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Spinning pays off! Irulan2010-05-02 22:09
yee-haw.... Four rides in the last week. Aside from a little saddle sore, all I can say is I feel s
Recommended Spinning Shoes? adkoch2010-05-02 22:24
I am trying to take advantage of Performance's year-end sales and have a couple of models in mind -
snit, snit, snit- Happy thing! missliz2010-05-02 20:48
I've been injured for YEARS! And I joined this excellent gym when I got out of rehab partially 'caus
New spinning instructor rdsd12282010-05-02 20:54
I am a new spinning instructor and teach a strength ride and endurance ride. I hear conflicting inf
Feedback on Indoor Trainers VenusdeVelo2010-05-02 19:48
I'd like to see if anyone has some feedback on indoor trainers. Living in the midwest means cold we
Tra la la tra la la la! missliz2010-05-02 20:58
After months of plotting, eyelash batting, cajoling, notes from MDs, well actually nurses, I got my
Recovery? Irulan2010-05-02 20:36
Had a sub today, her class only had one recovery in it, and I loved it. I usually goe with what the
new to spinning fredrick2010-05-02 20:30
I've just starting riding this year - love it though my endurance could improve. We have sandy road
Spinning class on a fluid trainer Adventure Girl2010-05-02 19:33
Hey, all you spinners and spin instructors out there... Have you ever taken a spin class on your ow
spinning vs trainer? doctorfrau2010-05-02 19:28
Caution!! Newbie Question Alert!!!!! Please utilize your stupid question filters, for your own
"Kashmir" - Tried it! annie2010-05-02 22:13
I don't remember what thread this was on, so I'm starting a new one....... MizLiz, Irulan, I fi
styles of teaching han-grrl2010-05-02 23:30
Hey Fellow Instructors and Spinning Students I had to "audition" for a spinning instructor job,
minor rant... Irulan2010-05-02 22:35
I've been enjoying classes for the most part BUT... *Please don't play the music REALLY loud. I
New Instructor- Saying Hello TriMama2010-05-02 21:01
Hi- I just got certified through the YMCA USA's Cycle Reebok program and stmbled upon this forum wh
My poor rear end! smurfalicious2010-05-02 22:01
Alright ladies, I have to gripe. I really dig spin class, tried a couple of different instructors at
Trainer question Surlygirl2010-05-02 23:31
Hi Girls, does anyone have a 1upusa trainer? I've read good reviews on it but want to know if anyon
Spin Shoes Fitmiss2010-05-02 19:23
I've been told that spin shoes might enhance an already good experience. Are there any others using
Anyone have a spinning bike at HOME? celticgarden2010-05-02 20:43
Cough Cough. Ummm, I'm new here. I used to be into Mt. Bike trail riding BK (before Kids). Have g
Yikes! I did it! HBK2010-05-02 20:49
I don't know why this was such a big deal for me... I have been wanting this Kurt Kinetic trainer fo
Indoor trainer question(s)! HBK2010-05-02 19:53
Hi everybody, Well, I need help. My husband and I were making great progress, cycling everyday aro
Spinning at home? Update renie2010-05-02 20:27
Hi, I see the posts for spinner recommendations but it's from last year. Anyone have any recommenda
A Game while on the Stationary Trainer RoadRaven2010-05-02 20:16
With my son's recent purchase of a flash new cycling comp, we found ourselves with one surplus...
Neck and Shoulder Pain Babette2010-05-02 18:38
When I ride my spin bike, I have pain in my collar bone area and down the back of my head to about t
Help w/toe cramps/new shoes! renie2010-05-02 18:23
After spending $100 for spin shoes/clips I am still getting back toe cramps - they go numb on me. I
Fund raising ride Bluemsmanager2010-05-02 18:42
The fitness director of our local YMCA approached me to come up with an idea for a spin class marath
has spinning improved your speed on the bike? cindysue2010-05-02 18:57
I'm slow on the road bike. I tend to go for the leasurly pace. I just started taking a spin class 2x
bruised foot? latelatebloomer2010-05-02 19:47
Hey, have any of you ever bruised the ball of your foot during a spinning class? Now that I know how
Seats on Spinnng bikes shadon2010-05-02 18:27
Took my first spin class last night, and while it was a challenge to stay on the bike for the hour,
Swapping rear wheel on trainer question bikerz2010-05-02 21:53
On another thread, Madisongrrl wrote: Quote: Originally Posted by mad
Training on roller system Dirtbabe2010-05-02 22:03
Hi- I just bought a roller system for training this winter which I know will take a little time
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