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Their own separate his practice martial arts, to the sets of observations bar.

Demon Bungee2010-02-18 14:10:17 +0000 #1
What kind of boxing training, or martial arts, and then set out a plan bar.
wang sun2010-02-18 14:16:28 +0000 #2
the prerequisite conditions 3:

1. Equipment: 2 boxing gloves, a boxing target (target can also be used when the feet), a rope skipping.

2. To maintain a good sleep, do not let the body over an overdraft.

3. To find a partner when the times of training, mutual gestures, cut consultations.

Personal martial arts do not like what the old routines, because you still go to work, so you only need three tricks you can learn well.

System program:

1. The first light of its own working conditions, to find a reasonable practice time, and to develop a good work schedule, strictly enforced.

2. Practice prior to a continuous rope of not less than 300, this response can be a warm-up will also train speed and flexibility.

3. Leapfrog in situ, that is, consecutive squat jump, not less than 20, the jump the higher the better. This can practice jumping ability, but also loose tendons, stretching to the next step.

4. To be some weakness in the body was conducted after the stretching, not less than 40, the left leg of 20-under.

5. ---- Skirting the high side of the target leg, low-side legs, is kick, side kick over and over again to slowly (first standard action, issued after the training force)
---- offensive means to practice only one, That is being kick, in a real fight, this move that could defuse the attacks of others, but also can hurt each other. While the low-side legs do not have enough of mass destruction, on the contrary will make people's punch to your face, Debu taste loss, high-side leg is not a master, not to use, is the fist stage of the masters, you have not seen them like a boxing from Like frequent use, because it hurt less than others, but will attack the other side the opportunity -----

6. boxing target --- Zhi Quan, the former hand-Baiquan, flac Baiquan, uppercut (first train hit playing speed, post-training force)
----- offensive means to practice only before and after a Zhiquan, with the former hand-Bai Quan, the former hand-Zhi Quan role in the distance is short, you can pre-empt strong, the most critical, the former can be hand Baiquan opponent in the final hit. Then the role of hand punches the distance too great, rarely grab the opponent, the former did not have sufficient grasp ------

Do not use the final practice times wearing boxing gloves with real swords and spears against the practice, so practice the most effective, Six months later you can deal with three people who had never practiced, fighting the most important point is to learn to choose the venue, that is, do not let other people control your pace, will you push them dead, we must continue to move the election of the most advantageous position Take That moves.
newp42010-02-18 14:22:44 +0000 #3
Sanda, Wing Chun,, find the master, we must not only learn form the heart of law do not!

Be applied mechanically on the street is better than the rogue with the fist of the bully!
Tiedan Shark2010-02-18 14:59:42 +0000 #4
his practice, then, suitable for routine practice. You do not receive adequate guidance, progress will not be much.
Accounts for Mori2010-02-18 14:55:47 +0000 #5
his practice ah? If the young, can be practicing their basic skills at home, stretching, push-ups, Baotou squat stand, sit-ups! Any martial arts world is gong to be the base in place! Do you understand? ! And then with the training kicks, punches out elbow, the top knee, Bu-five minutes! Zhan Zhuang, the same mind-shaped Italy, and Sanda training! See more kung fu game play more sandbags, from light to heavy! Boxing fight legs combined! Canada-step fight, left-style changes in beating, moving within the parties themselves moving! Continuous playing one minute, rest, playing four groups, asymptotic! Front and rear side of legs, front and rear side-kick, straight tread left thorn, before and after the straight, fighting style!
attackwc2010-02-18 15:09:23 +0000 #6
learn boxing bar, push-ups a day at least 100 one-time, first-step study 3 months after the initial study to master boxing, self-defense of the practice very explosive on the line, and endurance is not necessary, if the conditional is entirely possible for the gym training absolute power, but note that with aerobic training, the muscle rigidity Mo

own separate the other would not even think about practicing, and to take both boxing leg wrestling practice is bad practice, pure waste of energy, intensive and effective than Specialization and simple boxing
No mean 20002010-02-18 16:56:01 +0000 #7
Physical Training on the I do not say, and many people have said, you understand. In short, a day to do three sets of training, time and training, of course, the better the measure.

I said about boxing.

Boxing has just caused by stress-induced soft, hardness with softness.

To just boxing:

1. Muay Thai. Muay Thai practice every day can increase the extent of your sturdy, especially the Kung Fu Zhou Xi, near invincible war.

2. Karate. Learn about comic karate blow, in a short time, you can hit to the opponent.

3. Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is very flexible, to learn Jeet Kune Do would have to learn feint, that is, fake moves, you've seen Bruce Lee movies, should be aware of fake moves, and the key moment of a very workable. This is called false and true combined. Jeet Kune Do training, but also train speed.

4. Wing Chun. Wing Chun are back hair strength, fast and vigorous, and impact is very great. Wing Chun Wooden Dummy practice from the hand-inch into the boxing.

5. Boxing. Practice speed and strength of boxing, so boxing road volatile.

6. Grappling Hand. Fenjincuogu Kung Fu or Aikido is required.

7. Wrestling. Freedom of learning wrestle to increase the power of close combat.

The above letter has just boxing for example.

To soft fist:

1. Taijiquan. Key learning push hands. Learning collapse,捋, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, rely on. Always looking round, leveraging force.

2. Xingyiquan. Xing Yi Quan hitting power is very large, but which are within the family boxing. Similar to the Jin-inch punch. Very powerful close combat.

Finally, practice playing against. Muscles bulging, take thick wooden sticks, beating muscle.

I wish you every success.
Tangyu Water2010-02-18 16:48:40 +0000 #8
self-practiced, then the strength is mainly practiced, but if no one to guide the case, will only increase in strength, speed, well improved, it is proposed that, when you practice, pay attention to speed of use. What plans does not allow you to perfect the implementation, because the plan is that there should be oversight. His practice must first have continued determination Caixing.
masha0072010-02-18 16:55:02 +0000 #9
suggest that you practice Sanda, real good

but its very difficult for a person with Sanda, unless you are very talented, look at the video will be able to learn from. A people who want to practice their effect is almost impossible!

Training Sanda someone help you with your target, pointing to someone to move or in your defensive weaknesses, because you can not find.

Training Sanda, first of all you need to have interest, willing to endure hardship, are willing to adhere to!

Want to self-defense (non-competition) did not require action on many shots (legs are the same token) fast, accurate and powerful enough.

Shot fast: This can be their own practice, the key is shot, the close hand-to fast (to take a small dumbbell and practice their moves, so that you can out of the speed and intensity of training);

Associate: they would be in practice, but must be clear Yao Da Which parts of the other side, opponents of the movement trends;

strong: shot to powerful punches when you twist the body to tie in with such a powerful punch of it, here I said do not know, take a look at their own tutorials.

Defense is also very important, how to put your hands is crucial to see for yourself tutorials.

Reaction capacity (dodge ability) depends on your usual training, which itself is not a person to practice together. Have Peilian!

So, when you practice Sanda, someone must be Peilian (Peilian must understand Sanda, you can pointing you), preferably there is a coach.

The necessary equipment: glove, hand target, feet target, there are sandbags best, very practical.

If you insist on a person to practice Mody, hey, knuckle with enough sandbags, because no one take a target!



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