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Pagani, Kenisaige, Spyker

and so on Guoying2010-03-05 20:11:27 +0000 #1
Will look at these three super-sports car brands now have not been acquired by the founder of leaders are they do? (I know that Spyker had been discontinued for some time, I said that the founder of Spyker is to rebuild the brand, who figure), each location where? In addition of these three brands of ultra-running is not very rare in China, ah? Compared Ferrari + Lamborghini + Aston Martin that is more rare and more expensive? Thank you, it may be Pianmen problems, but still very anxious to know an accurate answer, thank you
melancholy Prince ADAM2010-03-05 20:24:01 +0000 #2
Now that they have not been acquired, are independent, so as to ensure the perfect super-sports car lineage and Pagani Quality

1982 years, the 26-year-old Argentine F3 car Horacio Pagani (Horacio Pagani) is still unknown. However, he accepted the five-degree F1 world champion Juan Manuel Fangio (Juan Manuel Fangio) recommends that: "If you want to create the world's most beautiful car, no other choice, be sure to go to Italy, Modena (Modena) to fulfill their dreams."

After listening to this proposal, Pagani went straight to the outskirts of Modena Lamborghini super sports car, from assembly workers, and started, and later he not only involved in the famous Lamborghini Diablo sports car design, more carbon fiber will be the first to point out the future of repairer in science and technology The most important material. Less than 10 years, he set up his own design studio Modena (Modena Design), and Fangio incredible efforts, the finally got the AMG's top engine. The car was originally prepared as Pagani Fangio, Fangio Unfortunately, Rider are not yet available in the car before they passed away, Pagani could not bear to re-use the older generation were taboo, launched in 1999, they take "the Andes the wind," meaning, saying the Zonda.

Global sports car market, Pagani's reputation may not have the Ferrari (Ferrari) has a high popularity, but there is one thing in common, that is, two Italian super sports car depot is located in the same hometown of Montana (Modena). Pagani not just some short-lived sports car makers because of its deep pockets and they are all hand-built supercar, the Ferrari is comparable to the quality of its completion.


Koenigsegg plans to Kenisege was first launched in 1994, when a record is the original plant were Koenigsegg Swedish car engineering veteran, as he has been for many years a top super sports car manufacturer hold a strong vision and belief, so he assembled a small group of Sweden's best-top-notch engineers (of which there are many aeronautical engineering background), to link a number of Sweden's existing car component suppliers and relevant academic units, have formed a very compact size of a small depot. Program's core philosophy is not very complex: a similar idea of Formula One racing technology to develop a mid-engine configuration, a pure two-seater hardtop coupe.

1995, when Koenigsegg moved into southern Sweden Ouluofusi Teulon (Olofstrom) of the plant began to build their first prototype of a car, and in short for completion within a year and a half. 1996 a prototype car started to accept an intensive series of rigorous tests, including track and road racing on the actual driving, and sent to the depot Volvo (Volvo) has a mechanical wind-tunnel tests conducted in air. koenigsegg is the blade of the meaning of the Chinese name of this sports car like the car, like the icon, called "ghost." Koenigsegg CC the amount of the planet's fastest production car. And 1993, the Swedish group of automotive industry experience and expertise of outstanding designers and engineers who have been a common cause closely linked. To create and director Christian von Koenigsegg named Koenigsegg depot in the vicinity of southern Sweden Anjihemu established designers, Mr. David Kelaifude responsible under the Christian concept of design.

1995, Koenigsegg depot moved to Sweden in the southern city Overstone Temkin, began developing and manufacturing the first prototype of a car - the specter of CC. Kerui Ting is committed to create a smooth line, body light and luxurious cars. Just a few months time, he hand-drawn sketches countless cars. Christian The biggest reality is that he needs to use 3D design software for creating, testing and improvement of car design. After many visits, Christian, and his chief engineer Fude Man chose SolidWorks software. Since then, SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software and COSMOS analysis software for automotive design at the Koenigsegg to play an enormous role. Engineers to abandon the original has always been the hand-drawing, do not have to be referred to again as before, are constantly scratching or all of the re-draw.

1996, after the world-famous racer 皮克特伯格, Kaililuosen Brad and Richard Ray Dell Race Track, road and Volvo repeated wind-tunnel tests to determine a prototype vehicles have make a formal appearance before the preparation.

