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Bike tires can also be bulletproof? !

Adi Wang Wang Wang Wang2010-03-07 15:11:34 +0000 #1
Two days before we look at that special forces, that actually can be bullet-proof Humvee tires ...
nice Ice2010-03-07 15:24:00 +0000 #2

in the inner tube containing a viscous fluid of special material, can quickly plug the hole breakage. A hollow and loading of the two kinds of liquid fuel. The latter is a liquid fuel for the expansion of viscous substances which will plug the bullet hole. A can withstand a certain load, withstand the impact with the road surface and reduce wheel vibration properties. For military vehicles. Can also be placed in ply metal mesh or metal plates placed in the tread to make bulletproof tire play the role.
ExtremeEngine2010-03-07 15:30:40 +0000 #3
you say the film Special Forces? ... ... That is not a recognized next few lousy movies.

But the real bullet-proof tires does exist, the current bullet-proof tires are mostly an enhanced lateral (inner support) of the multi-tire and has a built-in rings to withstand the weight of vehicles, even if the tire deflated, sidewall can also be supported by the entire vehicle, the vehicle can continue driving. The problem is, after loss of air pressure, they only support vehicles to no more than 80km / h speed driving, maximum endurance is 50 kilometers away from the general. Moreover, this tire is not suitable for use in soft ground.

Another way is to use a number of bullet-proof self-locking structure, can automatically after plugging in the shot, or simply use the solid tires (which can be seen in the military armored vehicles) or foam tires.



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