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F1 to open the People's Bank of China does not?

luo5qian2010-03-07 23:11:44 +0000 #1
What are the requirements to open a What?

Test test F1 ago What?
ExtremeEngine2010-03-07 23:23:24 +0000 #2
absolutely can.

Now there is the case is that the domestic car culture is still very popular, and even unwelcome. The Chinese people is a luxury car. Not to mention the car has.

Second, the open-F1 is to small child when the P began practicing karting, when uncle began to emerge, when Lewis Hamilton just open Cardin. But at home to get parents to give their children a college-level exams this road to open the car, this fear is very little.

Third, the economic issues, F1's Super License expensive ... ... be able to afford too little, and only two on behalf of the rich can, but they seem to be more keen on the street a very poor technology to show off, rather than sitting a real car which takes decades to hone a genuine racing technology. Racing driver of growth is extremely difficult, to say the least, must be practicing a subject that is his head hanging sandbags, sideways to the side of the delay, to simulate the neck by the time of cornering load. Uncle then had to make shift stalls broken go-kart, with your fingers to dial change gear, playing a broken finger. Racer is not so easy to be fooled
plq_19962010-03-07 23:45:32 +0000 #3
1, F-1 visa

F type visa (ie student visa) is issued by an object, respectively: F-1: students (ie those who study at their own expense); F-2: F - 1 visa recipients spouses and children.

2, sports, the term

F1, Chinese name for "a Formula One World Championship" is the English abbreviation of Formula 1 Grand Prix, is currently the competition's official full name of the "FIA Formula 1 World Championship" Formula One World Championship.

Its Formula has been translated into equations, in fact, the true meaning of the "Regulations", which is the basic concept of racing with the competition rules provided for by the rules of the game to create a pure race car ... .... There are at present the "sports car" as the basic concept of race car, Formula One racing's basic concepts and different from them. In short, is the tire exposed (openwheel) single seats (monopost) race car. Formula One racing in the family, a Formula One race car is the highest level in the class.

In addition to Formula One, there are also two, three equations.

For example: F3 (Formula 3) - Ho-Pin Tung, Cheng Cong Fu would participate.

In the past have F2 (Formula 2), but because of poor management and was later

F3000 (exhaust gas emissions from the Formula One cars are 3000CC) replaced. Today

F3000 known as GP2 - was last year's GP2 champion Nico Rosberg.

Will be Formula One racing from the low-level high-level arrangement of unique words could be classified as:


Formula Campus Renault Formula One, Formula BMW, FC2000 ... ...;


GP2, A1;


Want to be a F1 driver, the general must go through F3 and GP2 of tempering. And many good drivers directly from the F3 to enter F1. What is more directly from the Renault, Formula BMW to enter F1, KIMI is such a genius.

In addition to F1, there are other games such as different grades of Formula F3, F3000, Formula Ford, Formula Renault, etc., they all belong to a Formula One racing, but their specifications are different, while F1 is set by FIA Formula One racing's highest level specification, and therefore a name.

F1 host unit is based in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Automobile Association FIA (French: Federation Internationale de l'Automobile abbreviation), is chaired by Mr. Jean Todt. FIA and Bernie Ecclestone's F1 Management company owned by (FOM: Formula One Management) close to its headquarters in London, England FOM responsible for the F1 race in all over the world, a commercial and advertising business.

F1 World Championship, the course of development by the International Automobile Federation in 1950 for the first time held annually. British Bernie Ecclestone is its "head." Participants by the number of points decided at year's F1 drivers championship, the driver of the team is the highest total score of the year constructors.

Formula One racing is racing venues in the beginning of this century derived. Formula divided into 3 grades: three equations, three liters of Formula One and Formula One. Formula One is Formula One racing's highest level.

A Formula One car on the driver's requirements are too strict, must obtain three equations and three liters of Formula driver's license, and a very good physical fitness professional athletes in order to become a Formula One racing driver. FIA Formula One awarded annually to a "super license" not more than 100.

A Formula One car's speed up to 406 kilometers / hour (theoretical limit), 370 km / h (2004) more than average speed is 200-250 km / hr. History has been created in the 500-1,000 km per hour between the cars, but such a high speed can only be produced in an instant, and this car can not be mass production can not be used all year round, the car can not be considered truly . Therefore, only a speed of Formula One racing is the real king.

