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wwe hitman and HBK between the 97-year story

ldiry _ en O2010-02-18 15:11:09 +0000 #1
see raw January 5 that do not understand the market a little bit

hitman and HBK, McMahon-long 97-year story that the market what is ah

seeking veterans to explain in detail the next point thanks啦
Wind leaning Xiaoxiang2010-02-18 15:16:07 +0000 #2
This matter is the wrestling world famous "Montreal (betrayed) events"

for lack of space is too long, I will not be here copied, LZ Baidu search what you need to do the Montreal event, on the can solve your doubts had.

Soon to bring out a general process of LZ

97 years Suvivor Series (Survivor Series) Competition in Montreal, Canada.

Bret Hart was the WWE (then still called the WWF) championship, his contract will end after the contest, and he will leave the WWE to switch to WCW (now acquired by WWE, is currently being used by the then world heavyweight champion belt The WCW heavyweight championship belt, introduced by Booker T).

Mr.McMahon asked Bret Hart lost the game, production of belts, in order to prevent him from WWE with the most important belt change jobs.

Bret Hart is a Canadian, he does not want to lose in their own country belt, so he agreed to survive the strong competition in the evening the day after the surrender of RAW on the belt.

A result, the rest as on the first floor said, in the race when HBK right Bret use "Scorpion fixed"

referee when Bret did not surrender in the case of judgments end of the game, HBK to win ..

after the match , Bret is very dissatisfied, and even Vince (Mr.McMahon) spit, so that Vince will be in 2006, when Bret into WWE Hall of Fame, Bret did not Dali Vince.

OK, so much, LZ should be considered probably get the point?



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