of suffering, white leaf feet finally posted on the wall. At a time when white leaf has been sweating, pale lips bite us.

Is at home at a time when Xiaoyun carefully review their homework in preparation for tomorrow's exam. Although in the study may be, Xiaoyun Xiaoyun's father will not let a waste of practice time. Xiaoyun be asked to stand with the feet with an endorsement until memorize all the texts are only after the break. Then while consumption Tuibian doing mathematics, wrong one question to go straight to her legs under the mat plus one. Xiaoyun been made extremely tired and can practice in order to test and correct, we can only bear it.

Finally, Tuiti finished, the coach came to check her homework at home two days before the case, Xiaoyun immediately tense up, her father a business trip these days, she lazy and less practiced in the hope Do not be coaches see it.

He first blob lying on the floor, and legs deviates from 180 degrees. Because just kicked legs, Xiaoyun very easy to complete this action. Coaches will pressure the pressure Xiaoyun's bottom, so that her hips tighter posted on the ground and then they have to live with one foot Xiaoyun of the buttocks, hands grasp Xiaoyun of the right leg up to move, when to move to 200 degrees, lying on the ground began Xiaoyun struggled and began to moan. Coach Xiaoyun thigh to free a hand touched the roots and found that the muscles and ligaments are stretched very tight, there is no softness of the last class, thus they will know that there is no serious practice at home, Xiaoyun. Coaching is very angry, they put a slam Xiaoyun increased the extent of the foot bottom, and then Xiaoyun's right leg continues to move upward force, Xiaoyun so painful that screamed, tears turning shed, the coach would say:

"Who 'll call you at home and not properly trained? Today, only the amount you add! "
these words, will Xiaoyun moved 220 degrees around the right leg, then told one student moved two cushions under the mat in Xiaoyun of the calf to maintain the 220-degree posture, and then Quban Xiaoyun left leg. Xiaoyun they screamed so loud that at last, Xiaoyun's left leg was moved to 220 degrees, the coach still took two mats under the mat in a small Yunnan Ham to hold the position. Then again and again the two sandbags on the blob's bottom, making them unable to move. Said: "The consumption of 40 minutes before to say!"

At this point, Xiaoyun has sweat pour off you, the hip pain is almost unbearable, she could only slowly and so the legs numbness, loss of consciousness. Finally the end of 40 minutes, coach over, let go of Xiaoyun legs, Xiaoyun a sudden burst of pain they felt. But the coach did not let her relax and immediately give her waist pressure. He made Xiaoyun turning its back wall to seize the ankle under the waist and then slowly push Xiaoyun go to the wall, so that blob in the chest and waist completely attached to the wall, the whole body was folded like braving the wall, due to the waist Xiaoyun The flexibility is not very good, coupled with the first two days is not a good practice, her waist and the bottom there is a great distance. Crimping coach would look at me for a moment, so Xiaoyun slowly close to the bottom of the waist. Xiaoyun this time has been so painful, but very tough battle, but she called the more loudly, coaches will be held down the more weight, finally stay up a 50, the coach was let go, Bata Fu on, let her rest for a while, and then take Then, under pressure 50.



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