At present, known as the "four teams" in F1 team Ferrari of Italy, Germany, BMW Sauber, France's Renault (formerly Benetton), the United Kingdom McLaren. (2008) a car's manufacturing costs at 480 million Yuan or more.

In fact, before World War II Europe for several highly regarded and prestigious racing circuit, but at the time of the event due to limited competition vehicles, and thus no strict restrictions on participants. 50 years, a Formula One car's engine specifications there have been significant changes to the 1986 naturally aspirated engines have been banned, a Formula One motor racing the full development of turbocharged engines. After the result of too much horsepower turbo-charged, was suspended in 1989, FIA, to 3.5-liter naturally aspirated engine to replace the F1 of the first official competition was in 1950 the British grand prix silverstone, when the person watching the British royal family Italian driver Giuseppe Farina won the first F1 Grand Prix winner, and he is also the year's drivers championship, that is F1 drivers championship history a winner.

1951, F1 cars have emerged a true king, Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentine driver, five times to obtain the drivers championship (1951,54-57). Amazingly, he was 38 years old took part in a Formula One race!

1958, Cooper-Climax cars first used a rear engine design, is F1 history, a technological revolution. The map is Stirling Moss was driving a rear engine car Cooper.

Car Wang Fangio after the 1958 event, showing a number of British drivers competing warlords situation, the end of the year are England's top four drivers, including Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss and so on. In addition, F1 began to set up a "year-end constructors" is also in 1958.

In short, no matter how bumpy the road, 50 years of F1 racing is no longer part of the early use of F1A tailored rules of the game - "Formula One", F1 began to make great strides. F1

60 age is an important turning point, F1 out of childish.

First, look at the technical aspects, just two years time, the rear engine was widely used by the various teams. At this time, Cooper team's rear engine technology is already very mature, and received a two-year 1959,60 drivers and constructors championship. Also worth mentioning is that the entire 60 years, in addition to the two Ferrari drivers championship is almost a British team and the British driver's age, the team, including BRM, Lotus, Brabham-Repco, drivers, including Clark, Graham Hill, Jachie Stewart , John Surtees. John Surtees is the only one of which won the F1 world champion, also won the motorcycle world champion people.

Colin Chapman's Lotus team design talent to become a fantastic team, Lotus team in 1967, the first to use a two-seater four-valve engine (DFV engine), this engine was later ruled the entire 70 years. In addition, the 60's, when, Lotus team is also in the aerodynamics of the leading position, under the pressure of the present theory is then established.

60 age, race incidents began to increase. In this regard, we look at two-time world champion Jim Clark for 60 years. In 1960, he died at the scene driving a splash with the blood of the British racing driver crossed the end of Spa. 1961 Italian Grand Prix, he and Trips (German, Ferrari) collision in which Ferrari cars crashed into the crowd, Trips and 14 spectators died. In 1968, the undisputed world champion in a practice session at Hockenheim death. All this meant that people began to question the very foundation of the F1 of the campaign, caused a lot of thought.

Similarly, in 1968, Lotus car printed on the golden leaves of tobacco (Gold Leaf cigarettes) the advertisements, this is the first time in F1 history, the introduction of commercial sponsorship, you can see above photos of Lotus cars.

70 years to make the gradual maturing F1

First of all, 70 years a series of track incidents of safety problems have been unusual attention.

1970 world champion Jochen Rindt is a F1 history after the death of only one of the world champion.

In addition, in 1973, due to not bear to see more of the track and then the tragedy, Jackie Stewart decided to withdraw his 100th Grand Prix Watkins Glen Grand Prix as his farewell match. But it seems do not allegorical, Francois Cevert Grand Prix practice session in this death. The results, Stewart led off the first time in the history of F1 "safety revolution."

The security revolution F1 racing, track and driver and equipment, have been reviewed from a safety point of view, demonstration, improvement.

In people's eyes, Jackie Stewart only got three drivers championship, it seems more important, he has brought to the F1 safety awareness.

70 years, another major event from the 1976 era start with world champion James Hunt. James with his playboy style, began to attract world's attention. F1 began to receive media attention, since then, F1's famous drivers, have also become the spotlight of the star-type figure.

Here have mentioned that F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone President, because it is the negotiations he went and television media broadcast F1 race, and personally implemented the details, thus bringing the F1 race live coverage into the millions of households . Bernie will be televised into F1, the development of F1 undoubtedly injected new vitality, F1's commercial operations gradually mature.

