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I practiced Xingyi Zhan Zhuang pointing absolutely no willpower is not trained to know how to stop w

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counterfeit Chinese2010-02-18 15:13:15 +0000 #2
Do not just read books, sort of, like Xing Yi Quan is an internal family boxing, body comprehend the art. In practice the process, many small details of the book is not nobody pointing is difficult to train well.

Recommend you go to a Web site called Yan-long line, which moderators are practicing Xing Yi Quan. The site in the free promotional song static pile (Xing Yi Quan li Promise pile in order to simplify the on-line teaching), in an exercise diary to write an exercise diary has encountered a problem area will be moderator pointing, from time to time with Gong and teachers learn from each other face to face meetings. Static pile lay a solid foundation through the song, based on your interests can learn three-bodied, rounded piles and other static stance, you can also learn some exercises for one-hand combat.
qiyejituan2010-02-18 15:43:15 +0000 #3
Lian-shaped Italian station is three-body

What is the form of a specific image area Kanxia you go to Baidu is like a

before the hand and the front legs is a line of

1000 before the elbow, and knee and do a line

line of sight and the former is a line of hand

Looking at the photo reference I am talking about you know



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