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zy44zq2010-02-19 23:10:21 +0000 #1
sub-medium slim, fighting to find a suitable method of physical training plus, thank you
wq642709882010-02-19 23:26:27 +0000 #2
ran in every run, doing the simple physical training:, push-ups, sit-ups, doing the equipment, horizontal bar, parallel bars and so on, his part, first set a standard, and then through their own efforts to break with this standard of training, and then develop a new, higher standard, and then break it, and boxing in my personal view is that boxing can be offensive to prevent the effects of both is the same, the key in personal flexibility and the ability to act according to circumstances. does not need to press a certain routine, a number of boxing which has a variety of good-looking moves that are all enjoyable show, and practicality is not strong, the real utility is simple and convenient, hit rate can reach the fastest, hitting intensity can reach the most fierce tricks, which depended on themselves to something deeper enlightenment slowly. At the same time hitting the target's position also have stress, and suggest that you first learn the basic attack is really about After the content of the basics, then the next step of learning, this is a long process seems simple enough, than done!

However, the use of force is never the solution.
langzhongyu2010-02-19 23:35:45 +0000 #3
recommended practice of traditional martial arts, do not think that tradition is superfluous Many traditional martial arts techniques strike capability much higher than the now popular fighting technique, it is recommended you go to practice boxing pass back to shenfa active and speed and strength known for cold brittle hair, very useful.



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