From a technical perspective, in 1977, F1 emergence of yet another technological innovation. Renault team introduced the turbocharged engine. Since then, there turbocharged F1-style with the naturally aspirated engine coexistence of rivalry until 1988 turbo-charged engine is prohibited.

80 years - the most intense competition

F1 for 80 years were gathered in an unprecedented era of the great drivers, including Brazilian Nelson Pequet, Ayrton Senna, French Alain Prost, and Briton Nigel Mansell. Between them carried out the most intense competition. Wonderful game continue.

Team field from the Prost and Senna's Mclaren driver won the 80-car era of the five drivers and four constructors championship. In particular, in 1988, but also Senna's first drivers championship years, Mclaren was surprised to have won 16 races in 15 Champions! Ferrari team won the 1988 Monza Grand Prix victory. The team founder Enzo Ferrari had just died a few weeks ago.

90 years later - a modern F1

90 years of F1, a period of rapid development of science and technology. In 1993, Prost driver championship last years, he was driving a Williams-Renault car is the most advanced F1 car ever. Hugging a car equipped with anti-tire system, Traction control systems are electronically controlled suspension system.

However, Senna's death in 1994 led to F1 while the second "safe revolution", F1A disable the above to upgrade the speed of the driver assistance systems, F1 racing back to the original's basic structure.

Senna's death, the FIA safety assessment once a year the project started. After the F1A's rules are very focused on security issues, many rules are designed to reduce the speed. As in 1999 provides for an additional 4 dry tire grooves, thus reducing the tire grip. In addition, to improve the safety of scientific and technological research results have emerged. Driver head and neck protection system (HANS) is an example, in the 2003 season has been used by the driver, the team's high praise, and in fact played a significant role.

Senna was gone, the German driver Michael Schumacher has become king of F1's car. He joined the fourth year of F1 on the (1994) was the first world champion. 95 years defending the success of Renault team. In 1996, he transferred to the state of the Ferrari is not a very good team, and finally in 2000 for the Ferrari team won the world title after a lapse of 21 years, the red car started again, the legendary record. Today's Schumacher is seven-time world champion Grand Prix win number has risen to 91 times, more than all previous driver's record.

Throughout F1 through 50 in the coming year, wisdom, courage, calm, persistence, challenge, passion, dreams, success,Failure of these intertwined. Track on the joy, frustration, competition, investment attracted people's eyes. The F1's charming and dangerous and its eternal contradictions ... ...

comes f1 would be reminded of Michael Schumacher, Aryton Senna, Alain Prost and some other cars Wang

F1 Grand Prix History

1948: held in a small town in France, Pau the first time a unified competition rules (a formula), Formula One this name.

1950: only up to 1950, the first F1 championship officially held at a time when only the scores of awards under the car. At that time, participants of the racing is still in use in 1947 by F1A rules. This rule is entered cars may be equipped with 4.5L non-turbo or 1.5L turbo engine. May 13, 1950, the first world championship Grand Prix race in the United Kingdom Silverstone (past a military airport) at. Italian Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo cars for the victory of the corresponding, but also became the first world champion.

1952: As the F1 race is still a lack of organizational support, race car forced to adopt F2; in F2 racing game competition can only be equipped with the provisions of emissions of no more than 2.0L non-turbo engine.

1954: This year, the admission of new GP racing F1 rules of the game. Maximum displacement of 2.5L non-supercharged engine or maximum displacement of the supercharged engine 0.75L. Mercedes. Mercedes is also re-enter the race this year, and Lens in France, winning the GP races in the first victory. On behalf of Maserati and Mercedes. Benz play of Juan Manuel Fangio won the contest this session the sub-races.

1959: rear-wheel drive car started to replace the precursor GP race car as the main characters. Bruce Mclaren in the United States took the lead in Sebring the GP sub-station, becoming the youngest championship in hand

1961: The 1.5L engine implemented the provisions of the car. During the year, Giancarlo Baghetti be the only one so far include the first entry on the championship, but Phil Hil for the United States to secure the first F1 world title.

1965: Jackie Stewart's capital on behalf of BRM team debut GP venue.

1966: The 3L motor racing the promulgation of regulations. Bruce Mclaren to create your own team and to build a Ford engine was equipped with McLaren's first car, but the team did not succeed in that year's event.

