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How do I practice the flexibility of the legs

a4762729702010-02-18 12:10:54 +0000 #1
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stunning Tai Chi2010-02-18 12:24:06 +0000 #2
If dancing to practice it all depends on the

martial arts, then look at this http : / /

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¥ ¥ °バPrince2010-02-18 12:36:39 +0000 #3
flexibility training,

1, warm-up. First activity head, hands, waist, legs around the joints, and then jogging for 15 minutes. (This I agree, because in the past the school that way, and after jogging easier to pull loose ligament ligament)

2, is to pull a ligament. Was divided into a few steps carried out.

First, ankle, sit down, will be left on the right knee on the left ankle with both hands holding the activities of two eight-shot. Then, to maintain posture, one hand holding down the knee downward pressure, back and forth two eight-shot. Then hold the position for the left leg down, and then press the right leg, we must strive to affix legs belly. 4 8 shooting. Change of feet, the same.

No longer be the legs. Legs Ping Shen, body downward pressure required ibid.

3 is a vertical fork. How deep can be next under the deep, and the best paste the ground, upon request paste the foot, the upper body upright. (Legs)

4 is a horizontal fork. Heel, the feet brought back, the other requested ibid.

5 is the pressure hips. (Posture is difficult to see, read frog no, not the one who is not far from the truth. However, good results.) Knees touch the ground to separate, careful not to lie on the ground, both hands support the bottom of the Yaokua back pressure, the highest state of those posted to .

6 is the instep. Knelt on the ground, feet affixed, the back or lie down, after the highest state of carrying land. Be careful not to tilt the knee.

Another option are more a little bit theoretical:

in the exercise when the ligaments have to pay attention to their preparations, not trained in too fast, too fast. Especially in the winter training before the activities of the activities of the limbs. If it does not warm up before exercise, then easily cause muscle, ligament strain or sprain. Best practice time is at night before going to bed. , First of all preparatory activities, from basic stretching and started at moderate speed compression pressure. Relieve pressure every time with thirty or forty seconds, gently stretch the muscles you can feel a slight pain, speed pressure is the rapid stretching, pain that is close. If the exercise when the hand out of reach the target area, not reluctantly, to support the child can be Jiasheng practice.

1, sit-stretching ligaments: anterior chest closer to the knee, the knee will not bend. Ligament and the back legs are feeling a sense of soreness, stop the stretch and make two deep breaths, and slowly restored as the initial action. Repeat 12 times.

2, horizontal stretch ligaments: Bengzhi slowly pull up the left leg, the knee will not bend the hip and thigh muscles tense, until the thigh at right angles with the body after the cessation of stretch, making two deep breaths, slowly resume initial action.

3, there is one of my favorite and simple actions: stand up straight with legs shoulder width, toe to toe the direction of the leg open, feet do not bend, big bend down the body, hands touch the toes. Feel his legs, the back of a stretch feeling.

4, servant-step stretching his legs around the opening, a Tui Quxi full squat, and the other leg pretty straight knee, straight leg to the side of the body vibration pressure. Practicing the right and left legs alternately.

5, horizontal fork: Fu hands in front of body, the legs around a distinction between straight, upper body prone or roll. 7, cross-legged bend forward two Tuiqu Xi sit cross-legged, two feet relative; two-handed grip feet; upper body bend forward. Ligament Well, there are two kinds of Rafah. Depends on the age of your own. Basically, the human ligaments before and after the age of 16 there is a difference. After 16 years of age, skeletal development of the basic shape, therefore, also shape the ligament. Therefore, younger people, advised them to flutter method. Doing a good job stretching posture has, through the chatter like a limit of movement to pull ligaments. This pulling effect is obvious. However, for people who are relatively mature bone. This approach can only bring short-term ligament stretching. And a very dangerous vulnerable to injuries. Therefore, over the age of 16, it is recommended to use static method. To maintain a limit position for 30 seconds, rest a few seconds, and then maintain this position. Generally recommended stretching the limits of posture of not more than 30 seconds. Otherwise, may result in the opposite direction of the muscle injury. This static method will be a relatively long period of time to maintain the stability of the ligament flexibility.

Ligaments fully opened at least 10-15 minutes of flexibility exercises at least once a day. This approach is also the tension of a good after exercise to relax. Muscle will be a result of these simple stretching exercises become more elastic. Flexibility exercises must learn gentle, or vulnerable to injury.

The most scientific and effective flexible method (I hope to help some people ...)

today is considered the most scientific and effective flexible way is the United States, motor PhD (Tomas Kurz) After years of study The creation of the

'reciprocity flexibility training (isometric stretches)', the advertisement in the U.S. 'Black Belt' magazine, published continuously for a decade, and now continues

! This method helped a lot of very old martial arts enthusiast to make a smooth horizontal and vertical fork fork, such as the famous George A.

Dillman, karate, 9 masters, is one of the beneficiaries. This method is not how complicated, but the practice should be flexible arrangements for the system in order to achieve good results! Is divided into two parts, first,

every morning with 4 to 15 minutes to do dynamic flexibility exercises, that is, joints do is leg lift, leg and side stitch after stitch leg. But definitely not to do static stretching state

! Second, as long as two times a week for 11 to 23 minutes of flexibility exercises such right. Briefly put, reciprocity practice is rather special way

of the splits, legs split to the maximum, the keeping of not more than 30 seconds, and then slightly away, the upper thigh muscle in about 3

5 seconds,

feeling is to let your legs propped up the body force. Then relax and then slowly to the limit under the pressure to maintain does not exceed 30 seconds, and then put away like a little harder legs

, repeatedly so, probably about 5 times. In my own experience, it should be a lower pressure than the preceding one can be. But do not worry too much about the first

2 days if the muscles hurt feelings, that is, transition training, and the need to suspend, until the muscles hurt so far! According to our records, the average person takes about 3


months can be successfully split horizontal forks, mainly based on the basis of personal flexibility, and some nine days we can totally do the splits! Of course, this method also

There are many ancillary training, such as advise you more than running, running can increase the flexibility of muscles, but also to do more abdominal and back muscles exercises can help

help you easily from the high leg, weight-bearing squat and other leg strength training is also essential step, there is a need to do every day is supine, the lifting legs

, and then around the legs to the limit, and then, and since then the legs, repeated 100 times a month, rear foot wrist load, 50 hours a day leg raise to

, after a monthly increase in weight, this method splits very helpful

This is my practice when I used to find information on I hope useful to you, thank you to adopt! !
Across the 72010-02-18 12:20:04 +0000 #4
in the ku6 Search stretching



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