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Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao, Yuen Biao's martial arts who is the best, and why?

LR3672010-02-20 00:10:42 +0000 #1

yynhappy2010-02-20 00:24:56 +0000 #2
I put well-known martial arts masters are listed under the bar, hoping Louzhu satisfaction:


Liang Xiaolong ranked first, Liang Xiaolong is in your list stars were the only one with ring experienced in martial arts star, won the two-time Hong Kong kumite champion, Baidu to be investigated, not fiction. 】

【Donnie Yen free Xue-Wu, the mother, Bow Sim is a world-renowned martial arts home and Tai Chi teacher, although not ring records, but many years of well-known martial arts skills, paragraph 6 is taekwondo, martial arts roots, was not groundless. 】

【Wu Jing Guo Tai Chi and other childhood practitioners boxing, the Beijing Wushu Team came from the National Wushu competition routines champion routines with a view and admire, Sanda combat can not be compared. Jet Li's status because he was stronger than Vincent Zhao, therefore the front rank. 】

【Vincent Zhao national championship routines, because the reasons for filming, the basic no time to martial arts, placing in the Wu Ching, he and Jet Li have the age advantage of it compared to fourth. Jet Li】

【Beijing Wushu Team came from the National Wushu competition routines champion, upstairs two brothers, said he was N th Sanda champion, is purely fictitious, on what basis? Because nearly 50 years, Jet Li, physical, etc. The Young and the two can not be compared, ranked behind reasonable. Sammo Hung】

【opera Takefu origin, there is no record of ring experience and martial arts competitions, but in itself is power, Jackie Chan admitted that on many occasions, they are not Sammo Hung opponent. Chan】

【Opera Takefu origin, there is no record of ring experience and martial arts competitions, because of their flexibility, free time play fighting brothers layer on many occasions, Yuen Biao has never been accounted for cheap. 】

【Yuen Biao opera Takefu origin, there is no record of ring experience and martial arts competitions, he went into film directing energies above the state out of the question, bottom of the rankings is beyond reproach.


Donnie Yen will answer this question has many years of profound martial arts skills, skill amazing Sammo Hung, but is a Peking Opera actor Wu-sheng came just two people is not a level that Donnie Yen Sammo Hung is purely unfounded fear talk .....
992,767,5992010-02-20 00:43:21 +0000 #3
Donnie Yen is a powerful 啦 Li Legend of the Dragon, of course. Fighting the best. My idol ah! !

Jet Li is a traditional martial arts can be. . . . Is also a good-looking. . .

After performing only a few are just nice. . . .
hobbey20072010-02-20 00:56:22 +0000 #4
Donnie Yen is the Jet Li 师兄 Zhao Changjun apprentice, getting "Wudang" "best in the world knife" in Yuan's who, which not many people know, you said Donnie Yen will probably be even worse, Jie Shao Huan Gang Zhao Changjun know too Donnie Yen's marksmanship, Chang-Jun Zhao recalled evaluation of Donnie Yen, his dreams and, like Bruce Lee, impatient for success, not very patient and lay a solid foundation, Jet Li and they have to take championship glory for the country, while Donnie Yen is the dream of making movies, all the exercises, when the action was such a preference for cool!

Donnie Yen and Jet Li are in the same year, ah, your mother's dare-Jie Shao-old! They are absolutely essential for China's action movie characters! There have long been the information out, Donnie Yen taekwondo just interested in learning over a period of time, he himself did not know he had the title of paragraph 6 of Tae Kwon Do black belt, if there are people who do say it is in water, paste, no credible , Wikipedia Lane has long been an expert to explain clearly. Instead, have the misconception of the Yuen Biao, Once Upon a Time series of films in the first one: "Once Upon a Top Gun", because Jet Li also insisted that time because of injury personally pitched in, so Yuen Biao did not pull out all the foundation!
Greentown Waiting Alone2010-02-20 00:22:29 +0000 #5
Donnie Yen it, because he usual jiu-jitsu, playing routines of people are most afraid of close and ground skills.
lameng8882010-02-20 01:30:21 +0000 #6
This is Mo Fabi, because they have practiced boxing different, each have their own good.

You ask this question is like asking: Which Qiao Feng and Zhang Wuji worse?

There is method is better than Yao? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



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