1968: Sponsor any first appeared on the F1 race. This also means that F1 has the national colors the end of the period. This year, racing for the first time installation of the tail, thus enhancing the vehicle's downforce. Be held in Germany, Hockenheim F2 race, Jim Clark was killed. McLaren team founder Bruce Mclaren personally involved in the Belgian GP for the first time the team won the championship.

1969: Matra, Lotus and McLaren were trying to switch to four-wheel, but they all failed. Jackie Stewart won the first annual Champion title; Bruce Mclaren in the UK Goodwood testing a Can-Am racing is accidental death; Jochen Rind Italian GP qualifying, killed; after which he became the only one obtained at death F1 drivers championship.

1973: launch of the classic M23 McLaren car. The car in the next six seasons, participated in various forms of competition. Races in Canada, the safety car was first used in F1 race.

1976: Tyrrell (Tyrrell) introduced the concept of the car Lun Nurburgring in an accident, Nikelaoda suffered severe burns. McLaren's James Hunt won the world champion the concept.

1977 Patrick Head (Hyde) joined Williams. No. 1 car is equipped with turbochargers Renault Rs01, in the UK race debut.

1978 Michelin officially joined the F1, F1A, Professor Sid Watkins hired medical supervision. Feijian team debut F1 race, it almost points championship in South Africa capsule into the arms. F1 race to adopt a new safety measures, that in order to avoid overcrowding in the first lap collision caused the car accident, medical and car trailing the car at both the heretics, with its corresponding measures can be taken as soon as possible

1980: Alain Prost driving McLaren cars took part in Argentina's points race. Nigel Mansell Nigel Mansell Lotus team (Moon So-) first appeared in the Australian races. Ron Dennis took over McLaren in the same year the team introduced by John Barnard-designed carbon-fiber material from the car chassis.

1981: As F1A requires all drivers must have a super driver's license before the race in South Africa, a large number against the strike and said the drivers of this provision.

1982: Colin Chapman and Team Lotus F1 car of the founders of the most innovative designers, died of heart failure in the Netherlands in the McLaren Grand Prix for the first time the use of turbo-charged engine.

1984: SENNA officially announced in Brazil to participate in F1 Australian Grand Prix for the first time all-turbo engine installed in the car competition.

1985: Minardi F1 debut race, Benetton and Toleman teams getting closer and closer between the business, initially as a sponsor (Benetton has been sponsored by Alfa Romeo and the Tyrrell team) shortly after the acquisition of the Toleman team in 1986 with Benetton's F1 race participants.

1987: Williams, Frank Williams at the Paul Ricard test track to drive back home from a traffic accident, serious injuries leading to paralysis. Hungary is the abolition of the "Iron Curtain" policy after the first game.

1988: Adrian Newey has been appointed the team's technical director for the March. F1A racing the engine must be configured to the provisions under the turbo unit to reduce the driving force. However, in 1989, abolished the requirement, in turn asked 3.5L displacement naturally aspirated engine, and can not be more than 12 tanks. SENNA win his first world champion.

1990: Nigel Mansell announced its withdrawal from F1

1991: Mika Hakkinen, Michael Schumacher became the establishment of Jordan Grand Prix F1 driver launched Jordan 191 car McLaren won the seventh annual championship

1992: Michael Schumacher in Spain to a first sub-stations Champion. Honda launched F1

1993: McLaren race wins for the first time exceeded the number of Ferrari Prost announced its withdrawal from F1, his four championship at the time this behind Juan Manuel Fangio's five times

1994: Mercedes-Benz to form Sauber and providing opportunities for involvement in the car engine manufacturing IImor shares. With the traction control and active suspension system limits the cancellation, re-launched today refueling stations. SENNA and killed Ratzenberger at Imola Schumacher became the first F1 championship was a German who

1995: McLaren Mercedes-Benz began to cooperate in research and development engine. Schumacher has won a second championship. Hakkinen in Australia's qualifying was seriously injured

1996: Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari Villeneuve joined Williams F1 Si Leinuo and Elf announced the launch of digital television technology into the F1 race of the year Hill championship, HIll father and son became the first father and son on the F1 championship

1997: Newey left Williams to join McLaren as team director. Bridgestone F1 Villeneuve involved F1Berger announced the launch of the Year Champion

1998: In order to control the speed of F1 cars, F1A has announced some new measures, including the track narrowed, use of pit pattern of the rotary braking tires McLaren technology is disabled. Mika Hakkinen won the first championship the year 1999: Michael Schumacher at the British Grand Prix injured, seven points he has not played since Malaysia's Sepang put into use after 16 years of Ferrari the first time constructors

2000: Year in Italy Point A staff member knocked dead, F1 race in the crash test requirements were modified accordingly.

