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Practicing martial arts were a way out

longhui06352010-02-18 17:11:01 +0000 #1
how much?
justinisno12010-02-18 17:22:55 +0000 #2
hard! ! ! The truth! ! !

Lou Zhu how old? Have done on their own future plans? Have you ever thought Xuechengzhihou for what development?

Now learn martial arts, no more than four directions the direction of development, military police, film and television, boxing, training

First of all, understand that the main floor,三百六十行,行行出状元, martial arts too! As the best there is good future, but you on what basis is the best?

All four directions, there is an entry threshold, at least athlete-class athlete, or more than one game into the province over the first 6, or a sports college undergraduate degree or above.

If none of the above qualifications, or strength, then learning martial arts is that of starvation, in the martial arts there can be no development in this area, too. The question is how can you obtain these qualifications? You know, your upper is to step on your opponent under their feet, how many people you want to step over someone to get them? Similarly, learning martial arts, how can you better than others?

Of course, the odds are that you have worked hard, gained strength, and qualifications. The results will find that even with the access threshold, they are still there are many, many people and you are deprived of job opportunities!

4 directions:

1, military police, is a good direction for development, learning martial arts, and in the police development than the development of future career prospects in the military. The army wants is military academy graduates, martial arts is not the most critical. The police if the police want is a school of martial arts is only an auxiliary only. In this direction, learning martial arts will be a slight advantage, but not critical. Is not martial arts, mixed in these areas is the same.

2, film and television, a word - hard! ! Dedicated people who graduated from film schools can do only bit-part player, let alone learn martial arts, and a maximum of only doing the bit-part player, good little mean to be a force. Imagine that Jet Li did succeed in that era very different! This industry, professional actors, will have an advantage point of martial arts, cat with three legs is sufficient.

3, boxing, martial arts is useless, and to learn that the fighting! Sanda! But the industry is young to eat rice, hard to sustain, and the more up the more difficult to succeed, the greater the risk, of course, the more money. Professional boxer, many of which are ended with disabilities.

4, training and the industry well, a teacher, or do the training. However, the test of this industry is not your martial arts skills, more of a test of your business can be. Moreover, this saturated market began two years later earned the money will become increasingly difficult, very difficult to have future career prospects.

To sum up, want to learn some martial arts so that future risks of development costs are too high. Learn martial arts as an auxiliary, and perhaps the future development will help them a bit. However, the risk and return rate is not proportional to each person according to different conditions is not recommended for anyone choose martial arts sectors.
lianfan20102010-02-18 17:58:10 +0000 #3
go to entertainer Bar
Mu dust, rain2010-02-18 18:08:41 +0000 #4
play games


filming and doing stand-like


the rest of the school when the coach is often the thugs bully ah ah anything to help.
Yangze Yu Chun-Ling Wang2010-02-18 18:22:04 +0000 #5
you can test the professional martial arts can be in college, you can leave the country to open martial arts ......
♀ Wang ⌒2010-02-18 18:06:22 +0000 #6
I felt, take martial arts professional, come out as a martial arts teacher, what coaches
Zero Fan Customer2010-02-18 18:02:21 +0000 #7
no way out.

In addition to doing business the tools to play games,

There is no better way to go.



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