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A historical issue F1

Si1802010-03-05 04:10:09 +0000 #1
F1 season ended in 2009

a total of () riders, () people in the audience, () were track workers were killed in the game

If the latter two asked not clear, tell me first ask Yehao
et515552010-03-05 04:16:56 +0000 #2
driver death 30, a total of 224, meaning that drivers 30, the latter two 194 people, beneficial body - find online! you can go take a look at
bdking0082010-03-05 04:26:03 +0000 #3
Internet looking for is not do not know the full integrity of

1953 years: the first world champion out of control car killed nine lives in 1953 for the first time F1 Grand Prix held in Argentina in South America, which attracted a large number of fans with viewers game. At that time, the number of concept of race is excessive exigencies, resulting in many fans sitting in the audience stood watch the race track. Results, F1 history a world champion, Giuseppe Farina (Giuseppe Farina) to drive a Ferrari car at high speed during the race due to watch the race out of control the crowd rushed the track, resulting in 9 dead 40 people injuries tragedies.

1955: two-time world champion soul has gone into Monza in 1955, 1952,1953 annual two F1 world champion Alberto Ascari (Alberto Ascari), driving the car Lancia Monte Carlo in Monaco Race station accident crashed into the sea but was rescued safely. Good luck did not last long, however, was covered with Ascari, shortly after testing his Ferrari in Monza when the crash actually bizarre soul has gone into homeland.

1955: 81 deaths Deep Sorrow Le Mans Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes) the team's driver Pires - Laifu He (Pierre Levegh), and Juan Manuel Fangio (Juan Manuel Fangio) was a teammate, in the July 11 The Le Mans 24 race, the Pires - Laifu He (Pierre Levegh) are driving Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes) car lost control and ran into a straight line at large among the crowd, killing 81 people were killed and hundreds injured. Mercedes decided to withdraw from all the races, 7.11 motorsport history as the darkest and most tragic day. This year, France, Switzerland, Germany, announced the cancellation of Grand Prix, Switzerland, is prohibited from racing, but also the third time Fangio won the world championship.

1958: Ferrari drivers lose their standing in France Desai, 1958, while Ferrari's British driver Huotuo En (Mike Hawthorn) won the world championship this season, but the Ferrari driver Luigi 2 - musso (Luigi Musso) and Peter - Collins (Peter Collins) respectively in the accidental death of French and German Grand Prix.

1960: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium drops shedding the blood of the British Spa-Francorchamps has always been known for fickle weather of motor racing, which makes it become a perilous track. During the competition, two young British driver, one team Bristow Cooper (Chris Bristow), the other is the Lotus team Stas (Alan Stacey), who was driving the car has ran wide both killed. In the free practice before the race, the driver Stirling - Moss (Stirling Moss) was the double crush faded.

1961: Nightmare to reproduce Monza Italian Grand Prix that year, when the race to the first two laps, in the Parabolica (parabolica) Ruwan Department, the United Kingdom Team Lotus driver Clark (Clark) with the then leader of the drivers in the championship Tripps's Ferrari collided with Ferrari thrust of the guardrail, crash into the crowd after they are washed back to the track. The collision, there were 14 spectators were killed. The Tripps have been thrown on the spot orders go racing deaths, also were thrown through the car Clark, fortunately, has not been seriously injured. The accident led Tripps teammate American P-Hill (Phil Hill) won the annual championship.

1967: Ferrari driver off orders of Monaco Monaco Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver L-Bandini (Lorenzo Bandini) in the game leading the case, unfortunately, died after a crash injuries.

1970: Dutch Grand Prix, British driver has been ordered flames swallowed the British driver P-Ka Ruiji (Piers Rodriguez) Williams driving the car, in case of accidents on the track Helanzhante Rumsfeld was fire swallow life. That same year, Lotus - Ford (Lotus) the team's Austrian Jochen Rindt (Jochen Rindt) Monza circuit in Italy, when measured on a sudden accident, death match, but Flint was ahead of the pack in the death of its being sealed Wang, Flint have become the F1 history after the death of a driver to win the world championship honors. In addition, in this same year, the McLaren team founder Steve McClaren (Bruce Mclaren) at the Goodwood Test Can-Am racing died unexpectedly.

1973: Dutch Grand Prix evil raging fire engulfed the British drivers ordered July 29, 1973 Dutch Grand Prix, to participate in F1 Grand Prix, the second of March before the team of young British driver R-Williamson (Roger Williamson), in the the course of the race because of tire has been rolling off the track leading to the car hit a wall, car bombs back to the process of being flipped ignited a fire occurs, R-Williamson was a burnt alive. In this year's season, the British driver Stuart (Jackie Stewart) driving Tyrrell - Ford (Tyrrell) won the race in the German Grand Prix on the individual's first 27 points the last races, winning the third world champion. However, in the United States Grand Prix, he was their teammate Francis - Sevitt (Francois Cevert) when the tournament in determining the unfortunate death, announced the withdrawal at the same time the United States withdraw from F1 Grand Prix race.