2001: traction control system and automatic transmission station in Spain the use of

2002: more than 19,000 revolutions per minute BMWP82 engine was the first time in the first five years Schumacher Champion

2003: Michael Schumacher was sixth annual championship, became the first person to F1 in the world, Alonso became the youngest GP winner

2004: First session of the F1 Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit held

2005: Renault F1 team to become constructors, Alonso became the drivers champion, organized the first Turkish F1

2006: Alonso reelection as champion

2007: Kimi Raikkonen with a points advantage to become F1 world champion

2008: Hamilton with a points advantage to become F1 history as the most Young drivers championship, first held in Singapore F1. 12 Yue Honda announced its withdrawal from F1

2009: re-use slick tires, some of the team to introduce KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) power recovery system. By the end of July, BMW - Sauber announced that 2010 would withdraw from F1. 11 Yue 5, Toyota has officially announced its withdrawal from F1.

2010: four new teams to join, BMW SAUBER out

F1 charm

Fl, Chinese language as "a Formula One World Championship" is the English abbreviation of Formula Grand Prix, is currently the competition's official full name of the F1A Formula World Championship (a Formula One World Championship). The so-called F1A, yes Fl organizer - headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Motor Sports Association, Mr. President is Max Mosley. F1A and Bernie Eccelestone owned Fl Management FOM (Formula One Management) close. Headquartered in London, England FOM, responsible for the Fl in the game all over the world, a commercial and advertising business.

A Formula One World Championship by the International Federation of Automobile Sports since 1950, held at The F1A WOrld Championship began. Why is called the Formula (Formula One) racing it? Formula actually means "rules and restrictions" mean, Fl game is in the F1A rules laid down specifications and manufacture as well as race cars. All participating teams must comply with this rule, such as formula-like precision. And apart from Fl, there are other different grades of Formula One competition, such as the F3, F3000, Formula Ford (Formula Ford), For-mula Renault (Formula Renault), etc., they all belong to a kind of Formula One racing, but their respective specifications are different, while Fl is the F1A Formula One standards set by the highest-ranking, and therefore a name.

"Dissect" Fl driver

Fl driver is the most robust physique athletes, because Fl manner of driving the car and driver must undergo a strong centrifugal force, and driving in general vehicles are worlds apart. Not only the physical state of racing is better than ordinary people, he must be calm, cool, analytical mind.

Observation Fl driver, you may find that they have seemed almost as wide a Jingzhuang head and neck. This is because the driving Fl racing cars, wearing helmets on the head is exposed on the outside part of the cockpit, in addition to turning must withstand 5 g of lateral centrifugal force, the deceleration in the forward braking strength is also Similarly, more than five g. In such a state of high centrifugal forces, the head coupled with the weight of helmets would become the original five-fold, about 25 kilograms, so need to have particularly strong on the neck to resist the centrifugal force.

Second, their arm and wrist muscles are extremely developed. Under normal circumstances, the operation Fl steering wheel takes about 30 kilograms of force, while the steering wheel rotating at high speed in the need for greater strength, turns even more need for a strong arm to the car drivers want to maintain the road's route. In the 300 km course of the race, strong arm and wrist is necessary.

Cars are sitting in the upper body movement, Fl drivers in the game are mostly the upper body in the consumption of oxygen; so it was a joke metaphor Fl driver is a wheelchair marathon athletes, because Fl racing game of the oxygen consumption and marathon runner相当.

In addition, a strong horizontal centrifugal force when cornering, allow the blood flow to the unilateral, but the drivers should remain calm at this time thinking and judgment. When drivers start racing heart rate be as high as 190 times per minute,Competition in the process of heart are all 160 or so, so riders must be very strong heart and lung functions.

The body's heat-resistant pairs of Fl driver is also very important. In the cool of the European Cup race when the temperature inside the cockpit can be as high as 50-60 degrees Celsius. In the hot Sepang circuit, the cabin temperature even more than 80 degrees Celsius. Although the driver can continue to add moisture, but nearly two-hour event down, body fat, the sum of consumption and dehydration more than 4 kg. If ordinary people, In that case a large number of dehydration can cause shock, while the F1 driver, after they got off the train can Tanxiaoziruo.

