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When Hongxiang appearance

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Hongxiang Resume

2006 people in China Hero

Height 177CM Weight 86KG

against 24 players, victory 8 KO. Home in Jining, Shandong Jiaxiang .

26-year-old juvenile martial arts, martial arts harbor a dream

12 years old, Hongxiang apprentice school in Shandong Yi-wu, practitioners Nanquan, Hung Ga and other traditional martial arts. 6 years Wu school time, in order to Hongxiang laid a solid foundation.

The reason why Xuewu because Hongxiang a childhood dream, "from an early age to imagine television as the heroes dressed in black, or Feiyanzoubi, or rode the Pentium, the weak and poor, getting rid of."

Hongxiang strongly opposed to "traditional martial arts useless "point of view, he felt that the traditional martial arts of Wu's basic skills requirement is very high, many years practitioners will continue to enhance the people's inherent skills, will also come into contact with the soul of martial arts: Wude. In the Hongxiang mind, learning martial arts gave him the most valuable asset is just the brave spirit of martial arts, as well as greater respect for the Friends of the fine moral character.

1997, Hongxiang go alone to Guangzhou, relative to peers, he prematurely into the society.

The road bumpy, dreams do not nonstop

first arrived in Guangzhou, Hongxiang of life can use a "miserable" to describe. Turning to that part of past events, this ring is not the slightest on the strong taboo, "I put off outdoor stands, had been a martial arts tutor, also served as coach of the gym, hungry after a meal to eat one meal for two years, so to speak , I try to work to get the award than I am now a lot more. "
Although life was hard, Hongxiang still have not forgotten their own" basic skills ", 2003, Hongxiang some bars in Guangzhou began playing the" exhibition ", although" performance "However, the intensity of the slightest inferior to the official competitions, Muay Thai, Singapore, and some players will also attend. "Level is high, it is also tempered the past few years so that I have accumulated a lot of experience, but also understand that a lot of truth." After the Hongxiang gradually gain a firm foothold in Guangzhou.

A major turning point, Warrior burning ambition to 2005, Hongxiang for the "martial arts style" people ring sea election, but before the game because of some special reasons, was forced to give up. In 2006, the Hongxiang and signed up again, and all the way from the sea and the election took the league title. At that time, people are most impressed with is the Hongxiang seven gangsters, he became the ordinary people in the eyes of "true hero." "Wulin wind" has changed Hongxiang life trajectory, but also, perhaps, is the Warrior's insistence that he has won a broader life, with the Japanese samurai duel between spring-Jun-chang, the Hongxiang undisputed access to the race victory after the match was named the MVP of this match player. In Wu's roads Hongxiang reached the first peak of life.

Olympic complex, heavy favorite sports

next year's Beijing Olympics, Hongxiang has two wishes, one can come to watch the game live weight, and second, be able to see Chinese martial arts in the Olympic Games in Seattle. "What I look at games such as football, track and field, baseball, but my favorite is still heavy athletics, and many people feel that weightlifting boring, but I think that little by little beyond the cohesion of the whole essence of life." Hongxiang can say a lot of the names of Chinese athletes, such as Zhang Guozheng, Shi Zhiyong, Tan Xue, Zou Shiming ... ... "Next year have the chance, I will certainly look at the Olympic Games in Beijing, especially let's martial arts, the first time he climbed into the Olympic stage, I'm going to cheer. "
childhood like sports, Hongxiang were not able to become a professional athlete, but as ordinary people, competitive sports pioneer, he has a special feeling for the Olympic Games. "Proud of pride for the Beijing Olympics for Beijing Olympic Games start from me, health themselves, showing us the true Chinese style."



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