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Kenisaige, Pagani

Etc. Guoying2010-03-06 12:11:15 +0000 #1
heard of these two peerless ultra-running brand of sports car engines are the use of other depots, including the use of Mercedes-Benz AMG Pagani engine, Kenisaige using Jaguar engines, may I ask whether the real true? Why are these two can produce the world's most fascinating sports car is almost not even the engine must rely on someone else? In addition, the two super-how to run the brand can be in the peer has been almost completed the case of an acquisition can maintain its own independence? If I can be more introduce the story of these two brands of cars, status, and so on, thank you!
ExtremeEngine2010-03-06 12:13:53 +0000 #2
yes ah ... ...

Pagani and Koenigsegg belong to the small factories, and more cattle are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati such depots have been acquired cases, Pagani and Koenigsegg surprising are independent depot.

Since it is an independent depot, it must be short of money spent. While inside a car, the development is precisely the most expensive engine. In addition to money, and develop the engine also need to have absolute solid experience in human resources, only the large conglomerates, or be supported by a large group companies have such a well-known brand strength.

Now in the world able to independently develop the engine manufacturers have been very few, I know, only Ford, GM, Chrysler U.S. three people in Europe, VW, BMW, FIAT, Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, Porsche and so few (even Maserati are now come down to a choke point where no one engine, with Ferrari engines are), Japan TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan will be free to develop the engine. Other brands, are used to buy the engine. For example Lo Wang McLaren F1 car is the BMW engine to use, Bugatti Veyron's engine, although linked with their own brand, but in reality the engine from the VW engineers designed.

Pagani and Koenigsegg are very NB Although the label, but after all, and VW makers such as Ferrari, or such a FIAT-backed firms compared to engage the engine yes they did not make out.
================================================= ==

car research focus is on two, one is the engine, the other is the body.

Relative to the engine, the development of the corresponding body more flexible, and lower cost, the cycle is even shorter. Usually only need a designer team and the corresponding aerodynamic support team on it. Other components, such as mechanical structure, electronic unit, complexity and cost is far lower than the engine.

So, for small factories, the most appropriate way is to develop one's own body, while the separate purchase of the engine.

Many small but very NB depot are not so engaged, such as Germany's Gumpert with the Audi engine, Caparo T1 is the Mercedes with the engine, I know use their own engine, small factories only Barabus, their TKR the performance sports car is definitely king.
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attention to look at F1, then, you will find that most teams do not even use their own engine, the situation of these independent teams and those of small plants is very similar. Such as Force India (India's TATA support), TATA is absolutely not engage in F1 engines, and only with the Mercedes of the.

2010 season, the engine manufacturers Wai field appears a total of only four:

Mercedes, Ferrari, Cosworth, Renault

but this is the engine in front of the four brands, is 13 teams.
Dormitory basketball2010-03-06 12:57:06 +0000 #3
1. Because they are private establishment of small factories, there is no strength of its own development of sports car engine, you know, the engine must have developed a number of professional technicians and how much money do? What's more is highly demanding of the sports car engine, so they had the direct use of other depot. 2. Zhelia brands are doing very successful, and now the billionaire is not only the pursuit of ultra-running, but also a super personality to run, but they happen to meet this point, and each are super-expensive, just talked about Because manufacturers are not put a lot of R & D costs so little, but sold well to ensure their viability! Brand Story Baidu search bar on your own too many do not want to copy



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