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How to play more than their opponents tall, combat, a better understanding of the pairs of boxing in

Da Hui oヤTan翫2010-02-18 09:11:10 +0000 #1
I 1 meter 7, is not high, there are self-study Taekwondo and Muay Thai some basic moves. Almost another half a year now, but he's run into a 1-meter 8, if the above comparisons, very obese people may suffer. For most people the use of taekwondo kicks and positive side-kicks, are more cross-kick, if I will close the top of each other's elbow, there is no critical parts and beat him. But obese people with him head-on, if the opponent is more than 1 meter 89 that is a disadvantage. Just read the next judo, what dealt with gently, and it really suitable for combat, but if the big burly opponents, strength and certainly not low, and he will not innocently, where you grasp in the clothes, if the 1 200 kg and can not look at grasp of his fall on the move.

Many small boxing is similar to Battle and his height can also be, for example Ba Ji Quan and the like, if higher than you do about a head, it can be so easy to push for action.

Have experienced people come in to talk about.
pulsator Canada2010-02-18 09:15:19 +0000 #2
fight relies on strength and speed, not build, you do not practice hard power, wanted to defeat the others, is purely a dream. Tall and do not necessarily Strength
blast from the past Yao2010-02-18 09:24:58 +0000 #3
search a number of points, remember, having the weight of a high level of fighting, and on the attack points. For example, the solar plexus, Tan in the Point, Harbor Point, or kick each other's knees, kicking each other's tibia. If nothing on the move with the cut-off: insert eye, intubation, kicking the next person yin

martial arts self-cultivation, to and for expensive, can we not try to do hands-on shot. Takenori is the fundamental Wu
dongxiang03272010-02-18 10:20:40 +0000 #4

basic movements? Frankly I would have had three years ago, the basic Muay Thai moves, there is no lethal ... ... Today is different! Without going through the system's strength and technical training, do you even move again pretty useless ... to go out with people fighting, Muay Thai low kicks is enough! Provided that you have the basis of ah, low sweep the inside of his knee will be able to let him get up, kicked him spasm! And since it is a fight that the farmer Han! Tile bottle on the list!
tzh3212010-02-18 10:33:46 +0000 #5
and Kuaitou Tai's playing, if the opponent's attack is fierce, we must avoid the edge, side edge to fight back, pay attention to sideways dodge, attack, when to be fast on the steps, to a sudden, kick down on the back, mainly to fight each other's eyes chin, proper use is kick and side kick blocking each other, because they are not games, so it can kick crotch, knee file, the former low-side legs and inner thighs is easy to play kicked crotch. Try to play more than four punch combination, combination punches legs the better.

Fight to be calm, be an excited, pay no attention to defense, punch hit the eye or chin on a winner of the.



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