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Ascari several issues

and so on Guoying2010-03-05 23:11:04 +0000 #1
I am an avid fan of super-sports car, that ultra-running community where there is such a brand, but poorly understood, it is specifically raised the following questions: Ascari Chinese names, how to read, this company was established when it is in England? I ask what it is now a stand-alone company or have been acquired and another, it is now the leader, or its founder do? This is a super sports car brand of car do? What about the price reaches a level? I very much feel that in China there have been no reports of it with this car? Thank you for me to provide accurate answers, I will be extra points at any time Oh, thank you
ExtremeEngine2010-03-05 23:16:05 +0000 #2
Chinese name is not an official name for the general call Ascari. Its name comes from the famous F1 driver Alberto Ascari, two-time F1 world champion, died in 1955 in the game. Ascari Cars was named to commemorate the driver.

Company set up time is 1995, place in England, Dorset, has plants in Oxford County.

Now Ascari is an independent business, has not been mergers and acquisitions (the words of Britain's car makers fell almost across the board so the case can uphold the ... ...), the boss Klaas Zwart, also its founder and its CEO is Geoff Finlay. Ascari is just the first time a concept car produced a small team, and later Zwart funded the establishment of Ascari Cars.

All of its sports car are hand-built supercar, the list is as follows:

1995, Ascari FGT, which is a concept car, but also Ascari not formally set up a time when out of a vehicle engaged in

1998, Ascari Ecosse, concept car , Zwart Apart from this the car to see the strength of Ascari only pays for the

Ascari KZ1, 2003 launch, what really Ascari in the sports car sector, with first-class competitive car.

2006, Ascari A10, the latest super sports car, in the KZ-1 is optimized based on the faster. In the Top Gear test were in one fell swoop get rid of the Koenigsegg CCX, Pagani Zonda F of these super sports car, brush the entire table to section 7 (effective list 5, Caparo T1 and the Aston Martin DBR9 was that the old man came to win).

As for the domestic price, this hard to say. Because it can be said is that there is no domestic Ascari, and only know the price of foreign countries, KZ-1 is £ 235,000, A10 was 35 million pounds, said that prices should be maintained at a not particularly high outrageous position, to know Enzo and the MC12 This sports car the price is far higher than this number, but not to run, but Zheliang.

Domestic reports also have not seen, because the brand really is too unknown, and to bring the domestic response is always the Ferrari sports car Porsche, in fact, there are many unknown foreign sports car, performance is extremely strong, which shows the domestic The car culture is not particularly popular, the degree of openness is not high, such as the Gumpert, top N ranked TG a long time, was only FXX get rid of, as well as the above-mentioned Caparo T1, the true uncrowned runner-up (Wumianzhiwang wrong, DBR9 faster , but the DBR9 is a thoroughbred racing, so far the only one ran into the TG test 1 minute), and Barabus TKR, whose arrest who destroy stuff, Veyron, and it can only be defeated Biao, Ascari is this role played by .

The following are the Top TG lap several test were called The Stig, do not worry, this buddy is a "robot", driving fairly stable.

1, Aston Martin DBR9, 0.58

2. Caparo T1, 1.10.6

3. Ferrari FXX, 1.10.7

4. Ultima GTR 720 1:12.8 139 '00 720 / 1050 Ultima (This is not the Stig open circle)

5.Gumpert 1.17.1

6.Ascari A10 1.17.3

7.Caterham 7 CSR 260 1:17.4 131 '05 260 / 530 Dunlop Tester

8. Koenigsegg CCX 1:17.6 131 '06 806 / 1456 The Stig

9. Pagani Zonda C12-F Clubsport Roadster 1:17.8 130 '650 / 1232 the Stig

10. Caterham R500 1:17.9 130 '08 263 / 506 The Stig

11. Bugatti Veyron 1:18.3 130 '05 1001 / 1890 The Stig

12. Pagani Zonda F 1:18.4 129 '05 602 / 1371 The Stig

13. Maserati MC12 1:18.9 129 '04 620 / 1335 The Stig

14. Ferrari Enzo 1:19.0 129 '02 660 / 1365 The Stig

can be seen that A10 of the circuit performance even more than Bugatti Veyron, and the Enzo is so much more expensive car than it widened the gap is not small



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