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Boxing, the most powerful boxing what is boxing?

287,912,9092010-02-18 15:10:22 +0000 #1

lc7607172010-02-18 15:14:13 +0000 #2
said the crash, the boxing judo. Karate. Tae Kwon Do. Muay Thai.

And then said that the most powerful naturally octupole Tai Chi Bagua Xingyi

audiovisual too much heaven's name into the ground say meaningless.
tonyhuang20092010-02-18 15:28:16 +0000 #3
only a relatively powerful people. Is not the most powerful martial arts, the saying goes, well, not afraid of you 1000 bills will be afraid of a move cooked.
Answer Answer to No problem2010-02-18 15:45:12 +0000 #4
is not the most powerful martial arts, only a terrible person.
jt7905325232010-02-18 16:56:46 +0000 #5
Wing Chun
Yue Kunlun2010-02-18 17:28:49 +0000 #6
The good practice are the same. Can achieve this level.



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