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Wang Xin Wu Tai Chi Chuan Which camp

taijishaowei2010-02-18 11:10:02 +0000 #1

New Yong2010-02-18 11:16:56 +0000 #2
Song tai chi, that is, SONG Shu-Chi Master of Tai Chi Chuan-ming, of the 13 style.

About Song tai chi, Mr. Gu Liuxin in the "Taijiquan Study" referred to in "Song spectrum."

Gu wrote in his book: "The practice exam Song Shu-Ming Tai Chi Chuan, Yang style in an honest manner, based on 37 Danlian change the style, any intricate continuity, indeed as 'quite invented', care the name came from Tang Xu Xuan-ping, and passed on Song Yuanqiao to customize its operation of God. the private copies of boxing spectrum, not class Chinese diction, opening and closing Gudang, Nai Wu Yu-hsiang, Li I Yu's boxing theory, language, suspected Song Shu-ming from the shore up before in Chinese. SONG Shu-Ming Chen Taijiquan otherwise I do not know the way Changquan 180 potential and therefore self-made of a single type of consistency Lianfa changquan. As for the pulling of Chinese ancestor, also bored. The so-called lean reasonable Muke , Haonong mystery, the beginning of the non-accidental. Mr. Liu Caichen students LI Xian-5 with a "shadow boxing" is available for reference Song Shu-ming, a boxing pose. "
walk slowly2010-02-18 11:59:38 +0000 #3
Wu style, his teacher was Mr. Xu Yusheng.



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