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I would like to even qigong, please introduce a good senior Gong. Thanks! In order to express thanks

Chen-kuo military counselor2010-02-18 09:10:38 +0000 #1
I am in school at the end of a small child is often a result of a small school of small bully robbery, there is not dare to tell their parents, want to learn qigong self-defense, but I'm practicing, "True Qi Run Law" half a year, and even a sense that the gas at all. In the end is it really ah, seeking a bit older for a detailed qigong cultivation methods. Is a kind of static power. Hard Qigong also. As long as effective, OK. Special thanks predecessors door! ! !
yhj04252010-02-18 09:23:13 +0000 #2
go to practice Tae Kwon Do Bar. . Qigong you practice for several decades, there is no effect without saying, that point finished blood gas had long been eroded away.
attackwc2010-02-18 09:31:05 +0000 #3
your question I am also very interested in it because I always look at the novel's protagonist is a cow eh inside I also hope that one day it will learn a longevity, if not at least have to live a 100 +-year-old is also not bad looking I QQ470787138 Even the older generation would like to thanks to a gas a master! Mean it!
wcjrobin2010-02-18 09:28:48 +0000 #4
Sanda bar practicing Tae Kwon Do is not based on actual play will be very sorry
Zuiwutianya2010-02-18 09:36:53 +0000 #5
zwy20009102010-02-18 11:25:20 +0000 #6
Let Sajia little step for you:

1. If you have money at home. And you are mainly self-defense to say. Then you go to practice Tae Kwon Do better. You say to fitness. This is something born out of the martial arts, self-defense is sufficient. To a certain level, you have to take a board walk to see Take out bully. And then clicks to your voice will be wood-block split in two. . Everything OK. If you still do not know what's what in this time has skyrocketed. K you look at his K he was down, and then later you are dodging the Baozhun They met to go.

2. Qigong or something. Do you still inappropriate. Main never quite found a good teacher ah. However, in order to master to know that you are fighting self-defense, nor certainly do not teach you.

3. Money words. Current tough to run. Way. Rao Zhezou you met them. . Indeed fail, they make killer sword, telling teachers and schools. No matter if the school teachers. Let your parents the police, the police will relentlessly K schools and teachers. . So this problem can be solved.

Finally. If I teach you to recruit not working. You put a sub and then I have to go back. As long as you have the nerve to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
Tai Xuan 0000002010-02-18 10:44:30 +0000 #7
learn judo bar, or learning Sanda.
Han and Tang Dynasties of glory2010-02-18 10:18:40 +0000 #8
you still go to practice martial arts bar you think you have a chance in 5 million grand prize do the same to be true martial arts



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