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Logical reasoning questions

Ke ai Wei Li Ya2010-02-18 13:10:52 +0000 #1
Li Bo, GU Feng, Liu three sixth-grade teacher responsible for a certain class of common language, mathematics, politics, sports, music, and pictures of teaching six classes, each teaching 2. Is to know:

(1) the youngest GU Feng; (2) Li Bo likes and sports teacher, math teacher talk;

(3) physical education teacher, and drawing teacher teachers older than politics; (4), GU Feng, music teachers , language teachers often go swimming; (5), Liu and language teachers are neighbors. Q: What respectively, were each taught two courses?
56826742010-02-18 13:15:46 +0000 #2
① According to Gu Feng 1 and 3 to know the teacher is not a physical education teacher and drawings

② According to two to know Bo is not a physical education teacher and math teacher, and sports and mathematics are the two teachers.

③ According to three known paintings are the two sports, and a teacher.

④ According to Gu Feng is not aware of four music teachers and language teacher and music and language teachers are the two teachers

⑤ According to Liu is not a language teacher to know 5.

① + ④ can be drawn, Gu Feng is a teacher of mathematics and politics.

So, Bo and Liu to teach sports, drawing, music, language

under ② know that Liu will teach sports, and also because a certain religion ③ know that Bo knows Bo pictures

According ⑤ or language teacher, so Liu is also music teachers

The answer: Gu Feng Liu math + sports + politics


Bo is a picture + Language



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