1977: South African Grand Prix, the engine caught fire accidental death of two lives a year in 1977, is a double whammy, South Africa in a Grand Prix engine fires due to fire-fighting mistakes, the car struck and killed not only the staff to prepare fire-fighting, but also led to the accident the driver of the car's British driver Tom - Price (Tom Pryce) death. Replay: In the course of the game, shadow the team's engine failure due to a car, the car parked in the pit opposite the buffer until the driver climbed out the car, the engine fires burning, the staff prepared to cross the race from the pit out of Road fire, there was something of a sudden, across the track staff did not note that the British driver Tom - Price driven car from now happens to speed, the car hit the front of a staff member, Tom - Poor Rice is also due to hit the hands of the staff of fire extinguishers launched into hit died. Tom - Price has been racing out of control that the Crowthorne corner flew its first bend, and the French driver Jiasikuisi - Lafayette (Jacques Laffite) driving Ligier car collision. Fortunately, although the French driver out of the race, but did not hurt their lives. In addition, in this year's Japanese Grand Prix, the famous driver Jacques - Villeneuve's father, G-Jacques Villeneuve (Gilles Villeneuve) for driving the Ferrari racing out of control and killed the concept of two fans, their own has not lost his life.

1982: Zolder Circuit Gilles Villeneuve G-fatal car crash at the Belgian Zolder circuit, driving the famous Ferrari driver G-Jacques Villeneuve (Gilles Villeneuve) is not the fate of the Japanese Grand Prix in 1977 So lucky, he is also a result of race in determining when the driving out of control, but this was actually a car crash and lives lost.

1994: Ayrton Senna died in the dark weeks in 1994 San Marino Grand Prix of San Marino Imola F1 circuit can be called the history of the darkest week.

Friday's practice: In the Imola circuit at the Variante Bassa corner, Rubens Barrichello by Ruwan too fast, so that lack of grip on the front, resulting in the car when cornering than the front wheel steering angle of the front steering the perspective of small and lead to understeer, the car ran into the roadside pebbles bounce, followed by direct hit fence. Fortunately, Barrichello only by the more abrasions, coma, he once again return to the track Saturday.

Saturday's practice match: Australia driver Roland - La Cenbo grid (Roland Ratzenberger) of the car during practice before the game had the front wing was adjusted rotary screw loose some of the purpose is to reduce the car deviated from the race Road sway. However, the unfortunate is that when he was passing on the Tosa corner on the front of the high-speed stage, the car's front wing suddenly fall off the burden from the front about 1 / 3 of what the car does not grip, and lost control of the car crashed into a fence off the poor pull Cenbo grid neck Deep Sorrow.

Sunday's final: game one start driver Leto (Jj Lehto_ of the car and Pedro - Lamy (Pedro Lamy) to drive the car coming together, eight caused by flying debris fans view of the injured, two ring after the re-run race, three-time world champion Brazil's national hero Ayrton Senna (Ayrton Senna) to the fifth lap in the race, his Williams car trouble passing on to the drawing of lots in the vicinity Cenbo grid, which is in the Tosa corner, high-speed front-end tournament segment, there is a gentler left-hander that Tamburello bend, but Senna's Williams car driver could not turn the the Tamburello corner. Although Senna braking time was spent almost a second, but the car was hit by a protective wall , Senna's helmet was the car bomb hit the right fork of bone, the head causing fatal brain damage and death.

After that, let Senna fatal Tamburello corner made security changes, FIA safety standards for the F1 car is also even more stringent. In order to cherish the memory of Ayrton Senna the King of the fame generation of cars Williams Williams in every one's nose inside the car, have written "Senna" the name the words to show that Ayrton Senna Memorial

In fact, accidents the accident died, leaving the after-effects continue. Williams team's technical director Patrick - Head and the cars designer Adrian Newey in 1997 and charged with murder, the jury pronounced them guilty in 1999, but in 2003, years, when they again face a new appeal.

2001: two "small" to cause death crash driver in the Australian Grand Prix, the result of Jacques - Jacques Villeneuve (small Villeneuve) Racing with Ralph - Shu Mach (Schumacher) car collision occurred, resulting in a tragic death of the staff of the sidelines.
ExtremeEngine2010-03-05 04:45:59 +0000 #4
only know that there are 30 drivers killed.

1994 Aryton Senna was the last one died in the race driver. San Marino, Imola 2001 Monza track is the last in a death match with staff

1977 South Africa is the final death match with audience
_ can be sweet children2010-03-05 05:06:30 +0000 #5

You can look at this post, upstairs talking about are not very full

you go to Wikipedia to see if Baidu seems to have recently added the answer
Memory Format 1232010-03-05 06:30:51 +0000 #6
Total should be 224, the other I do not know



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