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LIU Chong-Feng information on martial arts kid who knows ah?

liuyz4172010-02-18 16:11:09 +0000 #1
Is that the age of nine children in Sichuan
answer Yes to No problem2010-02-18 16:13:37 +0000 #2
is him?

Nongmeitaiyan of LIU Chong-Feng 9 year old, already belongs to a small handsome guy, that's pink and white body and white martial arts equipment, has even more of this "Kung Fu Kid," Chen De Chunhongchibai, Hutouhunao. He started practicing martial arts from the age of 4, large ones very wide: sword, changquan, tai chi ... ... in April of this year, LIU Chong-Feng just National Youth Wushu Championships fencing team won the C title. Yesterday, went to the scene of the children's talent contest, a boxing beat down and smooth customs clearance.

LIU Chong-Feng's father told reporters, the national martial arts competitions had children under the age of 13 are not allowed entry, "he said groups where C is the set up of younger players, and he is one of the youngest." Thus , LIU Chong-Feng became the youngest national champion. Not only that, LIU Chong-Feng was a "Nengwennengwu" children, in addition to his other martial arts expertise is a flute, recently passed exam 7. "Today we had to go Kawaoto learn the flute, in order to participate in this competition specifically with the teacher for an hour's leave."

As the wind and rain great outdoors before the personality has been temporary moved to the Wan Qianbai talent contest basement goods , the venue smaller greatly restricts LIU Chong-Feng play, but he was good at, "local conditions", playing a set of flexible changquan footwork, and good times is like trying to hit the wall, watching, and a twisting is a beautiful moves . Little suspense, the bright red "through" big chapter covered in a single receipt on the promotion! LIU Chong-Feng said happily: "next time to attend the promotion race, you can go outside performances, and wherever he goes, I go about playing big flip."



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