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What is the most expensive of the most powerful sports car's engine?

abc27151392010-02-21 05:10:21 +0000 #1
v12, and there is now what the car, engine, powerful, kind of.
ExtremeEngine2010-02-21 05:13:30 +0000 #2
V12 engine is the most powerful engine of the Ferrari FXX carrying the above, Ferrari made of their own. Output power 860bhp, the red line speed to 9500rpm. Comparison of BT is that this engine or NA, is not pressurized.

As for the more KB's engine, not even from V12. Maximum power is the Ford SSC Ultimate Aero top onboard V8 TT, the output power of 1180bhp. Veyron is above carrying W16 8L QT.

As for the engine, the car is in fact a powerful Zheme Xie months. Truly the most powerful sports car but inside are some anonymous, rather than the Ferrari, Lamborghini and the like, of course, Ferrari is the Stories behind Olympic and erecting a FXX, but he was on the track on the total defeat Caparo T1. T1 need to know only one 575bhp of V8, there are Gumpert, Barabus TKR.

Said Barabus TKR, this is the real king of sports car acceleration, 0-100, just 1.67s (speed up the adjustment is in accordance with the Ferrari F2008 around 1.5s, but I want to know what is F2008 racing car ... ... F1), speed 436kph, equipped with V8 TT, the output power of 1005bhp @ 6500rpm. Air is also extremely good.

In short the bigger the better looking car than the engine, the United States at every turn is a gigantic muscle mechanical supercharger large engine, but it is really the next track apart from GT, UA, and S7 can really call it a few more super-sports car to run beyond the basic are the total defeat on the horsepower is less than their European sports car. Look at the track on the other levels of vehicle exhaust only eat the F1 car, it was no use of the 3.5L V8 NA engine, of course, that comparison KB engine some, close to 20000rpm speed limit coupled with output power close to 1000bhp. Of course, the most important thing is almost perfect aerodynamic characteristics and ultra-light body, these are the sports car on the track to win the key, but also why the bulky 1001 Bugatti Veyron on the track can not beat the 627bhp of the McLaren F1 GTR reasons .
Jiang Shan A multi-Jiao2010-02-21 05:55:51 +0000 #3
Bugatti Veyron
speedtangys2010-02-21 06:06:51 +0000 #4
v12, then I feel should be the zonda R Pagani from AMG's 6.0L engine bar, not the larger the engine horsepower the greater the torque the more牛逼.



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