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How do I get the racing credentials!

chaozpqck2010-02-21 01:10:27 +0000 #1
Because I love the car! Wish to bring a car racing credentials!

Need those procedures for trouble?

Because I am not wealthy can not afford to buy their own cars and they can only wanted to obtain a qualification certificate

hope that it will have an opportunity to type of racing you can participate in observation that they can strive to achieve the dream

In here, look people gave me the Enlightenment and about!
zj68662202010-02-21 01:18:56 +0000 #2
First of all to participate in the steam joint training, probably 6000 or so, seemingly is 3 day of class D provisional license issued to you, and then above the provincial level within two years to participate in games 2 car race, and we finished there is no complaint, and can apply for an official license to D-class

PS: This is a driver's license at least turn into a formal 10W block to spend money, you consider a good

There is a training in Zhuhai, the Formula One racing, seemingly 2W to train seven days, sent a formal class D driver's license



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