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How to make a high-quality porcelain teeth?

ab136884523212010-02-18 10:10:26 +0000 #1
How to make a high-quality porcelain teeth?

A high-quality, precision porcelain teeth, depending on three factors: medical technology, the use of materials and processing technology. This is consistent with management of the "short-plate theory", namely: a barrel loaded depends on how much water the shortest stave. In other words, in a system, the system hinges on that factor was the worst. Pairs of porcelain teeth are concerned, if a doctor, materials, processing technology in which one is not good enough, you end up with porcelain teeth will not be ideal.

Porcelain teeth produced mainly consists of tooth preparation, and the production of prosthesis modulus three steps. Each step is also by a number of small steps, each small steps have detailed technical specifications and details of the requirements. (Example: preparing teeth lips, tongue, neighbors, occlusal surface has a certain shape, angle, width, height data requirements). Preparation and neck must be placed gingival retraction lines, so that the edge of denture labial face hidden under the gingival margin, while protecting the gums from damage. This work a little bit more difficult and time-consuming. Some doctors will not do is omitted. As everyone knows this is definitely not the province. Gao Xiang dental every physician must be strictly by pressing operations abroad, the latest technical specifications. Gao Xiang, Chengdu, to provide dental

zjfGGG_N2010-02-18 10:26:21 +0000 #2
If you want to make good a high-quality porcelain teeth, first of all, whether a doctor or a technician must have a compassion, but also with a responsible attitude to the as a patient services.

I have talked to many foreign customers of the case, whether it is Europe or the Americas. The attitude of technicians and doctors that they moved me. Mechanics must be considered when making denture works of art, must hold a serious attitude.

Of course, doctor's tooth structure preparation, choice of materials is also very important.

However, a ceramic prosthesis good or bad depends, it really easy to use. Entirely inside the mechanics of the craft and quality personnel to grasp.



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