The first season with the schedule Fl Competition held in 1950, the venue is a British post-war reconstruction made of abandoned airport Silverstone (Silver-stone) track. To the previous season and so far has been held for 54 years, 2004 was the Fl's first 55 seasons. Fl in size from the original there are only seven games to the current year can be held up to 17 games, the venue also covers the five continents, 15 countries, each season from March to October starting the end of the year 16 games About two thirds of the competition was held in Europe.

To cope with the world's television live, Fl to schedule programs to about 300 kilometers (Monte Carlo as a special case) or 2-hourly intervals to see what first complete the game even ended. Respectively, the longest and shortest leg of 310.352 kilometers for the Japanese Grand Prix and the Monaco station 262.626 kilometers.

Fl competition schedule is divided into three days, which includes: Friday, 11 am to 12 points of free practice (excluding results), and 2 pm to 3 points when the game first paragraph of the test (results as the official qualifying session on Saturday, the starting order based on race); Saturday 9 am to 9:45, and 10:15 to 11:00 in free practice (excluding results); Saturday 2 pm to 3 points when the qualifying test (Qualify - ing); Sunday at 2 pm final (The Grand Prix).

Sunday's race is certainly the most exciting part. Before the race at the scene there are other activities, such as the opening ceremony, the drivers circling, there are a number of subsidiary events, but part of the front of the television audience can not see.

2:00 pm the game started. Race a distance of about 300 kilometers, nearly one and a half hour, if situation must be delayed, but also no more than two hours. Carried out immediately after the end of the game award. The final process, the player must regard the tire wear and fuel consumption of the state into the pits (Pit) for tires and fuel, which is called Pit Stop. Fl car using a specially designed fuel systems, fuel rate of 12 liters per second. Refueling tube required three refueling support in order to withstand the power generated. About fuel per game, twice a refueling at about 60 liters. Usually takes 6-12 seconds to refuel and change tires for the car.

Each leg match finished, the top eight drivers are eligible for 10,8,6,5,4,3, 2,1 points. (Note. From the 2010 season and begin to implement "the former 10-point system") for one year season, 16 games down the points that most drivers to obtain Fl annual champion title. 2003 Annual champion driver is Michael Schumacher (Michoel Shumacher), Fl team points is two cars in the convoy were obtained throughout the year last season points total. The most points the team could be the year the team won the championship in 2003, the annual championship team was Ferrari (Ferrari) team.

Fuel-for-child: The most crucial match of the team

Fl, when a team is the most critical half-way pit stop for tires (Pit Stop) when the efficiency. In the Pit Stop wasting a second, it is possible the outcome of the game has a crucial impact. Stop the mistakes made by not only loss of time, it may cause a fire. The game staff of skilled movements are from the usual practice, the teams normally will use Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning to practice Pit Stop. Pit stop is dangerous work, so every staff member must wear a fire suit, and to wear helmets to reduce risk. The staff in both teams there is another of the principal, such as technicians, truck drivers, administrators and other supplies, while the filling tires and just a small part of their work.

Car every stop, we need 22 staff members involved. Division of labor can be seen from their level of sophistication of their cooperation:

12 technicians responsible for tire (each a 3, a pneumatic wrench to take charge of demolition, lock screws, one responsible for demolishing old tires, a charge of loading a new tire); one responsible for operating the pre-jack; one responsible for operating the jack; one responsible for the damage to the car before the nose must be replaced when the operation of the special jack; one responsible for checking the engine's pneumatic valve reply installation of the required high pressure bottles, if necessary, must be added high-pressure air; one who is responsible for refueling gun, which is usually the strongest team of technicians in the work force; an assist escorted tubing; a charge of the tanker; one responsible for holding fire extinguishers on standby; one has been known as "Mr. lollipop", is responsible for holding written "Brakes" (brake) and the "Gear" (into the block) and dashboard, when the brand lift, that means the car can leave the maintenance zone. He is also the only equipped with these 22 people used to talk with the driver of the mobile phone; a driver is responsible for cleaning helmets.
sunjunhao04022010-03-08 00:33:09 +0000 #4
Yes! As long as the physical condition good enough! Open F1 go-kart from the beginning of the first to test super-license
older baby2010-03-07 23:55:29 +0000 #5
That loud noise not? Buddies



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