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There is no simple easy-to-blade

Mochizuki Pope2010-02-18 12:10:27 +0000 #1
with knife
Sirius Wrath2010-02-18 12:15:33 +0000 #2
Bourne difficult to prevent a second three-knife blade is excellent martial arts secret trick, it is impossible to defend. Technical precision of its odd weird. Launch a strong offensive vicious Zhao Zhao taking anyone's life. Is particularly suitable for actual combat fighting, use wide, easy to learn, the main applied to close fighting, knife fatal, cause disability, which means one second (step) the number of knives, all in one, knife in hand, pride doubled, even if the single face of is also like a tiger out of the enemy group forest, unstoppable, knives do not already out of its scabbard, a sheath must sight of blood, Daoguang flash, the number of opponents already taking a knife to see the commonplace, but in fact contains a variety of murderous intention, the powerful to, power can be imagined. Which once had a student tipped over within one second of four thugs experience (self-defense) be called stunt blade, its terrible summarized want to see, only the following are some examples: 1 seconds Mito, step by Mito, semi - seconds twice in the "superior knife skill training, for information, practitioners. as long as the ground more than learning to practice, a few days of the blade can be trained to a second Jidao stunts, action, skilled, after application and also boxing, swords and guns sword stick and other tactics, can be empty-handed enemy, suitably applied, the more impossible for boxing equipment for the hands and feet of the extended principles with the enemy out of a rut, as long as flexibility, application and practice, since the person can be when the Pi Mi, invincibility.

The first case: 1 seconds Mito Training

Description: knife wiping throat, two stabbed chest, Mito, after overcast stitch, step twice in the (second floor on the step knife), and then pull up on the three-step turn around and knife, a specific training method is as follows :

first knife: 1, take the first left after the right foot in a natural fighting stance, left hand placed in front of nature, placed his right hand gripping a knife behind his right foot suddenly a big step forward a half step, while right-handed knife (the first knife) after the front of homeopathy from the left at the top of Choudao wiping: the first knife is completed, the first step in the right foot is only half a step towards large and have not yet landed.

second knife: immediately on the move constantly His right foot landed on the step, with t the right hand immediately after the first knife back to stab backhand (former thorn).

3rd Knife: stop moving immediately on the left foot forward to a step at the same time, the body turn right, homeopathic anti-Wodao turn around and hand back to the bottom of the third knife thrusts.

in this case blade is extremely smooth, smoothly, with the corresponding shenfa, footwork, movement exercises, the whole movement of no more than a second, such as flexibility in the use of bare hands also should be the enemy, but easy to cut with boxing, like the enemy uses, are hit kill the god of technology.

Application examples

1, the two rivals one after the formation of outflanking me, I took Anti-Wodao natural stance, with the vision of pan-vigilant attention depending on the opponent's movements.

2, in front of the opponent suddenly attacked with knives to me first before I squint to say when the late, that moment, I am step in the right foot immediately moved in the left hand grid to open the enemy before the peak, while the right hand wielded against Wo Dao Shan You left suddenly cut off, immediately stop the enemy's throat, stabbed in either the first or not, the right foot landed on the step the same time, the right hand reverse knife stabbing opponents chest chest, quickly resolved out in front of the opponent.

3, immediately on the move constantly, behind the third knife-wielding opponent immediately rushed out of the anything but reassuring to me before With the years, I left immediately stepped forward one step away from an opponent, while the right hand Wodao homeopathic turn around and back stab, stabbing rival perineal punch kill the enemy, the final knife fight against the enemy was, like backstroke, it is very hard to detect is indeed the Sha Zhao is also secretive.

blade effects: first knife to cut the enemy throat, trachea and jugular vein cut opponents to shoot quickly died, as officials cut the carotid artery on both sides of their Jingbo, then you can make Oh, more blood loss than rivals in death within a few seconds. a second knife stab the enemy's heart specialist, such as the thorn in the heart, then you can kill the enemy immediately (although the ribs protect the heart are not easy times, but force can properly bayonet slide Guo ribs through the heart of the enemy within a few seconds to stop bleeding and loss of consciousness can not be killed), after low-Mito overcast stitch, make opponent within three seconds, shock and death, such as thorn in the enemy off his thigh to the femoral artery Spent his thigh, such as the stabbed in the abdomen can cause fainting or even death the enemy, with caution of the!

