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Will the 100-200 yuan more handy table tennis board which the corresponding better with what kind of

Michael Boldt2010-02-10 23:01:17 +0000 #1
use the cross-brand fast-break style of play with hook little brother had just arrived at the wealth of understanding Road
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-10 23:15:22 +0000 #2
cross-best with the Galaxy M6 or W6, I think it is best not to use the beginner mc2, too soft, easy to open plastic.

Galaxy m6, mad 3 forehand, the backhand focus on a quite good!
qiu72132010-02-10 23:33:59 +0000 #3
buy a piece of DHS Jin Tian-gang have a good level or low price is also hand-Hurricane 3 rubber fails to focus on three backhand 729 or 729-2
fat right2010-02-10 23:24:02 +0000 #4
mad Biao 3, I have been using this, feeling good not work.



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