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Tai Chi - One fan, weak weak to ask a question, but there are actual combat Tai Chi Single Fan mode

tofu Mummy2010-02-19 22:11:29 +0000 #1
Weak weak to ask a question, but there are actual combat Tai Chi Single Fan mode functionality?

Things are like this, I'm going to the United States, and heard that was a mess and want to learn some Self defense, but also readily be able to obtain the best weapons, or carry.

I do not want to learn martial arts in other countries, get in our own Chinese did not seem like the most classic kung fu!

Wushu is China's best

And I was a MM. The best beauty spots, so I wanted to learn Tai Chi Fan Dance (of course I know that's not so eager to learn of Tai Chi, Dacheng 9 years, Xiaocheng 3 years), so I just rising uncertainly POSE.

Or the old problem, there is no real martial arts fan function?

Thank you, in trouble
Pozhu 0 Liaoluan2010-02-19 22:22:43 +0000 #2
fighting Accurate real principle is fast, action and beautiful combat relatively more backward. Fan is a real function, but now the popular Tai Chi fan, fan, etc. Mulan solely for fitness, games compose the routines in pursuit of the beautiful movements, is entirely contrary to the principle of actual fighting, there can not be used for self-defense.

Dan Lian routines do nothing to combat pure waste of time, like the 3rd floor talking about play a hands-on training from the tai chi combat, did not train for a few years is impossible.

If you just want to use a fan self-defense, is not necessary to practice routines. You can refer to the use of batons, truncheons, would be used when the fan together. Fans of the Shangu should use a higher hardness of steel and other materials to make up for insufficient efforts to combat the shortcomings of the girls.

To be skilled, the not have to use a stick, fan, an umbrella, a rolled up magazine, etc., can be used for self-defense.

United States army and police truncheons, the basis of tutorial videos:

PS: Please do not hold anything against video is overseas. Online teaching video batons There are many Chinese there are also overseas, but the country's stick work no matter which way to combat them are similar in fact, because most people choose to prove their technology is reasonable and effective.
Liger Solidarity Union2010-02-19 22:52:20 +0000 #3
martial arts school can be self-defense and I am really yes
History of the trial2010-02-19 23:22:04 +0000 #4
martial arts and physical 呀



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