1997, France, Cannes Film Festival (Le Festival de Cannes) was named "CC" prototype car officially exposed and caused no small sensation. High level of interest because of potential customers, therefore, to Koenigsegg finally able to rest assured that the formal commencement of volume production cars production preparation, including new cars sent to the relevant international certification unit tests to ensure their access to legal Sheung qualifications, but with the exception Beyond this all on the production car, depot, to maintain relatively low-key attitude. According to the basic concept of the prototype design, the chassis including a cross made of carbon fiber and a unique dial system, more personalized based on customer demand profile. A satisfactory test results, together with the Cannes Film Festival overwhelming media coverage, but also strengthened their Christian commitment to manufacturing finished cars. 1998, Koenigsegg bought one in Sweden's southernmost Ange He Gilmore (Angelholm) Air Force Base in the outskirts of the old site, the construction of a new car more suitable for the production of new plant and begin to manufacture product chassis. As the specter of CC is a key part of each design is unique, so their employees are also a number of senior engineers and assembly CAD / CAM Engineer.

1999, an entirely CAD / CAM system to complete three-dimensional model of the model shop to complete. 2000 spring, summer and the first product was a complete assembly and test. At the same time, a complete line of the completion of the basic production supercar. Two years later, the first super sports car called the CC8S be installed and the Geneva Motor Show in March paid to the owner handed. In this way, after nearly a decade of research and development, this new breed of super sports car has finally announced the official spread in this world.

2004, in March at the Geneva Motor Show on display in a high-performance version of the CC cars, a named orange Koenigsegg CCR supercar, the use of a large number of racing technology and materials, power output of up to 806 horsepower, is golden s world record for the largest amount of certified power output of production cars. CCR has claimed the depot area 395 kilometers / hour speed performance, have the opportunity to break the McLaren F1 in 1998, when mass-produced cars set a world record.

2005, February 28, Italy, Nadeau Test Road (Nardo Prototipo) on the one by Luo Lishi • Bi may be their driving, and mass production car standard consistent with CCR, in the ring ran out of 387.87 kilometers of track in / hours of speed, breaking the former world's most rapid mass production car, the McLaren F1 in 1993, the year 1998, in Germany, Wolfsburg's Volkswagen Ella - Lei Xiang Test Road (VW Ehra-Lessien) on the set of 386.7 kilometers / hour The most high-speed, and access to a world record after certification.

Koenigsegg is expected to design 15 different vehicles each year. There is a huge network of suppliers and partners, the majority in Sweden, by a number of small companies and craftsmen to produce a small amount of high-quality accessories.

Either assembly or manufacture, contains a large number of pure manual labor, coupled with expensive raw materials, it is amazing Koenigsegg price reasons. Ghost CC price of 46 million.

2009, and are in bankruptcy protection, American General Motors announced that the company's Saab Automobile (Saab) will be sold to Sweden's high-level sports car manufacturer Koenig SEG (Koenigsegg).
Hostel Men's Basketball2010-03-05 20:19:39 +0000 #3
rare is the price level of this course, you asked several rare and expensive 啦, except Spyker, and the remaining both brands are new since the last few years only to show, Pagani of Italy , Kenisaige Pagani in Sweden a little earlier than that 90 years out of the product, but Spyker is absolutely a hundred years of history of old factories, and fight with Ferrari, Lamborghini is no great age because it had previously done Guo aircraft industry and so marked by propeller aircraft, which is the pride of the Netherlands, Oh, no models Spyker cars when the global production reached 500 when the stop immediately, showing that it is rare ah! Both models because the former are seemingly so soon after the brand has not been acquired, while the Spyker question you say I do not quite understand what you still look at the Baidu Bar This is the link to 56622.html? wtp = tt
Red Acceleration2010-03-05 21:05:07 +0000 #4
Pagani is now an independent company, in cooperation with Daimler-Benz's relatively close, due to the creation of late, the leadership is still the founder Horacio Pagani, headquartered in Italy, Modena, which is Ferrari and lambo hometown.

Koenigsegg is independent brand, during a time of financial crisis, want to buy Saab. Founder Christian von Koenigsegg is still the CEO, but only holds 18% of the shares, the company has more than 90 shareholders. Headquartered in Sweden, Ängelholm.

Spyker's history of bankruptcy and shutdown times, as if no one is to play a key role in the reconstruction, and each time there are multi-investment support. You say may be referring to Victor Muller. He was re-established in 1999, the company spyker cars, the company and prior to the 1929 collapse of the Spyker no direct link, but there are trademark of their right to use (a little practice). Headquartered in the Netherlands Zeewolde.

The three brands of car production is indeed less than the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin even less, as the price, in fact, it is difficult to measure, and some slightly more expensive, some a little cheaper, is basically a grade of But after three more luxurious
Elise Robinson2010-12-23 17:34:07 +0000 #5
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