The second case: one step Mito Training

Description: The practice track - chop, chop, stab, step - step

the first gill knife: 1, left and right front feet of natural standing, his right hand was placed in front of Wo Dao: 2, the focus of a small step forward on the right foot forward (1 / 3 step foot last fall), while the right hand knife from the top right to the bottom bevel cut.

second knife: connected to the non-stop, his right foot slid into the Tai continue to move half a step (2 / 3 steps, foot last fall), when the first knife homeopathic immediately renewed Tachiyama have under the direction of the bevel cut.

3rd Knife: stop moving immediately on the right foot forward while landing his right hand while his right hand over a knife blade before the gill (Mito) are a former thorn (sliding) in to complete, full action only one second to complete, multi-practice actions very natural after only a few hectares of hand, while moving to one side kill, the first knife used to kill the forward hand, lift the opponents arm, and then the third knife circle the assassination of the enemy abdomen: practical applications can be flexibly according to different circumstances free master enemy!

Application examples:

1, two sides fighting-type knife into the nature of the holding.

2, the other side to me first Judao split (thorn), I was right on the first to step sideways to avoid the opponents blade the same time, the right hand Wo Dao from the knife down the other side of the bevel cut wrists (move close to take the same) hair rock, fighting the enemy hand forward. (No. knife)

3, the step goes on, regardless of first knife succeeded or not, my second shot left a knife wielded power loop under the bevel cut the other side of another right-hand wrist, has scrapped the opponent with both hands, no longer can be the strength of .

4, I step on the floor at the same time, the final knife stabbing advantage of the opportunity to move opponents abdomen, completely resolve the fighting.

blade effects: first, second striker knife dedicated to fighting the enemy hands, such as the cut in the wrist may be cut off radial artery (radial artery in the skin at 6 cents), so that within half a minute loss of consciousness, can be killed within two minutes, such as the cut in the inner arm sections opponent artery (brachiocephalic artery in the skin at 12 mm) can be the opponent in 15 seconds within the unconscious, it is not only timely, it will be killed within two minutes (trace Quan mouth: blade of the wants, killer first, lost grasping teeth, although Eagle Tiger Jian, simply walking meat only, Paul fear Zhi You), the third stabbed the enemy's abdomen, while rotating the blade to produce unbearable pain opponent lost the strength to fight back, and then inflict a fatal blow to their!

The third case: twice in half a second training

Description: The way (dao) locus - bayonet fighting, footwork - ramp on the right step.

first knife: 1, take the right foot before the left foot after being Wodao natural standing posture: 2, right Step right on the front foot on the ramp while the upper-right hand brandished a knife and Shan You Mountain left off under the bevel cut.

second knife: stop moving immediately on the right hand loop a knife attack, from left to right horizontal wipe, the above action smooth and very very simple and practical, often the unintended effect of skillful practice of following up can be completed within just half a second (track Quan Yue: knives kill, your in the direct, non-strokes do not frame, After taking objectives, vertical and horizontal loop, and a knife clip guns, one hit kill!).

Application examples:

1, two sides of a natural fighting posture holding a knife.

2, the other party first of all a sudden Hui Daoxiang I Pilai, I step sideways at the same time, nearly the same move to take the right hand homeopathic brandished a knife, a knife from top to bottom bevel cut the other side of the wrist, to resolve the armed opponents.

3, connected to the movement goes on, my right hand holding loop up a knife attack, from left to right horizontal wipe Choudao cut the level of the enemy throat, kill the enemy.

blade effects: first the enemy armed with a knife blade can be Piduan hand in hand to cut off their hands arterial pulse so that a result of died of massive bleeding, such as the first opponent Dao Pi in the lateral neck artery or subclavian artery (subclavian skin between the shoulder blades with the main 6,5 cm), to make your opponent unconscious within a few seconds of excessive bleeding and death, the second knife the enemy's throat and cut off a total of jugular vein to quietly kick in. (blade reads: life after stab stab in front of heart, quiet life are in the graves, piercing stomach severed neck, head immediately a true soul, provided that the Ministry of closed arteries tight, hard to keep off across the board!).
wq642709882010-02-18 12:33:39 +0000 #3
knife? not do on the dagger! dagger also used to practice do? who will be born with down and poke!



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