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Some problems related to motor sport

zzh_gg2010-02-28 22:11:20 +0000 #1
In China, how to become a racing driver? Taiyuan What are the Kart games (specific address)?
melancholy Prince ADAM2010-02-28 22:22:38 +0000 #2
the vast majority of F1 racing driver, all starting from the karting. Karting is actually a small, inexpensive car. Was said during World War II, stationed in the United Kingdom in order to pass the United States Air Force officers and men of leisure boredom, with iron pipes and the most simple engine created the first go-kart.

Go-kart race, one of the earliest stars 罗尼彼得森, and later became a F1 driver. Then, F1 motor racing's greatest figures such as Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Piquet and Schumacher were both started his racing career in karting.

Today, the world almost all of the racing driver since childhood to open the first go-kart. Karting is the cheapest, but it could be the test of the young talent, an increase of driver experience.

Now, if you do not open go-kart, then, there are a lot of interest in racing schools can help children to become useful. Most racing games have this kind of school, it is cheaper for children to provide practical opportunities, as well as experts in pointing. But this kind of racing school fees are not low because investment is high, the current investors intend to build a track in Austria, A1 Racing School, costing up to 2 billion U.S. dollars.

Some Racing School the best driver of employment under them participate in the competition, but also some schools host their own game, you have to do is Jiaoqian competition. Of course, the car is relatively poor, but the potential is most important to observe the driver.

But only a genius, in the present era is still far from enough. Young people have enough persistence and perseverance, but also have a good economic-minded, as to raise funds for their growth is very difficult, but also absolutely indispensable. Drivers must participate in the game as much as possible, to let himself get the opportunity to grow, but the competition and rental car, it is impossible to reduce the huge overhead. For young drivers, often there such a risk that spending too much and let their debt owed an ass.

Do everything in their effort to raise money, which is to become a F1 driver, in addition to outside of the most important.



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