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With regard to some of the problems the first word D4

free7312010-02-19 23:11:04 +0000 #1
today to play bowed text D4, Ting You feel gifted in this respect, the final and a master curve up to the road opened, though lost, but the match behind a lot of people really excited. There are several questions to ask, I hope you master can answer. I have only 50 minutes, all offering a reward of. Question 1: how to do that game cards, is inside Result do, where I play is 5 gross a coin, two coins to play once, what I would like to do cards, what it should be. That card is not can go to other games for the Office ah Question 2: One of the most simple from the first track to the last one, according to order, what is the name of each. Question 3: Turn the largest that the mountain is not suitable for novice play this game because there are two corners, does not concern me how to drift, are 90 ° crashed into the barriers. Question 4: Several tracks are suitable for what car is best. Question 5: I use Nissan's first car, the car What's your name, as well as all of the cars, according to the brand and what the order of all call

play-off2010-02-19 23:19:10 +0000 #2
Question 1, that the game card is called car Card! Just record your special vehicles of memory card! General look at how the place where you are playing to do, and look for machine repair under question will know (in some places directly on the machine where to buy, if there is the counter.)! The same machines used to do a cartoon! Card number had been used! Current state of the Japanese version of machine no network card can not be added, if you are there is the English word is D4 overseas edition, this is it could be renewed card!

Question 2, the track from the first to the last order is: Akina Lake, Miao-yi, Akagi, Akina, Iroha, Tsukuba.

Issue 3, bend over the track, you mean the penultimate two, right? General novice start Myogi practicing better!

The problem of 4,4-generation rover preferred FD (Keisuke Takahashi's car) and S2000 (City Island, Toshiya car)

Question 5, the first car called the Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V · spec2 referred to BNR32

question 6, the other vehicle please refer to
saiyouki2010-02-19 23:20:25 +0000 #3
First, the talent this thing. . . Hard to say - as the most difficult racing game arcade room, the first D may be not so easy. Obviously you do not know even a little theory, it is estimated hard to a good start. Watch the battle many people do not take issue, but not necessarily to see you. Moreover, it is generally novice favorite track, because you can drive a sense of accomplishment, feeling, and the gap is not a big expert. Would let you a video, you look at the master what kind of -

next to answer your question

1: The card is your ID CARD, similar to the identity card, and charge money, it does not matter. You can pick three exclusive your car, you can set up your own card name, converted his car to record their own playing situation, to change the steering wheel tightness, etc., you can have a card, you are in the D4 everything on the card belongs to you. Large recreation hall where readers already have card, you are just a start according to the above option can be. The general to the front room, then buy the local currency, said Zhang D4 cards to buy, and then called the machine control to help you to open the card. As long as the same language (the main menu and the card language, the English international version of Japanese version of course, the Japanese strategy), all of the machines are common. But to say that, if the machine the wrong version, the international sub-1.1 1.2 1.5 version, you play the other versions of TIME ATTACK time is the time, the original records will be other versions of the records you this overwritten. Whether the new version or old version, not the same as long as the records will be lost.

2: Circuit: Lake seconds Yi Akagi Akina Akina Yilv slope built slope

3: novice to open and that the track will be quite a sense of accomplishment, because even people who would set point, where you can drive the average person on the track to see and novice makes any difference. Unless the true master. The braking point you choose simply not right - to see more video and thought over bar. After all, is super superiors, not so easy to open good. Novice or a proposal from the simplest to practice, the Akagi is a good choice.

4: say home cars. . . You really want to know more than the average person can not be patient. Lake Akina: EVO IX

seconds Yi GT-R (BNR32) Akagi fall under the name of FC on the FD on the GC8V Yilv AE86 slope Cappuccino built to the S2000 slope complex GT-R (BNR34)

5: this question the most important thing human life, You haven given upstairs was posted on the forum is indeed the most complete. You want to play more on the first D suggested that the forum a good place.
gundamnami2010-02-20 00:28:44 +0000 #4
very keen interest D addition of a member of the family! Welcome! Now begin to answer questions

1. That card is the cars, and each card can store up to three vehicles can be modified according to your preferences, and only run when the cards are required to pay part of the "card money", do not have to run after the look inside refill, entered the game after the direct Fonseca on OK, and cars can use only with the relevant version of the game, put the bottom of the screen when the CG has a Ver.XX, where XX represents the version number, it is best to use consistent with the version number of train machine play games, of course, not always thinking about the time, then brush on the full version of the GM of

2. Akina Lake, Miao-yi, Akagi, Akina, Yi Lv, Tsukuba,

3. "Yi Lu, "Yes, it is easy, I was the first system of hegemony is this track, remember two points, as early as possible to fight the direction of non-pine oil when cornering try not to loose (or at least a viable system of hegemony head a week)

4. home car .... if Akina Lake: EVO6 seconds Yi BNR32 under FC3S Akagi fall under the name of AE86 on the FD3S Yilv E11R on GC8V slope to the S2000 re-built BNR34

5. Your vehicle should be BNR32 that other vehicles Well .... Zhengyang Forum registration click then post a message to ask the bar authoritative answer to those people



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