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Practicing qigong, or internal strength of the master, who played through the veins.

fanliyang82010-02-18 15:10:15 +0000 #1
Which, if fortunate to have played through the master, and tell what is the practice of soft or hard qigong qigong opened up, and I may be closed prior to practicing qigong through, but they still do not understand did not keep. He now tried to get through, but now also in the soft qigong practice.
counterfeit Chinese2010-02-18 15:18:31 +0000 #2
clock has never been opened up in the concept came up, first there is an imaginary transparent tube body, such as straw thickness of the top round from the top of the head (that is, halogen and doors) to the bottom round (equivalent to location in the perineum) and then with practice over time to form a solid column of energy. In the vein of self-cultivation are generally Tantric exercises where only some modern people would be prepared by drawing esoteric qigong exercises inside will also appear in the veins of the practice. ,

If you want to practice in the veins should be practicing the exercises esoteric, such as broken tile law, open top Dafa, Kundalini Gong classes determined

I know the pulse and the pulse position in the Encyclopaedia is quite different, I know that Secondary veins are in the body close to the spine, or halogen doors and perineum two lines. Because the clock is moving so there are two positions.

Even according to Wikipedia say you can not say the situation is the clock, not esoteric exercise approach there is no clock in the said amendment in the veins is to say the esoteric Tantric exercises will definitely reflect, execration, knot fingerprint, you have that? In the presence of veins would have to be first the idea was not the idea was not there, you only have one practice is necessary to reflect, but the idea was when the requirement is that the clock as the beginning of hollow tubes one pass of the Therefore, there is no open up in the veins of this argument, only the concept of thinking in the veins become increasingly clear view of this argument do not think the final will directly into the veins within the visual presence. And the esoteric that only one of the openings in the vein that is located on top of the head of Buddhist cave other places are closed, because the Tibetan people's yuan holds that God points out only from the Vatican in order to maintain this life skill so I can continue to practice the next. Therefore, in order to ensure your spirit from the Vatican points out elsewhere, must not be open, and you feel from the chest into the air is clear there is a channel that is a spoke up.

I think that this is not the genuine qi flows in the veins is only one way, and in the pulse position is just coincidence, because Tong Zhou walk the path of True Qi is not just a kind of Du channel. Zhou is now the popular Italian Tong Zhou Tong Zhou and gas, such qigong are generally originated in traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of gas belonging to the business gas and Zhou Wei-qi so that their path to follow is mostly Chinese medicine, the meridians.

Buddhist Gong, Yi Jinjing inside pass Zhou Zhuang France where there is such a phenomenon, it is called the True Qi Such is Life. Taoism until the middle of the crouching tigers and hidden inside a small drug end up with Dan Tong Dan Road, body of True Qi Zhou is also a walk when the spinal cord, known also fine Bunao. Fist inside the power within the family law the way the gas is passed bone marrow. You have practiced breath-law may belong to the category of Taoist exercises, it is taking the bone marrow.

You feel light as air into the bone marrow that body health, in the Taoist saying where is the body's Kidney essence through the bone marrow into the brain, complementing the body's innate vitality. Dan Gong where there is a saying: Shun-Fan inverse of cents, only reversed in the meantime Britain. Say is this phenomenon. Yin Sun descending generally considered that the Conception Vessel is rising inside the Du channel chi yang inside is falling, which is mortal of the flow direction. Through practice is to allow Du channel was promoted to reverse clock down so as to achieve the acquired complement innate purpose. Only True Qi Zhou from the bone marrow where to go before it can truly reborn, black hair falling to re-grow teeth. Renduermo walk from the general physical fitness can not reach the extent of reborn.
87,204,4272010-02-18 15:32:15 +0000 #3
Brother, if you still have sexual needs suggest that you do not practice the other, like me, even today, train well and made it into a period of time what the gas is gone Bailian intercourse哈哈
Aiyou Hello hello2010-02-18 16:28:10 +0000 #4
I interrupted bones



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