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RAW Match

ECW event

SD race

PPV event event

TNA What is the difference? Why are there so many categories, this is WWE's do?
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am glad for you Answers! ! ! I hope you will accept! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

WWE is the world's largest wrestling organization. Under which there are three major sections is Raw, Smackdown, and ECW.

WWE is the world's largest wrestling organization. Under which there are three major sections is the RAW, Smackdown, and ECW. RAW a lot of people do not know what is meant, in fact, RAW formerly known as RAW IS WAR (WAR is the meaning of the war), so see you should be able to see it now? RAW is WAR and then fight out of reverse, the simple explanation, RAW IS WAR can simply be construed as "anti-war is war," but later because of the political war, so RAW IS WAR their names changed to RAW, which is a simple anti-war mean for the annual expedition of the United States is indeed an oxymoron. (Raw was sold to Donald Trump actually a story)

Smackdown from The Rock's catch phrase "The Rock Lays the Smackdown on Your Candy-Ass!!"

ECW in the WWE before the acquisition was also a very powerful throw corner groups, and has, and WCW United confrontation WWE, but since most viewers are not very fond of the bloody ECW style, coupled with the management of ECW appeared on a number of mistakes, it was finally WWE acquired, and in 2003 was the new WWE included in the weekly program.

In the eighties before, wrestling and boxing the same or a very serious campaign, and by 1982, the sport became a more recreational nature of the game.

Race there are many different roles, like the ugly drama Yousheng once divided the net at the end, like Batista, Triple H, The Rock is a very popular hero, while Randy Orton, Edge is the villain, but these roles and is not fixed, and sometimes heroes will switch to the villain, villain can be transformed into heroes. But it is also because of its ups and downs than the drama of the story, and even the bloody battle field, so that WWE increasingly popular around the world have begun to broadcast its games, and now WWE every week there are nearly 500 million viewers. The number of monthly visit its official website were more than 6 million people, one of the nation's 10 most popular Web site.

WWE currently RAW, Smackdown, ECW, Heat, and House Show a few programs (WWE programming frequently adjusted to the prevailing circumstances prevail). Every few weeks, in addition to WWE would be at a special race - PPV (PAY-PER-VIEW), PAY-PER-VIEW mean that every television broadcast on PPV broadcast program to be buying it Right, that is if you want to broadcast all of the PPV a year, if it every time to buy broadcast rights with the WWE, because each PPV price is different, the most popular PPV - 3 months for each broadcast WrestleMania out the powers are in the high staggering! There are a lot of WWE wrestling athletes, but only a few can keep out the competition, which mainly depends on the strength and popularity as well as the players WWE story arrangement. Venue is to take a tour mode, where the audience more on where to play, while the monthly WWE special program - PPV (PAY-PER-VIEW) also adopted this approach. March 2002 WWE in Asia, three cities



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