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Ho-Pin Tung was born in which country of origin, which

waternight2010-03-08 02:10:30 +0000 #1
F1 driver in the history of the first ethnic Chinese, who was born in China? Oh, yes heard of Wenzhou
schumacher_yqz2010-03-08 02:17:47 +0000 #2
Louzhu good.

Ho-Pin Tung was born in the Netherlands town of Velp, native of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Want to help to you.
Every day is good2010-03-08 02:57:00 +0000 #3
Name: Ho-Pin Tung (Ho-Pin Tung)

the effectiveness of the team: F1 Renault

Date of Birth: 04/12/1982

Nationality: Netherlands

driver's license registration Nationality: Chinese

origin: Zhejiang Wenzhou

Marital Status : single

university education: the Rotterdam Erasmus University, Economics

versatile: taking control of six languages (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German,

Greek, Latin) was the region runner-up track speed skating, playing the piano, design web pages

Hobbies: Music, computers, skating, swimming

Entry glorious experience :1997-1998-mini-car racing 1998-2000 - National / international karting competition

2001-2002-Dutch & Benelux Championships (a total score of the fourth), Brands Hatch Ford Racing Festival

2002 - in Estoril, Portugal to participate in Formula BMW race (runner-up) Formula BMW Asia experience: champion driver (in the last two events to be held before). One champion, one runner-up, one did not finish the race, 100% qualifying record of

in the best position to inner child on the show reveal Ho-Pin Tung excellent `in the go-kart racing talent had achieved outstanding results in competitions.

Dutch-bin from the start has been completely dominated the beginning to the end of the initial Formula BMW Asia Championship, and has won 12 games in 10 games, and each qualifying session is the best position among the inner circle. He also with his team-mate Hanss Lin experienced some difficulty with the larger game. Hanss Lin has won the most matches, and the time difference of 25 seconds to win a 20-minute match.

In a series of race have such a fine performance, for all of the contestants who are rare, especially in the racing only allowed a very limited time to test and become familiar with the case of the car, their performance in this does show an extraordinary racing skills. Be able to so quickly adapt to an unfamiliar car and the track itself is a sign of a high level of driving skills has a --- a clear indication Formula One potential. Won the Formula BMW Asia Championship, has made Ho-Pin Tung became the first approved by the International Automobile Federation to win the Formula One series drivers from China.

2009 on behalf of the Chinese team in A1 Grand Prix.

2009ROC Wang hegemony in the world car race on behalf of the Chinese team, access to China's first Cup driver, and Han Han on behalf of the national team into the semi-finals, unfortunately, lost to England

Entry specific chronology:


1998 - Club go-kart race was 1997 runner-up and 1998 champion;


2000 - Dutch national and international kart race cars were given one, two, three;


2002 - Dutch & Benelux Championship, to obtain a total score of fourth;

2002 held in Portugal to participate in the Formula BMW race, was runner-up;

2003 to participate in Formula BMW Asia series, the championship of the year;

2003.12.11 participate in the BMW Williams F1 Team test;

2004 ATS F3 Cup, the annual section 7;

2005 ATS F3 Cup, the annual third;

2005 ATS F3 Cup, the annual championship; nine wins, four pole positions, 5 fastest laps;


2007 with Frankie behalf of the Chinese team for A1 Grand Prix; and debut podium in Australia and 2007 the team played in BCN Competicion expedition GP2, plot four points the year ranked No. 23;

2008 effect on the Trident Racing team expedition GP2, plot 7 points the year ranked No. 18;

2008 played for Trident Racing expedition Asian GP2, the plot points a year ranked No. 21;


2009 with Frankie behalf of the Chinese team for A1 Grand Prix;

2009 Super League Formula One (Superleague Formula), at the Jarama Station Galatasaray SK

Team to win races;

December 2, 2009

3, access to the Renault F1 Team test opportunities;

January 31, 2010 Renault F1 Team third driver.

ROC's first show the Chinese team into the semi-finals

[1] Beijing November 4, 2009 on behalf of the Chinese team played ROC Nations Cup for the first time Han Han and Ho-Pin Tung to the Chinese race has brought no small surprise, they first from the dead The group beat the powerful Finnish team won the semi-finals of seats, followed by 1:2 in the semi-finals narrowly defeated the British team led by Patton. Han Han and Ho-Pin Tung of the ROC can be described as stunning debut, the first time realized the ROC in the Chinese team before the game Han Han "absolute standard of football than the Chinese high" rhetoric, in order to earn enough of the Chinese race face, but also let people see the Chinese driver and the World The gap between the top drivers. F1 dream

Final Round Beijing at 23:30 on January 31, 2010 (16:30 local time, Spain), Renault F1 Team in Valencia released the 2010 new models R30. And declared that ethnic Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung will serve as the Renault F1 Team's official test driver in 2010, he also became the second after following Alex Yoong F1 drivers ethnic Chinese.



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