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Racing, car wing role. Do not copy, it is best to talk about knowledge.

Star Dust blowing desert2010-02-21 05:10:15 +0000 #1

ExtremeEngine2010-02-21 05:17:51 +0000 #2
tail of the most important function is to provide downforce.

We know that the wing's role is to provide lift, the air flowing through the wing surface when the bottom flow rate slower than the top of the flow, according to Bernoulli equation, the speed the greater the pressure the smaller, then we would generate upward lift, while the car the tail (as well as Formula One car's front wing), can be regarded as the wing, in turn, this can increase the downforce, not only can guarantee the stability of the road racing, but also to ensure adequate grip. Modern Formula One racing at speeds of 300 kilometers of road, they can produce the equivalent of 2-3 times its own weight under the pressure, when the speed of 240 kilometers, resulting in lower pressure allows the car attached to the ceiling to open .

The second function is a relatively small number, that is, smooth rear turbulence, reduce road resistance. The process of moving the car, because car suddenly appeared an empty area, airflow will show the vortex-like disorder, and the formation of low-pressure area, while the car in front is the normal pressure, this can make a big air resistance, which is why racing should be designed to be sleek, smooth rear turbulence is also a very important factor, tail (as well as the proliferation of devices) is used to quickly heal turbulence. The early era of Formula One front wing in ground effect vehicles are the formation of ultra-low-pressure area under the function, that the performance of the powerful car era is now the F1 is absolutely unmatched.

Of course, the above two roles more reflected in the car, as an ordinary car, the tail is dispensable. Because the basic car so fast they can not, unless like illegal. Even play modification, even to the track on the Liuwan civilian cars loaded tail is also more of a more aggressive appearance, the actual performance improvement is very limited. Formula One is not that kind of monster aerodynamics, and even a GT racing category, in addition to tail, as well as the proliferation of full-size device, front-end aerodynamics package, etc., to provide downforce tail alone is absolutely not enough .
Ye Ye Si Junjun2010-02-21 05:37:21 +0000 #3
My understanding is that boring is purely for civilian cars is an attractive,

car is the role of spoiler,, also known as wing, that is, when the high-speed racing car through the rear air spoiler Bar body firmly stick to the ground



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